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@pewmannucu usando nueva cuenta en ya que no puedo acceder a mi cuenta en librelabucm, espero encontrar a toda la gente que seguia 🙄 #nuevo #novato

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Hey :) This is an account for karrot - an open source community organising platform focused on resource saving and sharing.

We're currently being used by a bunch of groups around Europe who save and share food from being wasted (see, but heading towards general community organising uses too.

We're into stuff like participatory design, democratic process, non/less-hierarchical structure.

We're open source (you can use our main instance, or self-host).


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Fascinating article on the concept of kegare 穢れ - impurity, contamination, etc. - which is central in the discrimination against women, foreigners, and so-called buraku people. I learned about this first from my friends in the buraku liberation movement, including workers at the Tokyo slaughterhouse.
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Of course Herman Benson wrote his own obituary:
"Herman Benson waged a long, courageous, effective campaign against Old Age…. He seemed on the verge of success; but at the age of 104, just before the final battle, he died..."

The video focuses on legal interventions and accomplishments, but AUD also played a crucial role in facilitating bottom-up organizing in countless union locals in every industry.

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My former mentor and friend at the Association for Union Democracy, Herman Benson, has died a week before his 105th birthday. An amazing man. Brecht said people who struggle for freedom for a month are good, for a decade are great, but those who struggle all their lives are indispensable. When I met him in 1992 he was already beyond indispensable. He was a real mensch; that is a heart beat that will be missed.

Much of his story is told in

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Here's how a group of disgruntled non-profit employees effectively fired their employer and started a

Lovely to see this defense of the Tokyo shotengai by Matsumoto Hajime. 松本はじめさんが宇都宮けんじさんを応援する。説明は面白いけど。
#松本 #商店街 #宇都宮けんじ

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I am collecting examples and counter examples of .

The CW feature on Mastodon is a good example. Newsletter pop ups would be a bad example.

This will be for a resource where people can look up a common bad practice and see consentful alternatives. It will be CC licensed and community-curated. All who want to be credited publicly will be.

Boosts welcomed for visibility.

Thank you!

Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota; Jordi Asti, the trailblazer of the solidarity economy of Catalunya, and Iwao Takahashi (Japan University) and the chairman of the Japanese worker s' Cooperative Association. Spanish/Japanese

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My name is Joe and I am incredibly excited to find this community. I‘ve been involved with Co-ops for most of my life, as a member of the Potsdam, NY Co-op, South Royalton Co-op, and the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society. I served as the President of the Potsdam Co-op, where I helped hire a new GM and worked to transition our bylaws to a solidarity model. Looking forward to connecting with people about Co-ops, Vermont, and the role cooperatives can play in digital communities!

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Good morning/day/evening!

Here is the scenario for today's LARP session #5:

Call details are in the pad.

June 28, 5pm EDT, 3pm MDT, 6am, JST

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Here's a video from one of the online sessions from #Open2020, introducing and giving a quick demo of #Murmurations, a new web standard for mapping the solidarity economy:

#video #talks

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Just announced, from I'll be doing a talk next month.

"A Shared Strategy for Shared Ownership: Covid, Care, and Reparations"

Join in:


The team is looking for help beta testing:

"For the moment, contributing to the testing of this beta 3 will require strong technical knowledge. ..we mainly need people to install Mibolizon on different systems, and give us feedback on the documentation."

"However, without too much technical knowledge, you can try to create an account and dummy events, to see if it federates correctly between different instances."

@GuerillaOntologist Keeps bring great articles to the GEO @geosocialcoop website. Check out the short intro to co-ops -- the Zirimiri - and the interview with Marcelo Vieta on Worker Co-op Recuperation and Revolution in Argentina...


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