would anyone be interested in a gitea instance for I've been running one for myself for awhile, but it's kinda overkill for one person. it'd be super quick to spin up another instance and gitea is super lightweight, so I'd be happy to host it for everyone if someone (@mayel?) can point my way

@gc I'm not trying to rebuff the initiative BTW, I just want to stop being the go-to

FYI and anyone else on , there's a current Tech Working Group proposal here (closing today!) to buy a share in to get access to their service:

(This isn't the final decision, if it passes it'll go to the main admin group on Loomio.)

@gc @mayel @admin
(Please retoot)

@jjg @mayel @wu_lee ended up going with gitlab instead of gitea since it was surprisingly easy to get set up. check it out, it's up and running at

@gc @wu_lee @mayel cool.

Now that I know a few people using fossil I might try that too. There’s a lot to like and I prefer simplicity.

@jjg I love fossil's concept (and the execution of it is pretty okay). I just wish it had a better network of users. Then again... The fact I stopped using it makes me part of the problem... :/

@cstanhope yeah it seems like we’re cultivating some cool users right here so maybe we can improve on that...

@jjg (Just to clarify, I said "better", but I meant bigger. I reluctantly moved to git a while back once I realized I needed to learn the tool because of the network effect.)

@cstanhope I tried using fossil back when I decided to leave github (maybe a year or so ago) but struggled and actually managed to blow-up my repository and loose some work, so I switched to gitlab instead.

I really liked the philosophy behind fossil and especially the autonomy, but at the time I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t really know anyone to ask for help.

So maybe it’s time to try again :)

@jjg Yeah, watching people talk about is making me want to dust it off to see how it feels using it today. I fortunately never had any bad experiences. I was talking to somebody else about the possibility of grafting git's model onto the other fossil concepts. But that's not something I'm going to pretend to have time for.

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