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Charla sobre cooperativismo de Plataforma y Sistemas Digitales en el Foro de Mundo Cooperativo y Economía Solidaria para el Buen Vivir.

Quote from KOR in Poland, on Staughton and Alice Lynd's kitchen wall:

Start doing what you think should be done.
Start being what you think society should become.
Do you believe in freedom of speech? Then speak freely.
Do you love the truth? Then tell it.
Do you believe in an open society? Then act in the open.
Do you believe in a decent and humane society? Then behave decently and humanely.

Videos from the recent conference on The Theory and Practice of in Cooperatives are now online:

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One thing that stood out to me was Imma Mwanja's emphasis on the importance of free software in mapping projects to enable participation of people in postcolonial areas. This is an article that she recommended:

"The use of proprietary products creates a vicious cycle whereby charitable and public development funds are effectively channeled to proprietary software companies […], entrenching the Western monopoly on well-paid jobs in Africa."

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co-op research 

Just had a wonderful two hour talk with two members of . It's all about dialogue, respect, compassion. Thanks to @emi for introducing me to an organization that I wish I had know about all along. Now I have to watch the video to catch all the things I missed the first time...

Nice! Colorado Solidarity Fund has made our second $25K investment in co-op development.

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First day using the big labeling machine for Back to the Mother Kombucha. :TwinPines:

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I'm semi-regularly struck by how the relevance of 's has just continued to intensify over the past decade.

Her playing solo in in 2009:

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coops reading & discussion group 

future economies reading group discussion sesh tonight is focused on raising capital in cooperatives and so far has featured folks from ampled (worker/creator-owned bandcamp and the east bay permanent real estate cooperative (

both are pretty rad! main speaker was supposed to be from equal exchange but I missed him

here's the link with readings: if this interests you, join for future!

This is How We Transform the Economy - SEIZE SPEAKER SERIES
4 key speaker sessions, 1 hands-on workshop, and several spaces to mingle!

Starting February 23 and ending on March 23rd, the SEIZE (Socialist Economy Incubation Zone for Entrepreneurs) will host one (1) speaker a week for four (4) consecutive weeks...The final workshop will be specifically focusing on Concordia’s food system transformation.

Interesting call with a guy from the Colorado Employee Ownership Office. Seems like there is more potential government support than there are actual projects looking for it. Interesting opportunity for coordinated grassroots efforts if we can organize them. @ntnsndr @clayton @ssvette @GeorgeCheney @care_save

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@fedisearch will you be including everything #activitypub like #peertube #writeas #pixelfed #funkwhale etc?

This could be THE killer fedi app:) Giving it a try right now.

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A new in Finland called Tarjoomo, with 60 members (individuals and businesses) that provides care, wellness, cleaning, health and other services to elderly people.

Already the largest such online platform in eastern Finland!

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« #OpenStreetMap, la cartographie collaborative »
Un article très complet de @DANE_acLyon pour connaître ce service cartographique libre, pour savoir comment y contribuer et l'utiliser en situation pédagogique.

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