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Nathan Schneider @ntnsndr

The campaign has made it to the final round of bidding for our effort to divert the of our local telecom into .

The major public critique from our opponents is that our cost of capital is too high (though our opponent is a heavily leveraged publicly traded company), so would welcome suggestions as to sources of friendly $$ to bite off pieces of the high interest loan that is currently most of our 's financing!

Someday I look forward to spending more time on than on the Loomio forums.

Focusing on corporate ownership for a few years has left me a lot less excited than I once was about IP debates.

Nice intro piece by @ntnsndr . I think we need more like this with examples of how specific tools could be used.
"The Rise of a Cooperatively Owned Internet"

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@Steve Good question. I'm in discussion with NCBA about supporting a feasibility study.

Jeremy Corbyn suggests 'gig economy' should be replaced by cooperatives

"Corbyn suggested "gig economy" firms like ride-hailing service Uber or food delivery firm Deliveroo could be replaced by co-operatives, in which drivers collectively set pay and conditions and share or reinvest the profits from their work.

He vowed that a Labour Government would promote cooperative groups with the aim of doubling the size of the sector."

Labours subreddits most upvoted post today

@h @fabianhjr @mattcropp @mayel @Antanicus that's strange. I find loomio is even good at saving text that I hadn't even posted yet if the window crashes.

What's the best alternative you've seen to comments below articles or blog posts?

@samtoland New to me! Does seem like a great candidate for a consumer co-op or joint consumer and business co-op.

@ross @h @mattcropp @Antanicus @mayel so glad this integration convo is happening. Beautiful.

@samtoland has been working on creating functional legal dox in comic-book form!

@mayel @Antanicus @mattcropp Well we need to finalize that darn logo so we can replace it!

@h I keep my sigs pretty simple, but they've got hyperlinks (to website and encryption key) and a non-Ascii character for prettiness. Images in SIG's are where I draw the line.

Poll: Should one use email signatures on replies?

@mattcropp btw a real highlight of my week was meeting @tbeckett and seeing him masterfully leading a tough discussion. Much gusto.

@samtoland I'm a listener! And looks good in general. I'm very interested in how /s can do ToS UX differently. Are there ways you're integrating the ToS into the user interface, rather than as a big block of text at the outset?

"Social is economic." Sonja Novkovic, St. Mary's University

@tbeckett @mattcropp I'll definitely be sharing screenshots about our governance in my talk to the purchasing co-ops.