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Update 2 on Lucy Parsons biography. The author's treatment of the Haymarket incident and the anarchist and socialist movement in Chicago is disappointing. The often incendiary rhetoric of Albert and Lucy Parsons - frequent calls for dynamite - is poorly contextualized. So they end up looking like reckless blowhards. It would be interesting to read a thoughtful reflection on violence in this chaotic and brutal period.

Update on Lucy Parsons biography: totally fascinating! I will need to go back to David Roediger to think about the complex intersections of race, nationality, gender, class, literacy. Great coop and labor history.

Enjoying a new biography of Lucy Parsons, oddly titled Goddess of Anarchy. 19th century Texas was a brutal place...

Busy organizing for the Labor Notes Conference in Chicago 4/6-4/8. Twenty six people going from Japan, double the size of our 2016 group, eager to learn about strategies for rank-and-file regeneration of the workers movement. Three sessions on workers coops. Platform Cooperativism will be in the mix.

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Interestingly, the book translation I'm working on now Sharing Cities too is in close alignation with Ostrom.

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Finished Wall's "Elinor Ostrom's Rules for Radicals" and wrote a review, which you can find here:

We are reading this book in our . I really appreciate the dialogue that has already happened here on Mastodon and over on Loomio!

My review is perhaps too critical, I would appreciate feedback if you feel I'm being too harsh. I found the book useful in parts, but overall too light and repetitive to recommend without reservations.

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On Sun, Feb 18. OpenForum exploring new social system hosted by Tokyo Arts Council. ‘s designer/ urban gardener Michael Lung will be there as a speaker.

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A lot going on this weekend in Tokyo for coopsters. Sat, Feb17 don’t miss Design @ Communities Award where you can hear about a new coop initiative in Nara providing local solutions.

Two articles I want to read:

"From Wakanda to Palmares: Back to the Future" -- compares the fictional world of Black Panther to the 19th century Brazilian quilombos: autonomous communities of escaped and liberated Africans.

"Platform Cooperativism and The "C Factor"" -- Chilean economist Luis Razeto's concept of "solidarity as a productive force" is used to explain the socio-economic "value proposition" of platform cooperatives.

Now to find someone to write them...

A couple of great coop and media scholars told me they registered yesterday. Where do we stand on onboarding?

Asking for a friend: What kind of revenue do people in the "Buy Twitter" initiative think that Twitter Inc. could mainly earn, when the ownership of the company has been transferred to the users? Would they still come from advertising as is the case now?

Nerd morning: chat about cooperative organization, body-mind interaction, and social movements reminded me of Menenius Agrippa telling the plebes they were Rome's stomach (the senators were its head!), as told by Jacques Ranciere in the most important book I have read in the past 15 years: The Ignorant Schoolmaster (Le Maitre Ignorant). Agrippa's rhetoric presumed the equality of people listening.

English translation:

Platform Cooperativism as "cooperativism 2.0" - an innovation in cooperativism governance and management. @emi

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Wrote a post to the Social Coop Loomio group about compensating for work, an issue @mattcropp brought up earlier.

It's titled:

"I want to compensate for work and encourage volunteering, but there's a dilemma"

I didn't send an email notification to Loomio group members because it's nothing too important, but would really love to hear your thoughts.

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Hello fellow supporters. I'm currently writing a book on coops and digital and I'm looking for interesting examples of what coops can do with the help of digital, whether it is for strengthening governance, sharing knowledge about the coop model, managing members data, ... don't hesitate to get back to me, I want to give examples of best practices in the book so that it can help the coop movement as a whole