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:TwinPines: ya soy integrante de la cooperativa May First Movement Technology. :TwinPines:

"Establezca una relación especial con la Cooperativa Primero de Mayo en México (como se define en nuestros nuevos estatutos)
para continuar con nuestro liderazgo y estrategia binacionales."


Independent Film Society of Colorado and Pikes Peak Foodshed Forum showed the film Food for Change last night.

Great portrayal of the history of cooperatives in the US (could use more on the rich history of cooperatives and BIPOC).

Got a handful of people to sign-up for discussion of forming a local Cooperative Study-Action Circle.

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Last week, Mastodon adopted a beginner-friendly default interface 👍

So, maybe this would be a good time to spread the word about Mastodon to a wider audience?

If you're on Facebook/Twitter, you could do a little post about Masto with a link to ? And a link to a good instance running 2.9 or above?

(Also, I think some people were doing Mastodon posters?)

If people hear about Mastodon from many different sources, they are more likely to try it.

#Mastodon #Fediverse

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The lack of revolutionary potential in most existing co-ops is one of the many reasons why cooperative/collective economic projects should already incorporate an inherently anarchist approach at the founding level, and options for long-term horizontal scalability via federation with politically & structurally compatible projects shouldn't be an afterthought.
Worker co-ops shouldn't be isolated. Instead, they should have the clear potential to be integral parts of a bottom-up needs-based economy.

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GEO member Ajowa Ifateyo and other members of Limited-Equity in Washington, DC talk about the benefits of a model that puts human needs above financial profit:

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@Matt_Noyes I signed and sent the link to the USFWC Union-Coop Council.

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i'm wanna lift things up i like today

if you are organizing a co-op or a cooperatively managed group you need to know the work of Cooperation Jackson. They are literally leading the way that social transformation and collective action can work together. they literally wrote down everything they are doing, and it's incredibly inspirational:

Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi meta: solidarity Show more

Co-op friends -- please sign and boost this petition in support of the people working at Park Slope Food Co-op who have formed a union.

Halfway through the translation & serial publication of Solidarity Economy Roads.

I have a liberapay account if you'd like to support my work.

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#Mobilizon is almost fully funded through the third and last phase.

Still 27 days to help get thousands+ of people out of Facebook’s clutches. Do it!


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Oh wow. So that really famous centralized vs decentralized vs distributed diagram that I quote above? Well, in one of the companion papers, Baran provides this iteration on it, which in my opinion is far superior and I'm going to start using in my presentations.

Full paper:

Hive mind question Show more

"En este contexto, quienes estamos interesados en contenidos de calidad; en información veraz; en ideas, saberes y conocimientos que nos ayuden a comprender la realidad; y en comunicación y desarrollo personal auténticos, debiéramos emigrar de esas redes-empresa y buscar Blogs, Websites y Redes Sociales que correspondan a nuestros intereses y satisfagan nuestras aspiraciones superiores."


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