whats the #platformcoop solution to auto insurance?
ideally id like a personal militia of virgin trans women with overclocked katanas to wantonly kill whoever i get in an accident with but ill settle for like, not a big company.

Collaborative Renaissance, main article about on today's Il Sole 24 Ore in Italy

Text follows soon

Third article for Il Sole 24 Ore about . This one is about and more

English translation will follow later today

Lo streaming gira su blockchain | Nova

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The longest and last one is on the newspaper. I will buy it, scan it and translate it for you. Thanks

In this article I write about
& more.

English translation will follow later today

Conversazioni fuori controllo | Nova

How can I be more ?
So far, I have credit union, grocer, and, of course, Is there more? I'm hooked.

Recently learned about another rad out there - Affinity: activist organizing tools

" has no conceivable path to profitability. Its business model has been based on a massive internal contradiction: using a ginormous war chest to try to achieve a near- position in a low-margin, mature business that is fragmented geographically and locally."

@h are funding an initiative to provide incorporation and business planning support for startups that want to use the form.

A potentially powerful resource for

Worth someone from @platformcoop reaching out to to provide info on movement.

I'm so impressed by this example of a worker using to hack their almost-. This is from RideAustin:


Interesting. But think you could be adopting a little maximalist position here.

Do you know much about the behind ? Or indeed their intentions re: CF?

Or are you making a presumption based on general users of CF?

Update about my 4 articles about for Il Sole 24 Ore.

I sent 3 articles today for the web site (online and connected to the paper edition, next Sunday):

one focus on and ,

one focus on and ,

one about social platform and .coop .

The main article is work in progress (I still have to start writing to be honest) and it will be published in the Sunday edition as a cover story.

Thanks for Your inspiration 😉

Have you looked at the science behind cooperation? It's impressive. Let's leverage the science to increase cooperation and create the environment for the success of

Interesting article on subscription business model - the point on 'don't let members drive decision-making' is an interest one for discussion, don't you think? :P

This time with link:

Unexpectedly got to hang out with Mo Manklang of and today in ! Had a good chat over lunch about organizing and how it can better interface with the burgeoning movement. Hoping I can get her on soon!

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happy to share that established co-operative in the UK - the - has announced a Foundation to support co-operative innovation (including ) led by their departing CEO, Vivian Woodell

Vivian is a serious entrepreneur who is clearly innovation and future focused - and gets the importance of the movement (has supported projects already).

And show a bit of love if you are on :