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awoo! We're excited to be here in the via , especially on this instance.

some -

we're a tech scattered across
the US ( , , )

( )

( )

come say hi if you're in any of our neighborhoods. ;)

we build and love

are a proud shop with the

and believers in the

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Frank Cetera will be talking about co-ops, support networks, and resource organizations in this upcoming webinar:

"There are in this world, here and there, great partings of the ways -- the one way wrong, the other right... On the other hand, it is also true that the usual matters of human debate and difference of opinion are not so vitally important or easily classified, so that in most cases there is much of right and wrong on both sides."

.E.B.Dubois ()

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Nice turn of phrase from @asimong that describes an important part of what we are trying to do here: "create an ecosystem of positive communication between people."

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Fun fact: while you may only have heard of Mastodon recently, it's been around for a while! @Gargron registered the domain '' in March 2016, and hundreds of people have contributed to its development since then.

Let's take a moment to say thank you to the thousands of people who have contributed to Mastodon's development and community over the last two and a half years! We wouldn't be where we are without you!

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@mayel good question - yes we are both. The logic there is fourfold:

* be part of a larger formation that could coordinate benefits and services we as a smaller coop can't do alone
* more effectively participate in the growing movement needed to insist on ethical tech
* better lend solidarity to workers in other industries
* ensure our own coop stays democratic with a formal mechanism of worker control (we've seen other coops grow to become reformist/exploitative of workers)

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The next session is on August 28th @ 9pm CEST

Slides from the author for those wanting a quick primer:

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Hi all , there are three important decisions about Federation:

- Mute (this means they won't appear on the federated timeline; anyone can still follow accounts there)
- Suspend (reasons exposed there)
- Give standing jury the power to mute instances for some reasons up until a Federation Policy and CoC is enacted.

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@GuerillaOntologist I have always thought of unilateral action as the Achilles heel of the union movement; whenever one local strikes not only should all the locals strike but every union; they should all be trying to replace themselves with coops anyway; meanwhile, yes, not only should the Hoedads have had more rakeoff but all the woods coops should have done so, and funded one another through lean times such that there would have been to the extent possible no lean times.

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The museum hall of portraits of the heads of (the credit union federation in the US).

They all have something in common that I can't quiiiite put my finger on...

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@June @Matt_Noyes At the moment, if a member would like to propose muting or banning an instance, they can make a proposal on this thread in the CWG:

Ideally, include the rationale for muting or banning the instance in the proposal, and links to relevant posts, etc. If the proposal passes (with standards for passign a proposal outlined in our bylaws), the Ops team folks then act on it.

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WE Collective, the social news , is looking really good. check it out:

Nice work, @LeoSammallahti!

It would be really helpful if you could draw up a list of things you wish you had easily available when you started. Then, you and others who are interested can put those resources together for people.

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Good facilitation is soooo helpful in meetings. In order to do it well, you have to be able to "ride two horses," the content horse and the energy horse. Here are the basics of pulling off that stunt from Laird Schaub (whose blog is a must-read, imho).

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Hello! I just joined . I'm really excited to be here - I have a really strong affinity for co-operatives and the values they embody.

Unfortunately, being chronically sick and out of work means that involvement in the co-operative movement is difficult for me.

Which is why I was very happy to discover this community. I'm excited to take part, and very grateful to be able to join! Also, I have a chattier general purpose account here:

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La segunda cooperativa mexicana se ha unido a : @Chupamirtobeer

Chequen su perfil que tienen un evento en septiembre para que conozcan sus cervezas.


The second Mexican cooperative has joined : @Chupamirtobeer

Check out their profile, it has an event to taste their beer.

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LB: I would just like to take a moment and remind you that the people running your Mastodon instance are YOU, members of this co-op, who all have a vote and a voice.

If you want to help do stuff like moderate, welcome new members, etc., for real human money, it's a good idea to indicate your interest on this Decision! Vote yes here. Please be the admin. Thanks. 💓

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What kinds of development methods have successful tech worker adopted?

I'm assuming these methods look more like variants on than "waterfall", but I also expect they're different from variants from outside the coop movement (Scrum, etc).

If that's true, has there been any effort to compare experiences and come up with some takeaways from them (if not actually formalize a new method and give it a name)?

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