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I know you all already know how ignorant US conservatives are, but the fact that they think the Queen of England actually decides the policies in the Queen's Speech is some way beyond embarrassing. It's like if I assumed Hunter Biden was going to inherit the presidency when his dad dies.

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The Electoral Reform Society is administering a petition against the UK government's plans to require photo ID (your responsibility and cost) for all voters.

As in the US, there's no justification for this other than disenfranchisement of people less likely to vote Conservative.

Lego have made a musique concrete album filled with the sounds of Lego. Finally, some weird art I can share with my 6 y/o

(Also, hey, if you're a literary agent, hit me up, I'm good)

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It's fun looking for literary agents because they often have big buttons on their websites that say, like, SUBMIT TO DAVE, and there's a photo of Dave looking really friendly and a tad nerdy, and you must SUBMIT to him

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Hey, quick PSA: numerous British sporting organisations have called for a boycott of social media starting today (2021-04-30) at 15:00 UTC+1 and lasting through Monday (2021-05-03) till 23:59 UTC+1.

They're protesting inaction on abuse, especially racist abuse, by the big social media companies.

You can show solidarity with the hastags and .

More info here:

Just tried to copy something from my phone and paste it on my computer. They're not connected. I just hit 'Copy' on my phone, then Ctrl+V on my computer keyboard.

milf (mastodon i'd like to fuck)

pls boost so eugen sees it. we can do it with ur help

Back-forming "henge" from "Stonehenge" and then making "henge"'s definition exclude Stonehenge is both perfectly absurd and precisely what I expect from academia.

Another thing from job descriptions I cannot, in good conscience, apply for: 'proactive'.

Ah, sorry. I am anti-active. Proactivity just speeds up entropy, leading us closer to the heat death of the universe.

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It's very distressing watching people make screamingly obvious mistakes, like, 'Can it hurt to elect an obvious liar and conman just this once?' YES. IT CAN AND WILL HURT. IT LITERALLY NEVER WORKS OUT WELL FOR ANYONE.

Answers: I don't! And then I'm back to square one, at best, because usually what I end up with is a useless list that tells me to do things I've already done (but forgotten about).

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All the advice for being less absent-minded assumes a level of present-mindedness(?) that I don't posses. 'Make A List'! Motherfucker, how do I remember to make a list? If I remember to make it, how do I remember to add individual tasks to the list? How do I remember to check the list to see which tasks I have to complete? How do I remember to tick tasks off after I've completed them?

Today I wrote about two of my favourite things, Sonic Youth and my partner (order unimportant)

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