The Digilife co-operative just launched. Check it out if you are interested in #privacy #trust #decentralization #equality

Interesting for
#socialcoop people.

Hey !

I just posted a proposal about adding services other than Mastodon to our , please check it out and share your thoughts!

Anyone heard of - an ethical consumption platform?

I reached out to them on birbsite - nudged them in the direction of and they are now in a co-op co-working space, and offering user ownership :) [Though likely they were on that trajectory anyway].

Maybe a story in it? @ntnsndr

@Stoori @Antanicus our system is still very much in 'beta' at the moment - and we have a lot of work to do on getting the feature list on the player built out before new avenues :)

It takes quite a bit of funds (even with significant open source / volunteer development) to build these platforms.

When you think of potential /s (like a audiobook platform for instance) you first need to think - how are current users underserved by existing solutions - not governance but product.

How about a meetup in , ?

I haven't had the time to organise one - but (i) I know there are plenty of people interested, (ii) I know some that would participate, (iii) I have a venue and (iv) I might have a sponsor...

What I don't have is time haha.

Any or based peeps interested in organising this with me?

I also set up a meetup page months ago

@samtoland I'm a listener! And looks good in general. I'm very interested in how /s can do ToS UX differently. Are there ways you're integrating the ToS into the user interface, rather than as a big block of text at the outset?

"Let us consider a question posed by McKenzie Wark: “What if this is not still #capitalism but something worse?” Wark wonders whether today a new economic class has become #hegemonic. Perhaps, in passive revolution, the once-dominant #capitalist finds himself subordinate to a new economic actor who exploits an emerging set of #extractive processes."

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I just put in around $5 to build a streaming service that I now co-own.

@revolutio @douginamug 11/10-11 is the conference, then that Sunday is the event at Civic Hall where we'll be doing the discussion during the Open Space. You gonna make it for the full conference, @revolutio?

@Antanicus @xj9 @bob I like the vision.

But again, it's the weaving of platform + coop + free software that's consistently being left out.

The contract, the glue, the GPL that removes friction is being neglected.

For those attending the conference in in November, it looks like there will be free Sunday event organized along lines at . Just left a note asking if the in-person hack session we've been discussing would be appropriate for that venue. Details and registration:

@deadsuperhero Probably a critical mass there - sounds fun! I keep watching my local hashtags for fellow Vermonters, but so far pretty quiet, though we are having a instance meetup at the conference in NYC in November, which should be fun... :)

Anyone know of examples of / General Managers who have moved laterally between sectors? Like, started as a food co-op GM, then went on the lead a food co-op, or an Ag co-op and an electric co-op? career paths tend to be pretty siloed in my observation, at least among US ...

So much to discover here, so many interesting people. How will I ever find the time!

Oh, and a Hey All to all of you! :)

Is #280 's monetization strategy. 140 characters for free, but for $5/mo, you get to express slightly more complex thoughts?

Has anybody here joined, one of our latest and most ambitious examples? If you have any interest in medicine, patients' rights, or earning money by providing feedback, join today!