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@jjg this already happens in some bits of England but more for "library type" services such as music downloads that aren't directly provided by the local library, as well as services which are such as reserving books, checking which ones you have on loan / return dates / renewals etc..

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Hey @jjg crazy idea: an electric-powered steamer car. What about that? :D

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@jjg this is kinda funny when in Denmark, we use our national health insurance cards (generic ID, because everyone has them) to "log in" to library services ;P

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@hackaday did a nice post about


If we somehow make it further in the competition the prize money will certainly help accelerate completion of a prototype (and possibly the development of a kit...)

I miss you all.

Vacation is fun and I’ve seen many cool things, but I’m looking forward to getting back to the lab and hacking on some shit.

New post about my first attempt at the software-side of -psc 's front panel:


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@jjg Is there a way to double boost a post? Asking for a friend.

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I just want to build awesome shit and hang-out with cool people.

Is that really too much to ask for out of a civilization?

Two things I could really use here:

1. A way to keep a list of hashtags (I can’t remember all the ones I like to revisit frequently)
2. A way to group people I follow by interest (so I don’t miss anything when I’m in the right mood for something)

Maybe there’s already a way to do these things but I haven’t figured it out yet?

Maybe they are kind of the same thing?

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So, in the fediverse, we clearly see the furries, the trans community, the infosec/hackers, the witches, and the writers.

Something that I realized last summer, that was very missing before this platform... all the classical goth types from to 80's-90's....

Almost all of my tribe had gone extinct it had seemed.

I have rediscovered many of the surviving coterie here in the fediverse. For that,I am truly thankful.

I see you quiet, grim-faced friends.

I recognize you.

Happy you're here.

I really need to go to bed before midnight tonight.

Gotta work at the office tomorrow and I it’s bad enough after a good nights sleep.

Still, so many better things to do than sleep...

Seeing lots of cool hacks tonight.

Keep up the good hacking.

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The vim Clutch: a USB foot pedal to switch between insert and command mode.

now if only someone made a specialized USB exit button

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Afternoon all,

I've entered -psc in the 2018 Hackaday prize. I don't expect to take the grand prize (competition isn't really my thing) but if I can place it will go a long way to funding my work (which is most necessary to make the jump to RISC-V).

If you have a few minutes, check it out and give it a "skull" :)