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If you'd like to read a blog about why Ocarina of Time was the first videogame that aspired to be a work of art, boy do I suspiciously have exactly that blog for you:

Going by my method of 'Always think the opposite of what people who tweet things like "OH SO JUST SAYING THERE'S A VAST ZIONIST CONSPIRAC MAKES ME AN ATNISEMITE NOW DOES IT?" think, yes.

It's unscientific but it.gets.results

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There's a fascinating type of pro-capitalist (e.g., Trump and some Brexiters) who think that trade deficits must be bad for whichever country has them. My question here is, if you think this, how can you *also* be pro-capitalism? It's conceptually ridiculous. The idea of trade(s) (of all kinds) as mutually beneficial is fundamental to capitalism. Without this idea, it makes no sense whatsoever. It's perhaps mercantilism or something? IDK, maybe they're just stupid.

Unbelievable how shit tech companies are at showing me things I might be interested in.

My interests:
*Leftwing politics
*Alternative music
*English Literature

YouTube feed:
*Jordan Peterson
*This SQUIRREL stole a GO PRO and took it up a TREE
*Pordan Jeterson

Americans. Itโ€™s anti fa. Not Anne Tifa.

My job has so many damn acronyms. My boss just read something I wrote and said 'GER - which GER did you mean?'. And... I have no idea. Cannot remember.

Work sends this email every Monday morning that says 'Do you (or a member of your household) have symptoms of coronavirus and/or received a positive test in the last 14 days?' and the change in verb halfway through means I have a bad start to every single week.


Why is support for Palestine such a big topic among auth leftists? I'm definitely not saying it's bad, just seems like a rather specific focus that I don't see among social democrats or anarchists.

Labour's membership has fallen. If this is because large numbers of Corbyn's supporters have left, this can only be a good thing.

People always wail about this kind of statement. So, a couple of reminders:

1. Most British Jews (87%) think Corbyn is antisemitic. If he is a quitting issue for you, imagine how that makes Jews feels.

2. Corbyn's Labour illegally discriminated against Jews, due to failures of leadership, while he was leader.

Labour is better off without people who support this.

Do you say "scone" or "scone"?

The folk definition of 'cognitive dissonance' is 'Believing two (or more) contradictory things' but it was coined to describe the very unpleasant feeling of trying to reconcile beliefs with contradictory evidence.

This provides a reason as to why Trump supporters are so angry: believing that a foolish angry narcissist is, actually, a very good President is *painful*. They are suffering in a self-created hell.

As someone who doesn't believe in Hell, this is an oddly comforting thought.

Libreture doesn't use affiliate links to push you to certain bookshops. It would be easy to do, but would mean I might end upthinking of affiliate money before reader benefit and indie bookshops.

So, every DRM-free e-bookshop is equal in my eyes.

Why don't we have public housing with market rate rents?

Why have those people who can afford to pay market rate rents pay it to landlords instead of the public sector?

You could earmark the money to building more housing.

Increased housing supply would mean lower housing prices. Easy way to collect tax revenue.

Any examples of this, or anyone who advocates for this?

You have been selected for a secret mission.

'Floridians voted for a higher min. wage but also voted for Trump, therefore, Bernie would have done better than Biden'... is just not even an argument. The conclusion cannot be said to be derived from the premisses, and it will never convince a single person who does not already believe it. Stop it.

Beware of things which confirm your biases, disguised as things which affirm your beliefs.

Billionaires hiding literal mountains of cash in tropical tax havens: A-FUCKING-OK

Me, not buying a shitty sandwich every day during my sad 1h lunch break: "a big problem for the economy"

What the financial fuck?

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