Have a preview of my next EP, BEAST: Beyond Existence And Space-Time. With bonus scifi novel reference for nerds. #music

its your boy who only recently found out "808s" refer to the Roland TR-808, a drum machine



I have no education in music theory so when I say fantastic production I mean it sounds good to me, i can't really quantify it otherwise


Metro Boomin can't do no wrong, damn.

This latest track "No Complaints" has fantastic production as always



In the mood to work today. Coding Soundtracks playlist:

Social Network, by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (American movie is dogshit, but great soundtrack)

Inception, by Hans Zimmer

TRON, by Journey & Wendy Carlos

TRON Legacy, by Daft Punk

Ghosts I-VI, by Nine Inch Nails


Third article for Il Sole 24 Ore about . This one is about and more

English translation will follow later today

Lo streaming gira su blockchain | Nova

Cc @samtoland

The longest and last one is on the newspaper. I will buy it, scan it and translate it for you. Thanks

#Music theory level: used a chord progression builder chart and roman numeral analysis to get the flow I wanted in a song.

fun #music fact: #trance is a fucking underrated af genre that needs to be revived for the 21st century and u cant argue otherwise

Is still the best way to share #NowPlaying #music and find new artists based on listening habits? I haven’t used it in about a decade and it looks completely different now.

Investing more time in a song really makes a difference. I'm going to skip the next EP and focus on singles. #music