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#ClimateCrisis #Artic #SeaIce %%%


For the last 40 years the the minimum arctic sea ice has been declining on average by ~87000 km² per year.

Here I show this decline as if it were over Europe We lose area of Iceland,Portugal,Ireland,Spain,UK, France,Germany,Italy,Sweden,Norway and more

#dataviz #ClimateChange

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Tomorrow we strike back!
Global Climate Strike September 20-27th:
5225 events
In 156 countries
On all 7 continents
And counting!
Find your local strike or register your own at 
Spread the word and see you in the streets!
#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike

Anyone interested in Fritjof Capra these days?

What is the best English word for comuneros? (in a description of the life of Andean peoples)


I'll be organizing a worker co-op track, anyone want to collaborate?

Chicago, April 17-19

Recommended by :

" is a collective of writers, researchers, activists and artists from and its diasporas, engaging with the city’s political struggle. Through translation, creation, and education, Lausan 流傘 aims to build solidarity on the international left with Hong Kongers’ unfinished fight to imagine emancipatory futures after colonialism, against both Chinese and Western imperialism."

"We are 100% independent and volunteer-run."

Great chat with @GeorgeCheney and @emi about a writing project. Feeling happy to be in dialogue with thoughtful, caring, critical-thinking people.

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Who all in is planning to attend the conference in NYC in November?

We've been given the opportunity for us to give a short (8 minutes) talk at the conference, and thinking it would be a good opportunity to do some community reflection and distill "lessons learned" from our journey thus-far that others might benefit from.

So, interested in folks' thoughts generally, and knowing who might be in the room and interested in co-presenting?

@luisrazeto has had his blog blocked by FB again for "containing content that others reported as offensive."

"Nuevamente facebook bloquea los posteos de mis escritos en el Blog de economía solidaria, cooperativa y colaborativa. El mensaje que recibo es éste: "No se puede enviar tu mensaje porque incluye contenido que otras personas de Facebook reportaron como ofensivo.""


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P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival.

"today’s widespread obsession with smart contracts, platform capitalism and economies of scale... only serve to reinforce last century’s dominant and extractive modes of production. Instead, dive into this report and discover the possibilities of Ostrom contracts, platform cooperativism and economies of scope... the seeds of a generative commons-based economy that is fit for the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges."

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Demain c'est session bricolage, une petite étagère pour la cave et un petit lombricomposteur en bois ...

ça me tente bien d'essayer de faire des queues d'aronde à la japonaise. Bon faut être sérieux, le premier étage avec des vis ... le 2e en queue d'aronde comme ça pas de pression 🙄 et on aura un beau composte pour le printemps


A great transgender activist in town, who is working at the Humane Society, posted this photo on FB, after "a belligerently drunk dude whose buddy was wearing a shirt that read “In America we don’t redistribute wealth WE EARN IT”" came in to adopt a pet.

Small turnout for our Open House, could be because people hear "investing" and think Wall Street, but I suspect it is a symptom of an organizing culture that is too event focused. My plan is to put in another six months of one-on-one, face to face conversations with people, focused on deep listening, expanding the network of contacts.
Paul Bindel, of CSF, is wonderful by the way -- I really recommend him as a person to introduce the idea of cooperative investment clubs.

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today our bakery coop decided that we will definitely go on strike at #climatestrike day (sep 20th)

yay us!

Looking forward to the Open House this evening and to spending some time with Paul Bindel and @natstein and others.

Morning hike with Alice, nice start to the day.

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