I'm extremely happy to see that most musical links on #mastodon are to Bandcamp pages. There's some YouTube and SoundCloud, but no Spotify lists and alike... That's good!


going as far as wearing the correct cosplay for the video, as if the cute af handmade dolls weren't cute enough

I am definitely a fan
#2hu #music

Well, if I wanted the glitch Bring Me To Life. I got it. #music #nowplaying (meme all you want, I love it)

a rare occurence me catching #FediverseFriday #FF

@Waxlimbs A creature who sings songs of monsters and mysteries from Toronto, Canada. (creative commons!) #music #np

@ccolocho runs a podcast network and features creators on Patreon (like for example me!!)

@Liberapay recurring anonymous donations, mostly for projects/people contributing to commons.

@Curator for great art selection and support

stream of kindness on your TL, bringer of awesome gif(t)s

Hey Mastodon ! If you need #Freemusic for one of your project, check my bandcamp page. Everything is in #creativecommons0 licence or #publicdomain so don't hesitate to take, use and remix as you want. (just, if you use my music, don't use it for oppressive stuff, please, it's kinda rude).
And if you're a musician wanting to do collab, feel free to message me =) #musiciansonmastodon #music

I probably lost my higher end hearing to Wumpscut but I regret nothing: (Wreath of Barbs) #music #nowplaying