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Out of nowhere the warnings flashed red on his screen. David cursed as he ripped his oxygen mask from his sweat drenched face. He couldn't get timing closure on the design.

He was barely hitting 1.1GHz, and his goal was 1.5GHz. It was likely going to take weeks to untangle the longest paths causing the delays. They might even need to re-architecture some pieces.


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The alien noisily screeched as it broke into TV broadcasts and video streaming the world over. "TZAG!" the alien continued, baffling the stunned audiences as it waved appendages in a friendly, but slightly unsettling, manner.

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Hello, fediverse. I'm Charles from the USA in the , OR area. I'm excited to be on as I'm hoping it will prove a viable alternative to the "free" social sites.

I make and for a living, and I dabble in for hobbies. Other interests not limited to: , , , , , and .

I suspect we could all use a little protection from evil:

The original, if you're so inclined:

Be well, fediverse. I'm checkin' out early. See you at my mornin' time. o/

"C3 is a C-like language striving to be an evolution of C, rather than a completely new language"

@cstanhope I wasn't familiar with this one before! I mostly know his covers and remixes. Like this one!

Are there any B-Tree data structures written in Forth that use block storage to store each nodes? Seems like a fun project. Curious if its been done.

I've been enjoying the synth soundscape and vocals on this tune. Luke Million's "Heard it On the Radio (ft. Asta)":

Any ideas how to identify this monster. It was about the size of the palm of my hand. Came across is while walking near

"All of a sudden I found myself in love with the world, so there was only one thing that I could do..."

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Kinda thinking I should've used a pseudonym oh so long ago when I joined social media. Not because of any nefarious purposes, but there's lot of things I would probably say or share that I don't because my "real" name is up there. Bah...

Lemley says that if a seller prices their product at $25 with the EULA and $1 million without, then the buyer who accepts the EULA is handing over $999,975 worth of value when they click "I agree." Lemley says we should tax that as income.

This is a fascinating way of looking at the problem of price-gouging and other ways of sabotaging a fair contracting system: it aligns the incentives of companies with their customers.


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Okay, I know I've listened to this too many times already this morning... But one more time!

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Hi! I'm Camila, an artist and illustrator with a love for fantasy and horror.
I've worked with novel covers, concept art and games in general. I lean towards character art but try to keep a broader focus to cultivate the toolset needed for my own weird projects.

Looking forward to meeting other creatives!
#introduction #art #painting #illustration

I was reminded of "The Pinouts Book" this morning.

From the people that brought us the NODE "zines".

Bad comparison: one of the best character arcs in any movie is Yvonne from Casablanca (here is a great article that analyzes the best scene in the movie and talks about her: I'd like to posit that the "rat thing" dog in is a similarly satisfying 1 minute of screen time (albeit with less character development). It's a brief aside that tells an entire story (while letting you fill in the details) and gives the main story some depth and color.

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Out of all the sorts of roles and identities to try on to think about how to act in this world, "normal" has to be one of the most useless and even dangerous ones.

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Pet peeve: Using some ill defined concept of "normal people" to argue that something you care about is unimportant or that caring about it makes you not "normal".

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