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Out of nowhere the warnings flashed red on his screen. David cursed as he ripped his oxygen mask from his sweat drenched face. He couldn't get timing closure on the design.

He was barely hitting 1.1GHz, and his goal was 1.5GHz. It was likely going to take weeks to untangle the longest paths causing the delays. They might even need to re-architecture some pieces.


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Hello, fediverse. I'm Charles from the USA in the , OR area. I'm excited to be on as I'm hoping it will prove a viable alternative to the "free" social sites.

I make and for a living, and I dabble in for hobbies. Other interests not limited to: , , , , , and .

Portugal. The Man - Who’s Gonna Stop Me (feat. “Weird Al” Yankovic) #np

imagine uploading your consciousness successfully so you could live forever but then your chosen file format gets abandoned and no one writes a converter

In 1998, Bill Clinton signed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act into law. At the time, most of the attention was on Section 512 - AKA "notice and takedown," which absolves platforms from liability for users' infringement provided they respond quickly to removal demands.

Over the years, this has been horrifically abused, with everyone from post-Soviet dictators to sexual predators to cults and literal Nazis using spurious copyright claims to censor their critics, often without consequence.


so earlier today something reminded me of the ZedRipper - 16 Z80s, each with 64KB RAM, and a terminal multiplexer showing the screen of any 4 of them at once, all in a laptop:

and then i discovered that some researchers, in 1981, strung 256 Z80 processors together, each with 64KB of 300ns RAM and a bunch of high powered support components (including a fast multiplier and an FPU copro!), and a high speed communications network based on 48-bit shift registers running at 10MHz together to investigate multiprocessor / AI applications

For most of this year, @zwol and I have been working on a pretty ambitious project:
* to make a fresh release of GNU Autoconf, a crucial #FLOSS build tool that hadn't had a new release since 2012
* to get paid for that
* to help put Autoconf on a more sustainable footing so it doesn't have to get rescued again a little while down the road

Autoconf 2.70 is due out next month, and you can read my fresh LWN story about the rejuvenation & what's next:

Why use a VPN when you can just have a boatload of ssh tunnels?

For my next trick... 🥁

I'm going to be compiling Golang to WASM to test an idea for building an alternative to github that runs entirely in the browser, for managing remote repos stored on a decentralised, #p2p, #e2e encrypted, censorship resistant, storage and communications network.

... without the aid of a safety net. 🎩 Tada!
#Golang #SafeNetworkGit #git #gitbug #decentralise #github

Hi All,

It's time again to make a call for shows. I would be great if others
could contribute some shows rather than relying on the "old regulars" to
fill in the gaps.

Contribution is easy.

Open the recorder app on your smart phone and talk. Popular topics are
- who you are and how you got into tech
- what cool thing you have learned recently

Got to and upload the show.

I'd appreciate it if you could spread this message far and wide !

I'm looking for a desktop ran Wiki software to replace Zim Wiki. It would need to support code syntax highlighting. Does anyone know a good candidate? Self hosted solutions are welcome too (nextcloud stuff maybe? I don't know of any).

Boosts are welcome.

Once a computer fell from the sky, so intricate and divine, every visitor saw a different color in it.

Legend holds every engineer on Earth used it once, and retained a memory of its perfection, and went on to craft a half-broken imitation;

Thus came the current technology stack.

#TootFic #technomancy #scifi

Announcing Hello World! is a new instance aimed at #Python developers of all experience levels. It runs on Pleroma which is similar to (and compatible with) Mastodon - you can use Mastodon smartphone clients with it, and you can enable a Mastodon lookalike interface on the web if you want.

Come join us - let’s build a community together and enjoy a local timeline filled with #Python discussions.

Be nice. No hate speech.
The official language is English for public messages.
While we encourage discussion topics directly related to #Python, other topics are okay too.

Boosts / Repeats appreciated! Let’s try to reach as many #Python developers as we can.

Tom Lehrer has released his songs and lyrics into the public domain.

What a nice thing to do.

one of my favorite things about star trek is how people will routinely be in some first contact situation and get a computer built by some civilization they know literally nothing about to do stuff for them, whereas i, a 21st century computer professional, am basically incapacitated if i sit down at a computer running the same operating system i use but configured slightly differently or try to use a telephone manufactured by a different company than the one i'm used to.

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