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Nathan Schneider

The second time in a week that I've seen speakers use an image of rural co-ops as a metaphor for something bad. What's the deal?

Any takers for this Quora question: "Is there a cooperative nonprofit outsourcing service?"

If you think you can bend the world to your will with tech, consider that the leading government to embrace the invention of anarcho-libertarian Satoshi Nakomoto is socialist-authoritarian Venezuela.

"WeWork is promoting a mythology for those in the brave new gig economy: You, precarious worker who will never have a pension, are not a simple cog in a machine. Your work is not merely labour, for which you deserve decent pay and security, but an extension of your personality. You’re doing what you love and paying $500 per month for the desk from which to do it."
Let's hatch a alternative!

Wow is trending on Twitter. Not because of though.

"On these decentralized teams, you need equal voting rights" - @robTG4 at

No decentralization without diversity.

Just had a good chat with the folks at, and I wonder if it might be a good future governance tool for . Any initial thoughts? It might help us solve our follow-thru issues. Our own @tibetsprague is helping to build it.

One cool thing I’ve noticed listening to music on , is that it feels like I’m hearing music from more countries and languages. For whatever reason, when I use Deezer, it’s all pretty anglophone.

Is it wrong to feel affection when one hears from a long lost friend in the form of email spam?

My own theory is that Amazon is actually secretly a consumer cooperative, defrauding investors. But @BigMeanInternet has a decent theory too.

"Imagine having your appendix taken out by a Facebook group" says Fred Turner.

Fred Turner, speaking tonight at CU, has electric co-op propaganda on one of his first slides. (The "problem" he means is mass media, not the co-ops.)

How do non co-op instances support themselves?

My Monday morning inbox is a weekly, ritual reminder of how much money useless startups have to spend on PR.

If you think the weak, modern FTC is just the result of the Chicago School, you're missing a much bigger story, says William Kovacic.

One example of demosclerosis: the US has deferred regulatory leadership on tech to the EU. This may be a good thing, though.

New word for me: "demosclerosis" - the inability of democratic institutions to respond to evolving contexts.