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@lehighcommunalist thank you, really appreciated that :)

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Someday I look forward to spending more time on than on the Loomio forums.

Yeah sorry, we don't really have another way to receive payments at the moment.

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When someone says “what is the point of ?” or “what are they trying to achieve?”, I’m tempted to explain, but in every case so far that I’ve tried the person has no interest in understanding, and it’s just a waste of time and bytes.

This should be obvious to me. What is there to understand? It’s about stopping (anti) fascism (fa).

I think people are thrown by the idea that you can oppose something political without a lot of overhead.

@Stoori c'est une très bonne raison ! :)

@Stoori I'm curious whether you found Framapad to have any advantages over other instances of Etherpad?

Some instances for example:

@h @Stoori yeah they also have this cool website to raise awareness of alternative services: which features this oh-so-french image:

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Instance list updates:

- Apart from a few things, no more categories. Everything is alphabetised.

- Dropped some dead instances.

- Added new ones (including kink-related ones).

- Redescribed as a PoC/non-white safe space.

- Added a cool pic from another cyberpunkish film at the top because that's standard procedure.

- added last updated time in internet time. Yes, INTERNET TIME.

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I believe the affaire only makes it clear how much we need an "open everything" attidude towards tech. The more eyes can pry into our code, the better.

@Stoori Thanks, that's what I figured

@paulfree14 @gcupc @Stoori

oh first time I see onlyoffice, I'll add it to our list for consideration, seeing as there's an open-source version :)

@Stoori I'm curious whether you (and other authors / people in publishing you know) use LaTeX?

@starhaze @lehighcommunalist

wrong, corporate centralised wannabe-monopolies are how we got in this mess to begin with (however well-meaning they may initially be).

@gcupc @Stoori

We're discussing adding new services to which may include collaborative document editing. In the meantime you may want to try out some of the solutions for yourself:

- Etherpad / Sandstorm

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Please, I need some advice. What non-intrusive-corporation alternatives to Google Docs I could use if I want to share documents and compose them collaboratively online?

@iona great! I'm glad it was useful :)

@iona I've been a long time Gandi user, but have lately also been happy with (has privacy by default, based in New Zealand)