spacex starship fire test (3/3) 

Some reading to do:

Peter Maurin's "Easy Essays"

"When the organizers try
to organize the unorganized,
then the organizers
don’t organize themselves.
And when the organizers
don’t organize themselves,
nobody organizes himself,
And when nobody organizes himself,
nothing is organized."

Here is some fabulous evidence from @emi @cadwellsocialcoop @Matt_Noyes and friends that is the amazingest nerdiest place on the Internet to be a cooperator: is an #E2C
"exit 2 community" startup. Our target is a #workercoop structure. Had a great conversation with @ntnsndr
on E2C, which fits our objectives quite well. If you're also interested in E2C please reach out! Follow, and I'll follow back.

You can read more about E2C here:

I'm thrilled to announce that we have now officially transferred our fiscal host on Open Collective to is now legally part of a cooperative!

Lots of great pieces have come out recently calling upon those of us in the free/open-source software to go further in making ethical tech.

* @ntnsndr on the culture war in open-source
* @CoralineAda on **ethical** open-source software

If something looks weird about our budget on Open Collective right now, it's because we're currently transferring our Fiscal Host arrangement to, which will make us officially, legally, a cooperative enterprise!

@e_mydata Is there currently any way to get a preloaded phone in the US?

Thank you to the #jitsi folks who have created a platform for people to connect, and a strong alternative to proprietary platforms. You all rock.

In case you haven't logged on to loomio in a while, we're asking members to update their profile with their username since it's hard to know who is who!

We have a check poll going and so far 19 members have updated! Thank you!!

MX Linux has got to be the stablest, glitch-freest OS I've ever used. Is that just Debian talking? A couple months now and everything works.

"If groups plan ahead for making hard decisions and defining roles, they have a better chance of weathering the challenges sure to come." ~ @ntnsndr

Web development question: I'm trying to figure out to best to export Rules from to persistent webpages self-hosted on a subdomain.

Anybody have a suggestion of how I could use Javascript to call an API of a simple self-hosted platform (CRM/wiki/etc.) to create a new page? And do so safely/securely?

@clayton @redoak @Greg @anaulin

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