One pager summary for a proposed one-shot to aggregate funds and make a loan to the through which we're attempting to divert a utility into in !

Welcome feedback, thoughts, and potential members:

@SociocracyForAll There is a lot of experience in and have been around for a long time but and are still a pretty recent development though they are slowly gaining traction both with the traditional cooperative movement and among digital commoners and developers. Would like to learn more about sociocracy can compliment these approaches for sure.

Hi, I'm Neil.

I'm from and interested in , , , and a .

I'm interested in in general, as a better, fairer, and more sustainable way of doing business, and in particular, as a better way of building and using technology.

Looking forward to learning from like-minded others and helping to grow this space.

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Hello Kevin here from Ireland. I'm a phd candidate at NUIM in the department of Anthropology where I'm researching social movements interested in participatory democracy, , , . Looking forward to starting fieldwork in next year. Big up to all the commoners, cooperators and collaborators out there. Omni Sunt Communia

@madaecol welcome! You're in the right place if you want to learn more about !

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Tonight I'm setting up an inter-club group for both existing investment clubs and folks interested in starting a co-op in their communities.

If you're interested in being part of that, DM me your email address and I'll add you. We have a monthly conference call on the first Friday at 2pm eastern.

P.S. the "Co-op Principal" club model:

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@aaron I read the Stoller article a while back & really enjoyed it, particularly as it dredged up some historical characters that I was familiar w/ from history, but who have otherwise seemed to have fallen down a memory hole.

have often been a counter-weight to monopoly power, & are designed such that they can occupy a natural monopoly niche w/o being extractive. The campaign in is one place where is being framed as a defense against telco monopoly.

In the for the month of August and going to visit soon. Any recommendations for to see besides Mondragon??

So I had this weird little #gameing idea... I think many people on #mastodon would like it :)

I wrote a small concept, feedback and criticism would help me a lot!

It is a #cyberpunk MMORPG about transforming capitalism to a solidarity economy...

#indiegamedev #coops #anarchism #politics #mmorpg #fediverse #opensource #FLOSS #linux

Co-ops Support Women’s Economic Empowerment in Indonesia

"Indonesia has more than 150,000 active cooperatives, with more than 6,000 in Jakarta alone. Cooperatives can expand women’s access to small-scale finance, markets, and training, and can provide connections to social services."

Why co-operatives could be the answer to the UK's social care crisis

"The idea that social care should be run co-operatively, rather than privately or publicly, is gaining traction in the UK"