As a long-time fan of , I'm becoming more and more aware of the fact they are a channel through which the predominant, hierarchical and capitalist worldview is delivered to teenagers and young adults around the world.

What if, for a change, we developed a strategy game where and mutual help are rewarded, instead of conquest, exploitation and wealth extraction? Would such a game be boring, or fun to play?

@wxl this article is frankly terrible: it presents safety features (eg. not linking accounts to real-life data) as bugs; it ignores the power of (eg. when they argue buying storage in bulk is more convenient, missing the whole anticapitalist point of decentralization) and it basically tells people to stick with what they have now because who knows what might happen. And that passage on ... OMG

This study is quite similar to my undergrad thesis (which I called " Within the State, Without the State"). I used the as my primary case study, & also included some past iterations of Nation-State systems.

The UK-based person who has pushed a lot of this thinking in recent years has also done work around the concept of converting to cooperatives.

This was a pretty good #movie. It's refreshing to see a #scifi film that rides on its strengths: human interaction and motives. The realistic yet positive end is a message of hope through #cooperation.

Reminder: Toot-up tomorrow from 10-11am! We'll be discussing instances like , and whatever other things folks feel like talking about. One question I have in particular for the community:

If the traditional symbol of the movement is the
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Should the symbol of on be the twin...
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Are you part of a group of strangers thrown together by the internet and desperately trying to figure out how to build trust and work effectively together on a project of huge strategic importance? You might want to listen to this talk from Richard Sennett... :)