Thanks to @nathanielpopper's new article, I now know that @duckduckgo has an angel on its office, and other good things:

Give your nearest co-op founder a hug. It's hard stuff.

And then: "If You wish that I persevere in this way, oh my God, fill my weakness with your strength; clear away the obstacles or give me the means to surmount them."

"Remove from my heart all false vanity, all impractical desire, all chimeras and foolish dreams."

It's quite a portrait of the fear and anxiety of co-op entrepreneurship. With people, with community, but still that burden of responsibility, that cosmic anxiety.

Anxious to hold his relationship with God and with his wife above his risky, daring credit union project.

The prayer that the title references was Desjardin's prayer of self-doubt in conviction—a prayer that God would take away his passion if it was not for the good. "May I repel it with a sort of scorn."

I just finished it while staying at the Estes Park YMCA, where CUNA was founded.

Has anyone read "The Poor Man's Prayer," the somewhat fictionalized biography of Alfonse Desjardins? @mattcropp? @Matt_Noyes

The first Denver @radicalxchange meetup starting now! (The blue foot is one of our local electeds.)

Has anyone studied the consequences of the old Catholic Encyclopedia's use in seeding Wikipedia? How much of it is still there?

The@denverpost as gig economy platform, 1915.

Glad to be talking co-ops on @mcnallyterrence's podcast: grateful in particular for the challenge at the end. You decide how skillfully I evaded it.

What better way to spend a Sunday than in a radical library? Hear our latest @kgnu radio podcast on @ethicaledtech with digital librarian @erinroseglass:

This morning my kid broke into intense tears because he thought he'd have to run for president when he grows up.

Okay, finally did it: Rescued the Moto X4 and got it up and running on Lineage. Thanks to the zillions of online tutorials that made it possible.

The @staffing_coop community call is today! This is one of the most exciting new co-ops out there, a POC-led vision for the future of work. Learn more here:

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