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What does "decentralization" look like? Using the work of, created a visual glossary for the many possible forms of decentralized networks.


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What does it look like to work closely with indigenous cultures of the Earth to develop communication and information technologies that work for them?

Luandro of Digital Democracy on what it means to build collective, autonomous networks for local empowerment

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#Food production is ultimately the basis of the economy, so removing corporate interference and making the way that food is produced and distributed more democratic could be a point of leverage for changing other things.

Ha! Fun to be the one to introduce a young lesbian friend looking for "strong women music" to Erykah Badu, Kate Bush, Yoko Ono (what a bastard you are), Dessa... Her suggestions: Misterwives, Alice Merton, ZZ Ward - all unknown to me, pretty poppy.

Shared this with people locally wondering about buying a place to use as a homebase for their landscaping-permaculture co-op. Truly grateful for the work that @GuerillaOntologist and @mattcropp do.

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COMPOST ISSUE 02 is already here! An awesome, beautiful, insightful effort by @compost about alternative networks built on care & solidarity. We're smitten!

Read it here:

Finally got a stimulus check, let the redistribution begin! So far, Labor Notes, GEO, Open Food Network, Chinook Center, MayFirst...

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What's the best payment gateway between Drupal Commerce module to a French bank? My client used Paybox previously but its Drupal module is out of date. Are there any cooperative or ethical options I should consider?

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Last week our beloved Silvia López spoke with Francesca Pick from in the Thriving Networks course, sharing what , , & governance mean to @guerrillamediacollective as a DisCO (Distributed Cooperative Organization).

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Powerful call for an abolitionist position on surveillance from my co-op @mayfirst: anti-surveillance from an abolitionist perspective

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We're kicking off the commons.hour - a monthly open gathering to learn, share and co-design a governance model and handbook for - tech infra initiatives like

📆 Monday 27th at 18h UTC


Sign up & join us!

cc @Matt_Noyes @matslats @jdaviescoates @coopsmark @msavoritias @zkat @coopcloud @donestech @Stacco @jamiem @fredsultan @Sybille_Saint_Girons @disco_coop @agaric @strypey @flgnk @oli

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After a bit too prolonged holidays, WE'RE BACK TO THE DANCEFLOOR, with a refreshed attitude and a bundle pack full of ideas that shine under whatever is left of the dim September sunlight!

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Less than a week to launch of commons.hour at Mon Sep 27 Do have a look at the notes
and the invitation
Join us?

If you plan to, please sign up here, it helps us plan the session.
This is a page in the forum. You don’t need to be a member of to sign in

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My first encounter with @mattcropp at Lab B's hackerspace. I was there with a group of Japanese students on a field study of solidarity economy. We met great folks: Diggers' Mirth, Champlain Housing Trust, Onion River Co-op, etc. (TBH the students' primary interest was the side trip to NYC.)

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@metabolist hey, wondering how mastodon links are treated natively. I’m wondering how to support with plugin.

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We made it! Immers Space is a real cooperative. With guidance from @camille and Sarah Kaplan, we've got a great model for shared power between workers-owners, users, and creators in the metaverse, and we even got to organize under Illinois's new Worker Coop law. We can now, as @ntnsndr likes to say, "show us your bylaws"

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As part of its ongoing Global Action effort, the OECD hosted a virtual conference this past week on

The Social and #SolidarityEconomy:
From the Margins to the Mainstream

Recordings of the sessions are available here:

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