Important call for experimentation from @democracypolicy:

Alternative Voting Methods | Democracy Policy Network -

I love how obsessed my daughter is with the gorgeous picture of Silvia Federici in the NYT Mag

Anyone have archives or governance documents from The River, a cooperative online conference service?

@Matt_Noyes I work with Drupal way too much. I thought for a moment that you had turned into a webpage.

That advice about the dysfunctional steering committee is excellent! :D

Social.Coop Tech Working Group meeting today 

It's time again for a meeting! 7:30 UTC / 2:30 EST today.

agenda here:

meeting jitsi link in that doc.

if you're interested in working on something, have a specific question or need, or are just curious about what keeps the server running, please join us!

🚨 This week I interviewed Ruth Carlow, Artistic Director at Furtherfield (@furtherfield on Twitter). We spoke about how art has evolved with the rise of the internet, Furtherfield’s recent artistic experiments with blockchain, and Ruth’s thoughts on NFTs.

This remains the defining political document of our time. h/t @People4Bernie

Just learned that my paper on debates in has just been accepted in Feminist Media Studies! Will post the official version soon, but here's a preprint:

Thx @CoralineAda @modelviewmedia @opensourceorg

Just joined a new co-op! -- "a cooperative of journalists and readers committed to covering news and views of the underrepresented and marginalised and to create a new way of reporting through independent, uncompromising, quality journalism. Our focus is on social issues through the perspective of real lives."

I encourage anyone interested in Japanese labor and social movements to subscribe and support this pathbreaking cooperative.

@chiematsumoto @emi

@emi thanks for your recent £100 contribution to ! You do so much for our community, and this just adds to that.

Okay I can pipe down b/c @qz nailed it: "The GameStop short squeeze has been described as ... the realization of Occupy Wall Street. This is like calling the movie Air Bud a critique of basketball because a golden retriever proved surprisingly good at the game"

Several people have asked, so I guess I should put my answer: I really don't think that GameStop/WSB/etc has anything to do with Occupy Wall Street...

This is a great great @hpr episode about how free/open doesn't mean inclusive. Wow. Thank you.

The solar flare just hit, all your digital lifetime's work is gone.

Anyone here on @delta_chat? It's a great idea (chat interface for encrypted email) but hard to tell who is on it.

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