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“Colorado is the Delaware of cooperatives,” Schneider said, repeating a phrase popularized by co-op lawyers. “We have some of the best co-op laws in the country.”


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Please tell me the fancy House clean elections bill includes banning presidential campaigning until at least a year before the election.

I love Free Software today. Had ongoing awesome discussions with devs at 2 projects I rely on (Cloudron and FairEmail). Amazing support and a few changes merged to master. Try that with your gmail.

Ugh I'm sorta wanting to revive the cocloud.coop idea—a cloud services co-op. What would make this worthwhile to you?

For those of you looking for a better FLOSS email client on Android, I've been warming up to FairEmail (I call it Fairymail) over ol' K9. The syncing is much better, the prefs are clearer, etc. The UI is a bit eccentric, but it grows on you. And new updates are coming like every day at this point, which is always fun.

Looking forward to a session of "Everything for Everyone" with author @ntnsndr on April 3rd!

If you would like to join, please vote on a time that works for you here: loomio.org/d/ClzuWahM/everythi

There have to be more than 7 people who want to come listen to, and converse with, @cadwellsocialcoop and @ntnsndr as they talk about their work writing both fiction and non-fiction about and the .


The tics are free if you already give GEO money, or if you're "living lightly." and available for a donation of your choosing to everyone else. And it's in cyberspace, so there's no excuse to not come join the fun.

Doing a GEO Get-Together with Nathan Schneider where we talk about solidarity things & writing. Please join us if you can: eventbrite.com/e/geo-get-toget

The baby in the reflection is mightily taken by Lucas Foglia's fire at @cuartmuseum.

Anyone had any luck with open-source AI assistants like Mycroft or Susi? Asking for a friend.

This Friday, join @CadwellTurnbull and me for a conversation on cooperativism and science fiction, hosted by @GEO_Collective friends! eventbrite.com/e/geo-get-toget

Join @cadwellsocialcoop and @ntnsndr for a discussion of solidarity economics and the need for co-op narratives.

Schneider is the author of Everything For Everyone: The Radical Tradition that Is Shaping the Next Economy.

Turnbull's recent story in The Verge, "Monsters Come Howling in Their Season" imagines a future solidarity commonwealth in the Virgin Islands which uses AI to combat the effects of climate change. His debut novel The Lesson is out in June.


@ntnsndr Thank you for saying this "And why are we taught to expect democracy only from our governments? What about the businesses where we work, shop and connect?"

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