These videos give an idea of the kind of work my friend did.

With his partner and collaborator he interviewed a wide range of grassroots labor and social movement organizers. Domestic Workers, OWS, Pacific Beach Hotel, Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, US bases in Okinawa, Social Movement Unionism, and more.

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If you're looking for an easy-to-use, privacy-friendly alternative to Microsoft's Skype, you might want to try Jami:

You can also follow them on here at:


It's free, open and distributed, and available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

It has no servers, calls are connected directly peer-to-peer over an encrypted connection.

#Jami #Skype #Alternatives #VOIP #DeleteMicrosoft

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Hello læ fédiverse ! Avec @Lapineige
on cherche à créer un site d'entrée sur le fédiverse qui expliquerait ce que c'est que la fédération, pourquoi c'est chouette et quelle type de plateforme on peut y trouver, à destination des personnes peu à l'aise avec la technique / informatique :neko_smiley:

Mais pour ça, on a besoin de savoir ce qui motive à s'inscrire sur un nouveau réseau social !

Si vous êtes concernées, par ici ! ⬇️

Sinon #BoostAppréciés 🔁 :blobcheerbounce:

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@switchingsocial alguien quiere trabajar conmigo sobre une versión en castellano? #es #español #castellano

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If you're someone who ends up acting as a meeting facilitator, these blogs from Laird Schaub are priceless (also very good if you just spend time in meetings and want to make the facilitators job easier):

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Well, I got this new novel a few days ago and hot-damn it's a page-turner! I flew through about 200 pages of it yesterday and will be finishing it today. Turns out @cadwellsocialcoop is a hella good writer (though I have to say I'm not surprised) 😍

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Gonna take the whole "Don't scab on prime day" moment to promote one of my favourite alternatives to an amazon product.

The Movie Database is a free community-run alternative to IMDB, unlike amazon's shitty website, TMDB isn't full to bursting with ads, trackers and sluggish JavaScript, and provides an excellent platform for folk to catalogue information about their favorite films without being marketed to.

Please support it, not just on prime day, but any time you need info on a film. Keep information free.

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Acabamos de crear la primera instancia mexicana de músicos se llama #musicosmx y está en, abierta para registros #musica #fediverse #fediverso

Matt Noyes boosted's own @mattcropp reviews 'Democratizing Finance: Origins of the Community Development Financial Institutions Movement'

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RT @Strike4Youth
This is incredibly dissapointing to hear from David Attenborough.

Net-zero 2050 is not doing our fair share.

It ignores our massive historical responsibility for carbon emissions and leaves millions in the global south facing displacement and death.


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Et hop, Ubuntu a enfin sa fiche dans #Framalibre. Vous envisagez de passer à #Linux ? Découvrez toutes les distributions GNU/Linux recensées dans l’annuaire du libre ! Vous êtes déjà linuxien et votre distribution préférée n’y figure pas ? Vous pouvez l’ajouter !

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On the need to distance oneself from Left political groups, as an anti-capitalist.

"Ahora planteo con claridad y más ampliamente, que es necesario tomar distancia de las izquierdas políticas. Hacerlo en forma neta, decidida, transparente. Se lo digo especialmente a quienes participamos e impulsamos la economía solidaria y el cooperativismo..."

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