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@gcupc Yeah, it is definitely expensive. I do hope that it is successful, but I won't be contributing to that success. :-/

@craigmaloney Thanks for the reminder! I meant to purchase some of their music a while ago. Very good music to code by. Drowns out the worst of the cubicle noise.

@totem Oh my goodness, I see the news now! How awful and terrifying. :(

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@Antanicus Yes, that's what I'm thinking too. :-/

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This is the second Amazon fulfillment center to be announced for the Portland area, and the third for Oregon, in about three months. I'm beginning to regret all those book and CD purchases I made oh so long ago. Perhaps I shouldn't be, but I am concerned that this will be yet another wave of wiping out "local" businesses.

@cwebber I can't add much to everything that has already been said, but I will say two things that I don't hear much talk about in these DMCA discussions. (And I apologize if this OT.) First, I believe it is possible to support the creation of so-called premium content in a world without either DRM or DMCA. Second, even if that were not true and all the companies that produce premium content today went out of business, humanity would be okay. (I'd argue we would even be better off.)

@craigmaloney By the way, I have a memory of logging into some place, using telnet, and perusing a catalog and placing an order for a book. This was back when C.O.D. was still a thing, and before Amazon and the era of web everywhere.

@craigmaloney Oh, man, I'm such a nerd! 😁

A Retargetable C Compiler : Design and Implementation, in May of '97.

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@craigmaloney Were you able to look back in your purchase history that far? If so, I'll be curious to know what mine was.

@impiaaa @Gargron The DRM is not standardized. Only EME is standardized. The DRM is implemented with different proprietary extensions. It is still possible that people might produce DRM content that is exclusive to one browser or to a particular OS. I guess we'll see whether they do that or not, but the potential exists.

TIL Even minor hamstring tears result in some amazing looking bruises.

@craigmaloney Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard about httpie.

@maiki One last thought, although I think topical places are important and interesting, I don't think every place should be dedicated to topics. I've greatly enjoyed being exposed to others' thoughts and experiences (like yours) on all these different platforms, and I certainly don't want to lose that. Grasping for an analogy, maybe these more general places would be more like salons or pubs? In a way, my list of people I follow is like a personal pub. I guess the category could be "public".

@neil @maiki My pipe dream is that indieweb became popular enough that services could be created specifically to help people run their indieweb sites. It could even be a co-op model! :)