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I'm an based software engineer who thinks co-operatives might be a better way to make a living, looking for like-minded collaborators.

Interested in P2P Foundation ideas, Rethinking Economics, member of

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📻 BBC Witness History

In August 1964 #StuartChristie, an 18-year-old Scottish anarchist, smuggled explosives into Spain in a plot to kill General Franco. Now in his 60s, Christie recalls his clandestine journey across Europe, the secret signals and passwords he used, and his eventual arrest by Franco's secret police.

So I currently do some work for the Solidarity Economy Association. Sharing this crowdfunder on their behalf:

Work goes by necessity - the money must come in to go out, or domestics go into crisis.

But at least I am now working for the Solidarity Economy Association via Code-Operative. Downside is that pay on just that is a bit low, I probably need to find another project. Also: working at home -> cabin-fever.

Domestics are the usual never-ending chores, care and maintenance, and likewise are a necessity.

Backlog might be shrinking.

Speaking of which I should go out for some exercise today.

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ukpol, tactical voting 

Do you live in one of these 50 constituencies?

The congratulations! (I guess?) You live in one of the handful of places where your vote actually matters.

Not to say if you live here, you should vote for whoever you want, oh deary me know, what do you think we live in some kind of a functioning democracy?

No. Your job hear is to vote for whichever candidate has the best chance of keeping the tories out. You heard me right. You're not here to vote *for* something, you're here to vote against something...

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@nicksellen all power to you. I've been a professional volunteer for 20 years, living a life of voluntary simplicity, funded by a drip-feed of social welfare benefits. I admire anyone willing to do stuff like this. But the results are in. There aren't enough of us willing or able to do this stuff for the digital commons to outcompete the corporate #datafarms. New strategies are needed for supporting the commons tech workforce.

@bhaugen @wu_lee @mike_hales @protean

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Something by the way of a refreshed

Before this instance there was and before that

If you have come across those and see me here, you may or may not notice subtle changes.

I shared this with my OH 2 days ago.

It is not *exactly* me, but closer than I can articulate at the moment. Good enough.

My tribe is dysfunctional at the moment and in need of remediation.


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The Tories were desperate to divert media attention from the story about a 4 year old boy with pneumonia, left on the floor of a hospital, with coats for bedding, because there were no beds available. This story was real.

Kuenssberg, Peston, Usherwood & Brand were only to willing to assist. In their rush to report first, they didn't perform *basic* journalistic checks. Fake news personified.

#media #politics #FakeNews #Tories #Labour #GE2019

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So, Laura Kuenssberg, Robert Peston, Theo Usherwood & Paul Brand all reported an unverified story that Labour had organised a fifty strong mob to descend on Matt Hancock, at Leeds General Hospital, and that his aide was punched.

Only, it wasn't true. The fabrication came from unnamed Tory sources.

A prime example of the mainstream media as an adjunct to the Tory press office.

#media #politics #FakeNews #Tories #Labour #GE2019

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OCR Output (chars: 1735) 

I was at Whole Foods yesterday, which is owned by
Amazon, which paid $0 in income taxes on $11 Billion in
profits in 2018, and which is operated by Jeff Bezos,
who is worth roughly $112 Billion, making him the
wealthiest man in the world.

The reason that I mention this is that Whole Foods was
having a holiday food drive and had the absolutely
ludicrous fucking audacity to suggest that I purchase
food from them so I could then give it back to them so
that they could use it to feed hungry families during the
holidays. In essence, a man who is worth more money
than the average human would earn in 45,000 lifetimes
asked me to give him $5 so that hungry children could
have crackers because it is essential that he profit
before hungry people eat.

Whole Foods and Jeff Bezos should not need me to
broker this transaction, but since they asked, I solved
the problem that they are either too stupid or too selfish
to solve on their own by walking through the aisles,
grabbing armfuls of food and depositing it in the
donation bins. You're fucking welcome.

It's really a zero-risk maneuver, as you haven't stolen
anything, simply placed items in a different location in
the store, and in the unlikely event that you are
confronted by an overworked and underpaid Whole
Foods employee, you can ask them to try to sort your
contribution out of the donation bin by figuring out the
exact point when they are taking food out of the mouths
of hungry children and when they are taking money out
of the pocket of the man who accumulated that money
by underpaying and overworking his employees.

I will be doing this on every visit to Whole Foods
throughout the holidays and hope that all of you do the
same. Happy Holidays.

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So happy to be here! Here's my : I'm a lifelong social justice activist and Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs from the UK, currently involved in several initiatives that are transitioning into co-ops. I'm becoming very enthusiastic about co-ops and worker-ownership models as a way of democratising the economy and keen to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, and help contribute to the movement! I'm also a big fan of decentralised social networks!

#SocialCoop admin 

@SocialCoop What's our process for managing unused accounts? Do we have one yet?

I've been asked on whether someone can register with us using the @andrew account, which seems to be unused.

I expect we could email the original registrant If it's free I expect we could just allow them to adopt it.

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I'm building a decentralized social media app, , based on secure scuttlebutt, not mastodon/activitpub and i'd love to share it with people here who are interested in helping me alpha test it. #ssb #scuttlebutt #decentralized

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[EN] Hi! I'm trying to connect 💞 to people who regularly talk or post here about #spirituality, #meditation, #PersonalGrowth, and other non-scientific-materialism subjects, events related to these, etc. I'm having a hard time finding this content on the Fediverse. Any one here? Please also boost 🙏

[ES] Hola! Estoy intentando conectar 💞 con gente que hablen o publiquen por aquí regularmente acerca de #espiritualidad, #meditación, #CrecimientoPersonal y otros temas no cientifismo-materialistas, eventos relacionados con esto, etc. Apenas encuentro nada por aquí el fediverso... Hay alguien ahí? 😉 Por favor, impulsa también este mensaje 🙏

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Polish scientists have released a colony of one million cannibal ants that were previously trapped inside a Soviet nuclear bunker.

The ants have not been seen since.

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Handy repository of template rejection letters to respond to recruiter inquiries citing specific unethical practices for different Big Tech cos. So far contains letters for Amazon, Facebook, Palantir and Uber.

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offtopic; climate politics 2/2 

The only book recently I've felt comes close to transcending the limits of individualistic, western middle class literary fiction in Richard Powers' The Overstory.
Which I unreservedly recommend as a read and really should write about in more detail. It's stunning, had me in tears on a train journey.

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Petitions often don't work so well, but here's one for the UK Government to

"Convert fossil fuel subsidies into subsidies for renewable energy"

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First Citizens Assembly in Scotland is Live right now! ➡️

100 randomly selected Scots will be meeting over 6 consecutive weekends to deliberate on Big Topics and submit reports to parliament:

This is huge news! 🎉 #sortition #CitizensAssembly

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