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Nathan Schneider

Protesters: never forget when Trump said (after his demand for the execution of innocent boys of color), "I like pickets."

@oli (you are after all in the same country so I assume you all know each other)

@oli know anyone at the Bristol Cable I could interview on their co-op model? Or the New Int?

Nice to see my bosses' consultants have them doing the Enneagram, but I have nun friends who could've told them that ages ago. Cheaper, too.

Friends, we're finally ready for you. Over some months now, I've had the pleasure of supporting co-op entrepreneur Greg Brodsky in the development of a new kind of accelerator just for co-ops. is officially open for applications for the inaugural class. If you know someone who would be interested in applying for $10,000 in cash plus mentorship, they can learn more here:

The proposed revision to the bylaws has passed. It's not perfect, but hopefully it helps us clarify the process before we move forward with other, more substantive revisions:

@mayel, could you make the changes to the page?

I'm thrilled to see @commonwealmag run a piece on the great priest-economist and New Deal architect John Ryan:

He has been an important guide in my work on the legacy of cooperative enterprise:

Good to see that at least one country is willing to try laying bare the economy that underlies social media. Wages for Facebook.

"If corporations can traverse the globe in search of higher profits, why can’t workers cross borders to better their lives?"

Ours to Hack and To Own 2: the coop strikes back!

Feel free to join us for a chat starting now.


What punishment is appropriate for people who attach a little logo image to every email that their recipients have to download and save over and over and over?

Together with the Governance Working Group, I've just posted a proposal to clarify the language in the Bylaws: Please participate. The proposal is open for 10 days.

Reading more on the history of the internet makes me want to start capitalizing the word again. It really ia a very specific thing, not a general type of thing.

Social democratic parties are standing on two pillars, trade unionism and cooperativism.

- Unions offer higher wages and working conditions.
- Coops offer cheaper goods and services.

These pillars enabled economic self-help for people. It's different (not better) than general uni activism or a NGO with equally or more noble cause.

Relevant article by @ntnsndr

Lack of focus on economic self-help might help explain Pikettys findings below:

Colorado employee ownership leader @jkbriggs asks a great question of ESOP execs: how much do mainstream management books apply to you?

I just voted in the first @savvy_coop member election on benefit corporation conversion. Reminds me of how much say Etsy users got in their platform dropping its B Corp status.

Just posted an updated version of the proposal to clarify the existing decision process in the bylaws. Thanks to all from the Working Group who helped with this!