I'm grateful for this new field scan from @00AaronFernando on the state of employee ownership, from co-ops and ESOPs to EOTs and DAOs. Find out what all the acronyms mean here!


/e/OS = #privacy by design, which makes it an exception on the mobile market.

That is what academic research found, comparing data sent by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Realme, LineageOS and /e/OS smartphones.

#auditable #privacy



Framasoft are one of the few no-bullshit, non-Silicon Valley organisations working to protect your freedoms online and they’ve been hugely supportive of us since the very beginning.

Please support them if you can.


#freedom #tech #privacy #humanRights

Great to see @WIRED featuring the amazing Hope Credit Union -- and strategies based on ongoing co-investment rather than charity.

Just tried switching to BitWarden but all the electron-ness and cloud-ness didn't feel right. Back to KeePass.

@sunquan been thinking of you—any recent work in English or easy to auto-translate? Would love to know what you're up to.

Starting tomorrow! Apply for @start_coop, an accelerator for the US's most ambitious co-op startups!


Really important guide to human rights and Web2 lessons for Web3 from @rmack - future generations will thank you for reading and acting. starlinglab.org/what-to-get-ri

Here's a question for the hive mind: What are we?

Helping to start Social.coop initially was my first experiment in what I was calling "virtual co-ops" (colorado.edu/lab/medlab/sites/): internet-first co-ops not requiring legal incorporation.

Now, I'm starting experiment #2, this time with a worker co-op, also hosted on Open Collective.

What are we? Does it need a name?

* Virtual Co-op?
* Hosted Co-op?
* Fiat DAO?

cc: @emi @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @anaulin @michaelafisher @beckett

A gentle choose-your-own-adventure story by Celine Nguyen about mushroom foraging, the weight of Indigenous history, and sustaining online community.

What happens when an online forum absorbs you into greater intimacy with nature and digital connection? two.compost.digital/logging-of

Don't miss our new podcast episode featuring the great @caseyfiesler!

- on KGNU: Can social media be ethical? news.kgnu.org/2021/09/looks-li

Subscribe: colorado.edu/lab/medlab

What does it look like to work closely with indigenous cultures of the Earth to develop communication and information technologies that work for them?

Luandro of Digital Democracy on what it means to build collective, autonomous networks for local empowerment two.compost.digital/uncivilizi

Powerful call for an abolitionist position on surveillance from my co-op @mayfirst: anti-surveillance from an abolitionist perspective outreach.mayfirst.org/civicrm/

We made it! Immers Space is a real cooperative. With guidance from @camille and Sarah Kaplan, we've got a great model for shared power between workers-owners, users, and creators in the metaverse, and we even got to organize under Illinois's new Worker Coop law. We can now, as @ntnsndr likes to say, "show us your bylaws" web.immers.space/about-us/

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