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"A creative embodied practice to strengthen our connectivity, creativity and intuition and inspire for new perspectives in times of change.

"The art form and social technology Social Presencing Theater (SPT) brings together embodyment and mindfulness with group intelligence, systemic / social change with creative expression..."

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Me encanta esta idea de Grigri Projects: Envíanos tu casa.... Una propuesta para celebrar la importancia de lo público, de lo común, de los cuidados y de la capacidad para imaginar un futuro que deseemos vivir

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If you have some time and want to expand your musical horizons, try this amazing site:

Which genre should be the official genre of Social.Coop? Kawaii Future Bass? Traprun? Punk Catala?

Anybody in the fediverse part of the Open Food Network and willing to talk about the experience?

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Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse, @Stacco talks with Owen Kelly about Guerrilla Translation, DisCOs and the marketplace:

Don't forget to read up on the "exceedingly complicated but still fun" DisCO Governance Model before our Social.Coop meeting!!

April 6th, 07:00 USA Mountain Time (UTC 13:00, Tyo 22:00, Bilbao 15:00)

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truly excited to share this conversation I had a couple days ago with Ari DeLashmutt

deep dive into the personal and interpersonal work I think some of y'all are feeling called to do, alongside me, in this weird historic moment

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😷 Disroot Covid19 Kit 😷
We are launching Covid19 Kit to help and provide services to those that seek alternatives and don't want to get caught trapped inside the walled gardens. We decided to throw in some extra services that do not require account creation into the mix.

Read more at:

Frustrated with people in our mutual aid efforts who can't/won't use Loomio so I just offered to do a workshop on it... Just have to find those notes I copied from @mattcropp a while back...

The idea is for individuals to give to grassroots organizations (orgs bc we want to support ongoing organizing efforts, but informal orgs could be okay too) while being free to choose which group(s) to fund and for what. The whole thing being transparent. You give to people you trust for purposes you support. Instead of choosing how to disburse funds, admins would just curate a list of orgs/projects and keep the platform running... Donated but unused funds could be distributed equally to orgs.

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Anyone know of a platform on which individuals with money to contribute (donors) can find a list of projects with multiple specific expense submissions and choose which one(s) to reimburse?
Like but with contributors able to donate directly to one or more organizations in order to cover particular expenses...?

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