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Last week our beloved Silvia López spoke with Francesca Pick from in the Thriving Networks course, sharing what , , & governance mean to @guerrillamediacollective as a DisCO (Distributed Cooperative Organization).

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Powerful call for an abolitionist position on surveillance from my co-op @mayfirst: anti-surveillance from an abolitionist perspective

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We're kicking off the commons.hour - a monthly open gathering to learn, share and co-design a governance model and handbook for - tech infra initiatives like

📆 Monday 27th at 18h UTC


Sign up & join us!

cc @Matt_Noyes @matslats @jdaviescoates @coopsmark @msavoritias @zkat @coopcloud @donestech @Stacco @jamiem @fredsultan @Sybille_Saint_Girons @disco_coop @agaric @strypey @flgnk @oli

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After a bit too prolonged holidays, WE'RE BACK TO THE DANCEFLOOR, with a refreshed attitude and a bundle pack full of ideas that shine under whatever is left of the dim September sunlight!

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Less than a week to launch of commons.hour at Mon Sep 27 Do have a look at the notes
and the invitation
Join us?

If you plan to, please sign up here, it helps us plan the session.
This is a page in the forum. You don’t need to be a member of to sign in

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My first encounter with @mattcropp at Lab B's hackerspace. I was there with a group of Japanese students on a field study of solidarity economy. We met great folks: Diggers' Mirth, Champlain Housing Trust, Onion River Co-op, etc. (TBH the students' primary interest was the side trip to NYC.)

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@metabolist hey, wondering how mastodon links are treated natively. I’m wondering how to support with plugin.

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We made it! Immers Space is a real cooperative. With guidance from @camille and Sarah Kaplan, we've got a great model for shared power between workers-owners, users, and creators in the metaverse, and we even got to organize under Illinois's new Worker Coop law. We can now, as @ntnsndr likes to say, "show us your bylaws"

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As part of its ongoing Global Action effort, the OECD hosted a virtual conference this past week on

The Social and #SolidarityEconomy:
From the Margins to the Mainstream

Recordings of the sessions are available here:

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hey speaking of food (when am I not?): Sept 21-23 - Global People’s Summit (GPS) on Food Systems, a Global South-led counter-summit to the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS). The GPS will gather the broadest number of rural peoples, people’s organizations, CSOs, and advocates on-ground and online to develop a People’s Action Plan and draw up a People’s Declaration for the radical transformation of the current food regimes towards just, equitable, healthy, and sustainable food systems.

Getting worse:

"’s pro-democracy trade union coalition - Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions - is in the process of disbanding, its vice chairperson has told HKFP, becoming the latest civil society group to fold in the face of an intensified government crackdown. "

From @oli

"We just launched a new offer from The Open Co-op, providing surveillance free email, powered by : to help build the - hope you like it!?"

Looks good. Wonder how/if it connects to Meet.Coop? Can users have email aliases (addresses pointed to same account)? Are there multi-user accounts?

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An organization I am stewarding towards worker-ownership is looking to hire a full-stack developer to help steward their customer experience to a more accessible, usable, reliable, and mobile forward user experience.

If you'd like to learn more, please check out the job post they've written:

I'm available to answer any and all questions!

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