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Hello, fediverse. I'm Charles from the USA in the , OR area. I'm excited to be on as I'm hoping it will prove a viable alternative to the "free" social sites.

I make and for a living, and I dabble in for hobbies. Other interests not limited to: , , , , , and .

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In my state of fierce agreement, I neglected to point back to the author @melissamcewen

And the source toot:

This: "But for a long time I pretended it was fun. That I loved it. Because there is a lot of social pressure to portray yourself that way in the industry. People hiring you will run the other way as soon as they see a crack in that facade."

And this: 'Because it’s not really “passion” they are looking for, but people who are merely willing to endure long hours... they are looking for the person who comes home from work and spends all night on it.'

All the other things:

Yay! Software Freedom Conservancy is now on Mastodon! @conservancy

"You are what you eat" is an easy mantra to recall when making meal plans.

I propose something like, "you are what you compute", to instill a similar sensitivity in folks.

Are you a creator, a producer, a voice to sing and praise, an expression into the universe?

Or are you a cheap knockoff, filled with anguish and lies, and let people watch your every move in exchange for dopamine hits?


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The inevitable happened: Intel confirms critical security issues with Intel ME:

"This includes scenarios where a successful attacker could: ... Load and execute arbitrary code outside the visibility of the user and operating system."

And of course it affects "6th, 7th & 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family", meaning pretty much all our desktop/laptop CPUs.

Cory Doctorow with Edward Snowden: Dystopia, Apocalypse, and other Sunny Futures.

Read my full transcript on the #CDwiki now:

(This took a ton of work and a million hours, so I'd appreciate some boosts, thx, bye) is "The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming" journal, which publishes articles in CC-BY (or CC-BY-NC). First issue is from january, and there are three issues to date.

Does anybody in here have any experience with ?

Boost are appreciated, thanks :)

To err is human; to forgive, divine. To notice typos and other errors in posts you've made and not beat yourself up about it is impossible.


How to Protect Yourself Against Spearphishing: A Comic Explanation.

May not be needed by everyone but its decent coverage and useful material on a complex topic that is often difficult to educate people on.

[emboldened, sitting on the shoulder of my COPPER COLOSSUS] as a matter of fact I would like fries with that

Get your name in the new "SSH Mastery!" Help make the Internet slightly less terrible, and help an author pay his mortgage.

Sweet. Finally an alternative to the all too common #DNS

Tweet from Mikko Hypponen (@mikko), at Nov 17, 07:03 - We're happy to be part of Quad9. Set your DNS to