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I'm an based software engineer who thinks co-operatives might be a better way to make a living, looking for like-minded collaborators.

Interested in P2P Foundation ideas, Rethinking Economics, member of edinburghhacklab.com

Never mind the parrots. What about the pelicans?

Parrots perform death metal:


That's right. Parrots.

...Ok, there's a Parrot.

HT: bugger, lost it.

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Cool. There's a new #activitypub platform for blogging called #plume, meant to be an alternative to #medium. This could be a pretty big deal, because it means orgs can go all in on the #fediverse. They can have a #mastodon/#pleroma acct for quick communication and host their blog on plume instead of medium and all of it will federate, so users can choose how to follow and communicate with them.

Mastodon could get their blog off medium and @deadsuperhero can get #wedistribute onto the fediverse.

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Help the social.coop CoC development call not be all dudez! Show more

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@kdsch more:
3. The internetworks of today can coordinate a different economic system.
4. Lots of groups are working on this problem. Trick is to internetwork them.
5. Must heal and love our whole ecosystem as we develop a better economic system. It's all one system.

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@kdsch Here's a shot at 5 hypotheses:
1. - is in its death throes, wants to take most of us and human societies with it. Could be followed by something much better or much worse or some of each. We prefer better, but will take a lot of work.
2. People have thought about better-economic-system-than-capitalism for a long time. Previous attempts have failed, totally or partially. Will take some experiments to figure out how to do it better. Practice beats theory.

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@kdsch Loooong story. Here''s some of it:

But you asked for 5 hypotheses, and that video is about some of that lead us to our work. I'll need to think about the short version a bit...

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Remember that time when folks were asking about "Federated Instagram"?

Well... does this count?

"Fontina is intended to be an ActivityPub-compliant, federated, photo-sharing-based social network."


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"Plants for a Future" is an amazing site/project that maintains a detailed database on / plants suitable for Temperate regions. And, they need money to keep going! I just signed up for €1 monthly. If you can spare it, they're doing good work! :) pfaf.org/user/cmspage.aspx?pag

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β€œGoogle Has Most of My Email Because It Has All of Yours”: the story of how a person with their own mail server still ends up having Google able to read half their mail mako.cc/copyrighteous/google-h #Email #Privacy

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Somehow can tell me how busy my local bar is on any hour or day of the week...


(Something I hadn't noticed before, since I avoid using Google Search.)

My phone also spontaneously prompts me to "post a review" when I go into certain public places....

Might be time to revisit that unofficial build of .

Ever tried to remove , , + etc. apps from your phone?

Damn near impossible. Even rooted or with Titanium Backup... they just pop right back. I tried all sorts, unlinking from the market, etc. Nope.

And I noticed this HTC system app called "smith". "Hey", I thought, "isn't that the baddie in The Matrix?"

Well... not to be paranoid but, it says here that Smith, AKA HTC.Loggers is spyware... & uninstallable.



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Big exciting social.coop stuff: @CobaltVelvet of hosting service needs to share the workload, is interested in making it a cooperative/transferring responsibility to us!

Share thoughts: loomio.org/d/jgGJ8ucA/proposal

There is also a planned group chat, weigh in on what time is best for you: loomio.org/p/0k8ROFnX

If you are not a member but would be interested in joining a co-op tech team, consider getting involved! Please boost for visibility~

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and now have their rightful place among my main communication . πŸ˜€

This is using rambox.pro which is a cool custom that keeps your cookies seperate from your main web browsing.

(My main communication app is Signal.org BTW, but it isn't currently supported by Rambox.)


Anyone here have an inkling how hard it might be to reskin/adapt , or preferably (simpler) to function like .com?

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On this , I wish for myself and all others who so wish to fully liberate ourselves from wage labour (including freelancing and 'gig economy' work).

So happy to be dedicating the majority of my time to solidarity, cooperative, libre, commons, and pro-bono work πŸ˜€ 😌 πŸ™ƒ

Self-directed cooperation FTW!