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Attempting to align my head with facing another day in the hell that is aws <-> oauth <-> Keycloak

I'm learning a lot of interesting shit about FPGA from this book (besides what I expected to get out of it).

For example, I didn't know that it was common to have one (or more) "hard" ARM cores embedded in the FPGA chip. Even though I'm moving away from ARM, something like this could simplify the "application-specific logic" SODIMM modules I want experiment with.

I really need to get "in the world but not of the world'" tattooed somewhere that I'm constantly reminded of it.

(I'm not religious, but I love the sentiment of the phrase)

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"More U.S. Businesses are Becoming : Here’s Why" in :

"And with millions of baby boomer-owned businesses set to change hands in the upcoming decades, this transition could be an opportunity to create more democratic workplaces across the country–if business owners, workers, and advocates can work together to convert these enterprises into ."


I'm kind of addicted to , so I'm afraid I'm going to learn something horrible about them.

(this is the state of the world)


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@jjg I think you might be able to test pretty quickly if HTML5 Workers will do the trick.


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Until very recently, there was an OsMo plugin for #Osmand that does this, but it appears to have transitioned into an exclusive service for their own app OsMoDroid,which I haven't personally tried out.

There's also this service I stumbled into: traccar.org/osmand/

I’m looking for a alternative to things like “find my friends” or the old “google latitude”. Basically I want to allow a few trusted people to know where I am and vice-versa.

It needs to be cross-platform (iOS, Android, Linux, perhaps web for viewing) and any server components need to be self-hostable (mqtt based perhaps?).

I’d build it myself but I don’t really want to support android and iOS 😂

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we finally did it. humanity's greatest accomplishment

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I think the only real complaint I have about is how often I can't find the component I want to use, and I'm not good enough to either find the parts (and install the symbols, footprints, etc.) or create a new part without disrupting my design flow.

Getting anything working on Linux:

* 10% hard problems that should be hard
* 90% basic administration tasks that are harder than you think they should be

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Something occurred to me today.

There's a lot of (valid) criticism of capitalism. But not a lot of advice on how to survive in capitalism, especially lower class survival techniques.

You have to give people the tools to deal with the oppressive systems they live in until alternatives are in place, not just yell at them to delete FB or that credit ratings are evil.

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@jjg Embedded development, San Francisco bay area required. Familiar with C, Forth, assembly language. Have C++ experience, but far from expert level. Have Lisp/Scheme experience, but again, far from expert level.

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@jjg it's very good commentary but it's also very heavy and takes itself extremely seriously to the point where i can't listen to the whole album anymore. i'd definitely recommend giving it a shot if you've never heard it, though. the political commentary has only become more appropriate with time

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