“Insurgent movements are not the product of ‘hard times,’” Goodwyn wrote [in The Populist Moment]. “They are the product of insurgent cultures.”

'When those enterprises ran against the limits of the dominant economy, the people radicalized. They formulated political demands through the practice of mutual self-help.'


I'm increasingly skeptical of data co-ops that propose to pay people fairly for their personal data. @EFF explains why it's probably impossible: eff.org/deeplinks/2020/10/why-

Trump didn't start new wars directly. But he invited Turkey to invade and destroy the fledgling feminist cooperative economy development among the US's military allies against ISIS. This is heartbreaking. rojavainformationcenter.com/20


Vidrun, born of the sea-wind through the spruce

Vidrun, green-tinged offshoot of my bough, joy and burden of my life

Vidrun, fierce and clever, may our clan’s wisdom be yours:

Never read Hacker News

It's threads like this one on fatherhood that make me keep reading Hacker News despite everything news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

Four Ways Mission-Aligned Investors Can Support Equitable Media: fordfoundation.org/ideas/equal

Thanks, @transformfinance! Great to see @medlabboulder @zebrasunite in there.

Anyone part of a newsroom that has been adversely affected by journalists migrating to Substack?

Curious about employee ownership? Pile into this event tomorrow featuring Colorado's amazing worker co-op and B Corp @dojo4! eventbrite.com/e/demystifying-

Today at noon ET I'll be leading a webinar with my colleague Johanna Bates on the topic of Consentful UX - which we see as an antidote to the coercive, invasive design patterns we see so often on the web.

It's free to attend. Here are the details


Fantastic talk by Jessica Gordon Nembhard - thank you @GEO_Collective @NCBACLUSA!

Racial Equity in Co-ops: 6 Key Challenges and How to Meet Them: nonprofitquarterly.org/racial-

How many Linux kernels do you have running right now? Trying to get a baseline for what's normal.

Best software for representing software stacks?

when's the first White House guitar mass? I want the zoom link

here's the hymn Biden just referenced: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Eag I've never heard a post-Vatican II Catholic hymn referenced outside of church.

When the news co-op calls it, it's official.

Just got to tell my daughter that a girl is gonna be vice president.

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