Fonterra, a 10,000 member dairy co-op in NZ, found that it was their younger members that were demonstrating a stronger commitment to the co-operative than the older farmers.

Contrary to a lot of the research which usually states that older members are more loyal.

Anyone interested in reflecting on the conference (even if you weren't there!), join the conversation starting now here:

@ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes

Super great podcast! Have already recommended to some friends. Going to download the rest of the episodes for my long runs this weekend!

(for those wanting a new podcast to binge:

I am having a happy time listening to this podcast with two of the kindest and smartest fellows I have met: and talking about economics, tech, and the new "Distributed Cooperative Organisation"

I'm a speculative fiction writer looking for worker-owners willing to talk about their work at a co-op.It is research for a novel series I'm working on. Any takers? For more details on work I've done here's a link:

Boosts appreciated!

Overheard a parent telling preteen kids while waiting for flight to Hong Kong: "your TikTok days are numbered"

Colorado's 100% employee owned New Belgium Brewing has been bought out:

Victory for current workers, who shared the spoils?

Tragedy for future workers, thrown under the capitalist bus?

At least now I no longer feel pressure to drink Fat Tire.

Have any experience with or feedback on a Linux-first laptop? Eg, Star Labs, Slimbook, Pinebook, System76? There's a dearth of useful reviews.

This is @lmnopi_ in the Boulder Library. Glory!

Come train for social change with us!

Now accepting applications for our @CUBoulderCMCI Media and Public Engagement MA program:

Sage advice from @jhoronjeff of @savvy_coop. Read carefully.

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