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If you'd like to read a blog about why Ocarina of Time was the first videogame that aspired to be a work of art, boy do I suspiciously have exactly that blog for you:

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If your toot doesn't have at least one typo what are you even dong

handy tip for windows users: instead of pressing ctrl-alt-delete and clicking "task manager", just press ctrl-shift-esc

similar handy tip for macOS users: you can open the force quit dialogue thing by pressing command-option-esc (⌘-⌥-esc)

Despite a weakness for extended metaphor, this is a good but painful read from Phil Wilson, former Labour MP who lost his seat in 2019:
Labour's mess is the predictable result of a leader and philosophy hated by voters

Huge nerd moment for me, as I excitedly contemplate rejoining the Labour party

Where is the clap for digital marketing people like me?

Want to see these healthcare workers trying to cope one day in their life without pop up windows advertising Bulgarian copycat viagra.

Well, the kid and the wife have coughs, so I'm working from home till this Thurs at least. Anyone got any recommendations for not going stir crazy?

Why do people never pick the most obvious explanation for why people voted for a particular politician (they agree with them)? Always has to be some weird pop psychology thing.

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General politics; mental health 

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Last RT: If anyone in or near London, UK wants to protest the Brazilian embassy on 15 March, I'm up for it.

Student 1: I intend to study accounting, because I would like to work for a big accounting firm and one day be a CFO.

Student 2: I intend to study English, because I would like to be a teacher and one day be a head of department, maybe.

The government: Hmm, interesting, clearly accounting courses are worth more money.

Immigration controls have the exact same logic as apartheid: that it's better if non-white people are separated from whites, and it's just an irrelevant coincidence that everything on the 'non-white' side of the fence is far worse than the stuff on the 'white' side. Add some pious bullshit about how, after all, the non-whites will be better able to fix 'their' problems if they just keep to themselves.

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Let's clear this up, once and for all: if you are 'concerned' about immigration, you are a racist. No, I will not be taking questions.

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