After spending an hour trying to help my mother install some software from across the country, I feel a fresh sense of appreciation for malware hackers.

Just saw my first Blackwater vet biker gang.

On this 9th anniversary of , with obsession over the presidency at a fever pitch, I'm especially grateful for its insistence that politics must come from us, not the false options of candidates.

Just signed up for my free real-life copy of Exit to Community!

(I'm trying to start a couple cooperative platforms; might be easier to focus just on getting a viable platform business with a clear plan to later exit to community. More practically, i know some progressive small businesses and people organizing their workplaces where this might be relevant to both and i can lend out.)

Maybe the thing that will save us from civil war is our decadence.

Looking forward to this week's ! In my Disruptive Entrepreneurship class we're disrupting the syllabus to focus on legacies of Black refusal.

Wait so are we going to need to drum up a co-op to buy TickTok?

After an involuntary stint on the Outlook app, I am glad to be back with FairEmail for Android. If you love privacy and independent, open software, this thing is a work of art.

I jus made a movie of my 1 year old stomping on ants to prove to the world that childhood is not innocence.

Tuning in to hear @ntnsndr and contributors launch their new book Exit to Community: A Community Primer:


The Book:

Ooh just got proofs of the beautiful zine! I can't wait to get this into your hands. Join us for the release event next week:

Theory: the logic of boutique apps like Superhuman is to recreate the (allegedly obsolete) software manual of old with personalized hand-holding. A commercial admission: tech that takes time to learn is often worth the investment.

Thanks to @opolis Public Radio for this fun conversation last week:

I think we covered child labor, online governance, and what else?

@Matt_Noyes a friend just moved to manitou springs and is looking for a good credit union. Recommendations?

Congratulations to @ampl3d for its first 200 artist members! The site is looking beautiful--a beautiful version of the look I used for my co-op house's website in college. But dang. Great work!

Beautiful Solutions: A Toolbox for Liberation

Help bring to a life an open-source toolbox of solutions that can change the world


Latest episode of Looks like New with @ntnsndr and @cadwellsocialcoop was super fun to listen to! Especially hearing our little nerdy coop fiction game fit into the vast landscape of Cadeell’s prolific writing world!

Here’s the link for the episode:

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