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Now the role of Ibero University in Puebla, Mexico -- innovation and tech for social economy development, not as oriented to social transformation as the Chantier, but impressive scale...

Great talk about the Chantier de l'Economie Sociale.

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After yesterday's call we decided to organize a second one to dig deeper into Ours To Hack And To Own.

Poll will soon be up on Loomio, don't miss out on your chance for a great call!

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Messing about with @disroot and impressed enough within 30 mins to have backed them on Patreon. Will up that to the $15/month amount if I shift over my personal email from Kolab.

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if its like the UK equivalent, its not a requirement that the customers are co-op members, but the funeral co-ops generally have a good reputation for providing affordable services (it costs quite a bit to die in a capitalist world!).

The UK Co-op does give members special rates for funerals.

As for transfer of shares, I think it depends on local law and the rules of the co-op involved but they are usually treated like anything else in the estate.

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Hi USA, here is my college. (Ciencias - UNAM) It has a good worldwide ranking and it has a $0.25 MXN/year tuition and a $0.25 MXN/year admin fee to study there. ($0.025 USD/year total) I think foreigners pay a little more (like 50 USD/year) but the cost of living is also very low. Classes are only in Spanish though.

Just putting it out there as an option as student loans/debt get worse and Trump gets tired of too much winning™ with the trade war vs the whole world.

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I'm increasingly convinced we do need to establish an alternative physical network on a large scale if we want to circumvent all the bullshit political control over our existing comms medium.

From my research so far, cjdns meshnet over mid/long range wifi approach seems to be the most appropriate. Using it in concert with the latest decentralized tech like ssb/ipfs/dat we could create a serious uncensorable alternative.

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Recommendations for a NextCloud host? It will just be me and one other person using it at first, and unlikely to scale to more than 10 people.

There's a list of providers here:

(I know and trust Web Architects - who else is good and based in the EU?)

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Totally awesome discussion tonight with re: Ours to Hack and Own

So awesome that we want to do round two.

Notes from tonight's discussion:!I

Looking forward to engaging on some of these topics again!

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Put some time aside to read about this Mississauga nursing home that radically transformed how it cares for residents with dementia:

Had a nice talk with co-op attorney and consultant Linda Phillips today. We have some serious co-op resources here in ...
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