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Nathan Schneider

Highlight of the day so far: biked by kids on a sidewalk and asked where their chant was, after which they all belted out Hey Hey NRA How Many Kids Did You Kill Today? New moment, old tune.

Super excited about our company's transition to the steward-ownership model. After this, the company can no longer be sold or taken public, shareholders have a cap on how much profit they can get, all voting rights are held by active team members, and the legally defined reason for the company's existence is to democratize the sharing economy by making platform tech accessible to everyone!

If you wish to support us, consider sharing our crowdfunding campaign!

Greg Meredith of : "I don't see the blockchain as the solution. It is just one part of what we're trying to do."

Striking to see the strength of 's commitment to both radical cooperative practice and business deliverables. Necessary comment just now on whether blockchain is just to make white guys rich.

Wow, clapping exercise at dev conf led by founder Greg Meredith. Then talk abt consciousness and self-organizing trees. Meredith is sorta the anti-Vitalik.

I love this place. Happy birthday, , and thanks to all y'all.

A big thank you goes to @mayel and @vmatekole for keeping the instance stable and secure for us all!

@clayton hmm, Mailspring is too much for my machine, I'm afraid. 3.7G RAM and hanging like crazy. And weird json errors. Sticking with Thunderbird.

Happy πŸŽ‚ birthday πŸŽ‚ ! πŸŽ‚ I’m glad I get to be a part of this awesome community.

I slept in too late to keep up with all you EDT tooters. 😴

@cornucoopia Welcome to . An awesome veteran co-op leader, y'all! Say hi!

It's great to finally see in action. Awesome work, @clayton and Micky and team!

What do y'all my hackers use as a free/open/libre improvement on Chromecast/AppleTV/Roku?

@resonatecoop @samtoland to what extent is blockchain already being used in the platform?

Don't miss this preview of @jessicaweisberg's new "Asking for a Friend" from @nationbooks now in the @newyorker, on the labor politics of Dale Carnegie:

Thank you Kevin of @gitcoin for speaking to my Hacker Culture class today about creating healthy incentives for open source!