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It’s exciting to see other people talking about network architectures that I’ve been trying to get people to talk about for the last decade or so :)

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@bhtooefr @calvin @samis

More or less, yeah.

I talk about doing the Piratebox thing pretty often.

We've always run ours with some little shitty social network software that I wrote,

We've done some meshing with limited success, and only for the social/message board posts, not for the other uploaded content.

I like the idea of giving users an app that they can run that will use users to sync between nodes that they connect to, or sneakernetting flash drives around.

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@jjg It would be funny, and desirable.

Wouldn’t it be funny if through destroying net neutrality, big ISP’s drove demand for mesh networks and distributed systems, effectively digging their own graves? 🤔

's shenanigans pushed me to finally get setup with and I'm so glad I can use that instead to support .

Maybe I'll try using to drum-up some R&D dollars for the next iteration of ...?

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Last Christmas
You gave me your heart
You're a weird cyborg girl
With anime eyes

This year
To save me from tears
We're definitely not
Arm wrestling

-1 up and running and raising funds for our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

(details about DONOR-1 & beyond can be found here: jjg.2soc.net/category/charity-) social.coop/media/8_f9mfJUhozu

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@jjg That is a much more ambitious idea than I realized you were going for with Raiden. I like the idea of potentially having a super computer revolution similar to the PC revolution (although the PC revolution seems to have been stunted by consumption machines). A PSC revolution? That would be cool if PSC became a recognized term (or something like it).

Brendon Urie referred to me as "the smartest man in the universe".

That's going on the resume...

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@seanl @h @akkartik Cycles and time delay combined. :) An amplifier with 0-delay positive feedback is a bomb. ;)

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Don't forget that the "punk" in *punk (like cyberpunk, steampunk, etc.) doesn't just mean "X but cooler".

If your #steampunk is "white upper-class people in Victorian England, but with gears", you're doing it wrong.

I try not to be too nostalgic but it was a kind of a bummer having to dismember the first CNC machine I built to fix the kitchen cabinets this morning...

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Hackers: Knock Knock
IoT: Who's there?
Hackers: admin admin

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"Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages" forums.xfinity.com/t5/Customer

Good time to remember that the EFF's HTTPS Everywhere extension is a great way to avoid ISPs tampering with HTTP pages: eff.org/https-everywhere

Just finished Snow Crash

I had no idea that the online game in “Halt and catch fire” season 2 was based on a real thing...