Advertising became the default business model on the web, its entire economic foundation, because it was the easiest model for a web startup to implement, and the easiest to market to investors.

Very few sites make any real money from advertising. Most startups use advertising in a different way. Their revenue source is "investor storytime".

Most online ads aren’t worth very much. Of course, that's a feature not a bug...


@J12t collectively emergent from the campaign and the larger milieu, I'd say.

"? Doing It For Ourselves on !"

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@gorenflo Nice. An article I read on Shareable got me into the movement in the first place. Thank you!

Hi everyone, I just joined as a paying member. I'm the founder and Executive Director of, a solutions journalism nonprofit that reports on innovations that spread wealth, build civic culture, and help people share resources. Shareable helped catalyze the trend with our coverage. Thank you to everyone that set up I look forward to sharing and learning with you.

@LeoSammallahti anything cool in space that I might not be aware of? :)

Some called is claiming to be the "First People-Owned Company". Which is strange, since I seem to be writing this toot on the instance, but I might be hallucinating.

If you want to help drag their @$$es on , RT this thread:

pick a lord pay some taxes

ye ok w/e

if you want real (sustainable) freedom choose #platformcoop and pay for your social instance like a grownup (and participate in the decision making process!)

@Steve @platformcoop I would say a could be a , but is not inherently one. For instance, it could be a consumer (data hosting where customers want a strong sense of control) or a producer coop like ...

.@Gin hence why a should work in this space.

I would pay 12$ a year, not to be tracked and have my data sold to advertisers.

My name is Luke, a long-time observer of social movements, protests and participatory democracy. As a web software guy I have worked in a wide variety of fields but always personally interested in the ways the open web supports bottom-up collective intelligence and is a platform for local decision making for global needs.

Currently precipitating thoughts around ideas as translated to the federated web.

@h interesting - he pretty much left that particular talk at diagnosis + vague admonitions for the movement to be more political...

@ajr I suggest you look at the nascent movement. We need to build the next platforms in a decentralised fashion.

Both the tech and the ownership.

Check out

I've just ponied up and become a paying user of .io oasis. I just wish it were a !