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En vivo | A'gu: como el roble y el viento. La lucha heróica de las mujeres en la Montaña de , en el marco del Día Internacional de la Mujer

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Super excited to see that @compost magazine's first issue is out!

Dispatches from the digital commons!

And they're here on!

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Bookmarked: COMPOST Even as existing digital infrastructure fails to embolden truth or bring people together, we are hopeful. In Fertile Grounds we explore how our decaying web can help new networks flourish.

This debut issue of COMPOST magazine features writing and art about technologies, protocols, and communities that enable authentic and trustful connections.

To be clear, we are only offering this for Social.Coop members -- we want to help make it sustainable. If other Mastodon instances want to join Meet.Coop we would be happy to help facilitate that. (Although it's really pretty easy.)

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So far 12 people have registered to use our BBB video meeting instance. Why not try it out? No need to feed Zoom, Google, Microsoft, etc. your money and your data (and your friends, collaborators data) and you can help build inter-cooperative infrastructure.


Happy International Women's Day!

Ana Tijoux, Antipatriarca

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Here is a good explanation of the employment status question Josh and I were talking about. It is about California law, but seems like it might be generally applicable, with some local variations, since co-op laws are state laws.

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Share your knowledge or just hold community space for the members of at Office Hours! Sign up for a slot here:

Tengo que aprender más sobre el buen vivir y como se conjuga con la economía solidaria, el procomuns, etc.


Reminder: Social.Coop is now a member of Meet.Coop and members can use BigBlueButton for video conferencing:

"What is care and who is paying for it? In her new book, The Care Crisis, Emma Dowling charts the multi-faceted nature of care in the modern world, from the mantras of self-care and what they tell us about our anxieties, to the state of the social care system. ... In this podcast she discusses care in its many forms with Rachel Holmes before a reading from the book by Amelia Horgan."

The State of Colorado seems eager to support employee ownership efforts. -- Of course nothing like the support they give the arms industry, for example. The co-op I am accompanying in their conversion process just got a small grant to help with the process.

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“The existence of voluntary gatherings in which the driving forces of action escape the market and bureaucratic logics becomes a determining factor in the elaboration of institutions which draw their strength from “the power of social integration that solidarity represents,” and which foment public debate through the free formation of opinions; solidarity economy can be one way to engender such institutions.” (Jean-Louis Laville)

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I'm HYPED. Gonna have a big announcement on two projects I'm working on soon.

Just wanted to let off some steam, damn.... Stay tuned my coop friends... Bet many of you gonna like it...

Love this movement!!

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Introduction to Economic Networks by @bhaugen

There is growing consensus that capitalism is unsustainable and that something simply must change.

Several of the strategies in experiments around the world involve economic networks of one kind or another(...)

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