A few years ago I visited this Japanese that provides employment support for disabled persons. Unlike organizations that aim to "prepare" people to work in typical capitalist companies, they emphasize developing cooperative work that is fulfilling and humane.


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Realized the next level of my "hacking retirement savings systems to fund work" is figuring out how to set up a "Self-Directed IRA LLC".

Anyone in the FeDi have experience with such a thing? biggerpockets.com/member-blogs

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Je suis de plus en plus excité par #Mastodon et la (le?) #Fediverse ! Surtout après avoir lu cet article traduit par @Framasoft

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"Embedded in a logic of accumulation of power, those on top demand obedience and loyalty from their subordinates, and those below, in addition to subordinating themselves vis-à-vis their superiors, demand submission from and seek to exercise maximum control over the groups that are meant to be molded into instruments of the great social project. What kind of liberation, what kind of egalitarian society, what kind of fraternity or justice can be built this way?"

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I assume somebody has already posted these here, and I might have seen and bosted the first link here before, but I just got these from a friend and it won't hurt to do it again.
Pt 1 This Way Out: A Guide To Starting A Worker Cooperative
Part 2 This Way Out: A Guide To Starting A Worker Cooperative

Anyone know how to see a list of one's etherpads? I am using etherpad via Disroot and can't figure out how to list my pads and the ones started by others to which I have contributed...

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THREAD I shared this with my speculative fiction community.

Boosts welcome.

Thoughts SUPER welcome.

With the recent closing of spec mags, a thought keeps returning to me: solidarity economics could (possibly, maybe, potentially in an “easier said than done” way) produce some added stability for mags.

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Cheyenna Layne Weber: The Cooperative Economic Model Our Earth Needs

"Hear about Cheyenna’s roots, her belief that everyone should be able to weigh-in on the way our economy works—just like everyone has a right to vote!—and what the organizations she’s involved with, including the Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City, are doing to support what she calls “solidarity economics.”"


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We used to be the #1 alternative to Instagram on alternativeto.net/software/ins but someone marked our project as "Discontinued" because registration is closed on a specific instance.

Pixelfed has never been more alive!


Zoom IPO -- time to move to Jit.si or Jami?

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Dear beloved toots,
in september i will give a very short talk on "There won't be any bosses in the future." I hereby request your input, i have some ideas (#platforms, #collectives, #coops, reestablishment of crafting), but i wish to get more input by others. feel free to retoot, and share, show some #followerpower

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You don't have to use Google Play on your Android phone.

There's a free open alternative app store called F-Droid, which is much more privacy-friendly, and which you can install yourself relatively easily.

There's a simple instruction guide for beginners on switching.social:


There's a much more detailed guide by @IzzyOnDroid here:


You can follow the official F-Droid account here:


#FDroid #GooglePlay #DeleteGoogle

Anyone know if it is possible to migrate one group to another, making it a subgroup??

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What is the best way for a local group to maintain a curated list of resources? Needs to be very user-friendly. Can be part of a larger site. Drutopia? WordPress?

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Has anyone read Cybernetic Revolutionaries? Think I'm going to finally give it a crack, have been wanting to for a while.

'A historical study of Chile's twin experiments with cybernetics and socialism, and what they tell us about the relationship of technology and politics.'

I mean this is very relevant to my interests.


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» Catalunya en Comú: Building a country in common(s) - Remix the commons bit.ly/2Df0f4E

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