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What would it mean to apply C Alexander's 15 principles to Social.Coop, for example? How could we cultivate and support life in this space by being aware of centers, echoes, repetition, gradients, contrast, good shape, roughness, borders, and the rest?

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Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, colleague at, just published this:

"The self-reinforcing nature of cooperation and ethical business"

>> Recently OpenCollective reciprocated’s use of their services and became a member of

Nice observation by @jeff

(my phrasing)

The scale that interests us is best measured not by the size of the individual organization but by the density of collaboration between people and organizations.

Maruyama Shigeki, a leading figure in the workers collective/workers cooperative movement in Japan and bridge to the Korean co-op movement. This day, 9 years ago, he showed me around his childhood neighborhood of Kabukicho. The area is know for small bars that sprang up after WWII, many still on land to which there is no title due to the firebombing which destroyed records.

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Just had a great meeting preparing for a workshop on rank/privilege. Organizers are often told to look for shared interests and shared values when talking with people. ("We are all exploited, we all want dignity.") But it is also important to look for differences in rank/privilege, that is, unshared rank, so that we can build trust on the basis of awareness of power inequalities among us, and the need to deal with them.

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Hey again, Spanish-speaking friends! The amazing @guerrillamediacollective members Marta Cazorla and Silvia López will be talking about feminist coops, DisCO model of governance and carework today Thurs 10 June at 5pm (Chile time)/ 11pm (CET). 💜

Register here ✨ 👇

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Statement on Developing Worker Cooperatives in Unionized Workplaces from the USFWC Union Co-ops Council

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Last Thursday we had our first ever DisCO AMA Community call and it was amazing! We'll be having them on a monthly basis to address your questions about fairer & more distributed governance, tech & DisCO implementation in real contexts!

Join us next time 💗:

Good statement from officials:

"If the worker cooperative community is used as a tool to leverage against traditional collective bargaining strategies, it hurts both the labor movement and worker co-ops. The worker co-op movement is not and must not be antagonistic to labor unions."

I wish it had stressed democracy and workers power -- an important potential source of solidarity between unions and co-ops.

:TwinPines: 🏔️ 💓 Alright!💓 🏔️ :TwinPines:

OrganaGardens Cooperative is formally established in Colorado, articles of incorp. filed, bylaws adopted, officers elected.

The organizing process started in October, with lots of ups & downs, but they seem to have stuck the landing. Lots of education still to be done, but great to see all those five finger votes (they use Fist to Five).

Thanks to @emi and my friend Dan Hobbs of the RMFU for supporting my work supporting their organizing.

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Blast from the past! I think all those thoughts arising from co-reading 'To hack and to own' in 2018 are still relevant in Posing a question: what larger ambitions for community and infrastructure might there be here?
This past year, is where my own thinking about such things has been going on, so my vision of is a little on the back burner right now. I wonder what others from 2018 think, re such widening-out?
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Part 3 of 3:

Re widening out:
I think that needs to happen via "real-world" cooperatives internetworking themselves, maybe fostering worker co-ops to deal with some of their requirements that they now buy from capitalist businesses. Ie, grow more of that cooperative-commons economy.

Then economic pubs in the fediverse could facilitate their economic network activities. And might be a good place to organize the internetworking.

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FB's algorithms for English language content feed me "Gorilla Fitness." FB Spanish content: a blog about Paulo Freire...
Meanwhile, on Mastodon I find Evil Doctor Pepperoni (@redoak) and Happy Pride Month in Arabic (@CaitlinWaddick)... ;-)

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Listened: Kate Raworth on Why Our Times Demand ‘Doughnut Economics’

This is a great interview. Raworth is full of energy and very inspiring. I never finished the book yet (a reflection on me, not the book…) but Doughnut Economics sounds very commons friendly.

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How do co-op folks feel about the term Member compared to, say, Owner? It seems clear that within Capitalism, Membership is an increasingly weak & vague idea with little implication of ownership or democratic control.

In an world where you can be a "member" of things as varied as a gym, amazon prime, a youtube page, a zoo, a theme park, a political party, a car rental place, costco…

What term can consistently draw a firm line between co-ops & capitalist "perk programs" who sell a co-op vibe?

A thought on scale, as in "scale up.: If you think of cooperativism as a business strategy, scaling up means growing your business so that it can better compete with existing firms. This is true even if your social mission is strong. If you think of cooperativism as a movement strategy, scaling up means growing the movement so that people have more capacity to take labor, nature, creativity, etc. out of competition and into the commons.

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate a phone manufacturer telling us not to buy phones so often?

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