A new paper I worked on describes how Discord moderators build innovative solutions to scaling problems with tools from their past experience w/ Reddit as guides & templates. The work was led by Charlie Kiene w/ Aaron Jiang. mako.cc/copyrighteous/how-disc

programming is not a fun career, it has its moments but honestly it is hard to recommend on any basis except the pay

I've been seeing some new paying members joining up. If you're one, welcome! Introduce yourself if you like!

If you're part of a university community, how's your information ecology? Do you have a strong, independent news org? theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/

No laptop should have an expiration date. For the sake of your freedom and to guard against needless electronic waste, avoid Google Chromebooks: https://u.fsf.org/2wb

Ooh super interesting: @JSEntsminger at on the evolution of organizational species.

Today in Berlin: shuttling between the hackers at and the cooperators at . Quite a chasm between them, but my goodness they need each other.

"We need to become 100% political" says Felipe Duarte of @daostack at . Oh, and there is no such thing as full decentralization, autonomy, or automation.

Bringing the gospel of feminist economics to the @dgovearth node at the , @staccop2p talks DisCOs and carework.

All those companies saying they actually do have social obligations beyond profit? Welcome to the party, says @NCBACLUSA president @dobrien_coop. That's what co-ops have been doing all along: ncbaclusa.coop/blog/some-of-am

Would Social.coop ever want to take over ioo.coop?

I love it when lines like this make it into the newspaper. Thank you, Sister Helen. nyti.ms/2KFmIe1

This is how far we've come. A company selling you a phone that you can't use with another company (and on which the seller can install stuff remotely) is cool, but a program that unlocks the phone you own so you can control it is "malware," not liberation. geekwire.com/2019/seattle-area

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