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Nathan Schneider @ntnsndr

@nev I'm watching the eclipse on emacs

@scholzt_newschooledu Welcome!! This is a fediverse that actually works. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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Thanks! I actually might. Can run Vulcan? I think that might be the most appropriate and adaptable tool.

I'm thinking of building a tool for aggregating questions for journalists. Anyone know any good self-hostable, open Reedit or quora clones?

@Antanicus @xldrkp @urbanohumano I'd like to read more about that too! There's a guy out here named Rhys Lindmark who collects a lot of that stuff.

@paulfree14 mostly yes, but blocks can come from a very unhelpful place, too, and sometimes there's a need to circumvent. The 90% threshold is very high!

@xldrkp @urbanohumano depends on level. What side of it are you interested in?

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@madrush @vmatekole @mattcropp

Yes, this was always an issue with OC. We've been discussing with them the idea of creating a co-op pocket in the company. But they're not a co-op. They do, however, offer something so far unique. And it's a bit different from Patreon in the accounting and expense services. But my hope would be to see a more co-op friendly platform like offer co-op friendly tools.

@dazinism @douginamug

Yes, we do our governance (including but not limited to the Governance group) in our Loomio group.

Okay, , the draft bylaws are now ready for consideration by the full community in Loomio:

friends on the governance group, please remember to vote on the bylaws proposal before we take it to the full group.

Great piece by @ntnsndr on community ownership and :

Particularly relevant right now given that we're working to divert the of our local municipal telecom in into (sale to a of subscribers)...

The community capital campaign to our town's municipal ISP just launched. Only residents can invest in the offering, but I figured the offering and campaign might be of wider interest...