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Hello, fediverse. I'm Charles from the USA in the , OR area. I'm excited to be on as I'm hoping it will prove a viable alternative to the "free" social sites.

I make and for a living, and I dabble in for hobbies. Other interests not limited to: , , , , , and .

EFF explains how to disable the Facebook’s platform sharing API FOR your account.

“For now, if you'd like keep your data from going through Facebook's API, you can take control of your privacy settings. Keep in mind that this disables ALL platform apps (like Farmville, Twitter, or Instagram) and you will not be able to log into sites using your Facebook login.”

Guh, this article really brings to light the problems with data aggregators and #Facebook in particular:

“It’s like dirty MI6 because you’re not constrained. There’s no having to go to a judge to apply for permission. It’s normal for a ‘market research company’ to amass data on domestic populations."

It's like the U.S. using mercenaries in its war to avoid accountability. Just hire some third-party to snoop on people for you! It's just "market research".

"Blessed by the Algorithm" — I can almost hear an apocalyptic Muse song in my head, as regular people slowly start to venerate the computer gods

Too much I have to do, too much I want to do, and never enough time for both. Oh well, at least I can start my Saturday with "The Crunch" from the Rah Band.

Everything in our world will soon be technology-mediated. @anildash offers some wisdom on how we can make these changes in a net-positive way. Recommended.

« This program won at Tic-Tac-Toe by figuring out how to remotely crash its opponents' computers, causing them to forfeit. »

— Retweet

I think the best lesson you can give to a computer programmer is to let them know that they're not alone in trying to figure this shit out.

Hell, it's a young field and already we've created so many different cultures and languages. Nobody could possibly know all of this all the time.

Be gentle with yourself, computer programmer. The task is hard enough without being hard on yourself.

Little yellow violet in the snow, Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee.


Hi ! We are Terms of Service;Didn't Read ( "I have read and agreed to the Terms of Services" is the Internet's biggest lie. We aim to fix it.

We crowdsource ToS analysis's so everyone can participate in making the Internet more transparent!

We have a new submission tool, currently under development: Phoenix :



IRC: #tosdr on Freenode


".. a prescription for a just society that begins with 'a commitment to the local, the plural, the small scale, and the active.' We can't tolerate an Internet, or a society, led by a few self-proclaimed geniuses claiming to serve mankind." Page 208, The Know-It-Alls by Noam Cohen

releasing some old code that I've had hanging around for years.

introducing guile-syntax-highlight: a syntax highlighter for guile scheme

that project page uses guile-syntax-highlight to highlight the example code, btw.

#guile #scheme

We are excited to launch our redesigned Surveillance Self-Defense site, which now contains over forty guides in eleven languages, filled with tips on how to protect your communications and privacy online! source:

Slideshare from Tokyo Nerd Nite presentation on Platform Co-operativism last night. Hope I did the movement justice... if anything I know I started a discussion and planted some seeds of co-op ideas!

I've opened a #Patreon for my attempt at writing a novel. I will be releasing new chapters on Patreon first, for supporters, and on my site for the book ( a month later, for everyone.

The novel is a story about software development. A type of wish-fulfilment.

Ars Technica removed tracking for all subscribers, in addition to having already removed ads in the paid version. Wish more sites would offer this.