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Starting to make fall travel plans - who's thinking of going to for at the New School? Been to the last two and really enjoyed them, and thinking it would be great to have at least a few folks live tooting the gathering...


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I can't recommend enough a daily mood check-in with a robot ๐Ÿ˜

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Claiming back my privacy:
Google -> DuckDuckGo (but still relying on ads)
Twitter -> Mastodon
Chrome -> Firefox
Whatsapp -> Signal

Next step:
Gmail -> ProtonMail

(don't want to host my own services anymore!)

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On the other hand

> Watching engineers try to solve social problems is either tragic or hilarious, depending on how far you are from the explosion.

is a golden sentence that needs to be on signs all over the place.

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Hi, I'm just joined (having been over on for a few months), and intend this to be my main Mastodon instance. I'm keen on the movement and co-operative principles (my first job leaving school was working for a co-op!). When I saw that like-minded people were already over here I decided to take the plunge myself, so here I am :) :


That means thereโ€™s vast room for improvement. So many stories to tell investors! An escalation of "big data", personalisation, profiling and targeting - otherwise called surveillance.

Over 20 years in, we should see that our current model is bad, broken, and corrosive.

One simple way forward is to pay for services that protect usersโ€™ privacy.

Excerpts from "The Internet's Original Sin"

Sensitive content Click to show

Advertising became the default business model on the web, its entire economic foundation, because it was the easiest model for a web startup to implement, and the easiest to market to investors.

Very few sites make any real money from advertising. Most startups use advertising in a different way. Their revenue source is "investor storytime".

Most online ads arenโ€™t worth very much. Of course, that's a feature not a bug...


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#Antifa is *so* important right now.

But also, white folks have connections to soft fascists - people who are kinda racist and would quietly accept whatever horrors happened. Those people - our friends, neighbours and family - need to be addressed too. These people operate very strongly on consensus, so it's up to us to make sure there is NOT a racist consensus in their lives. We can't just roll our eyes or change the subject. It's too dangerous right now.


@Gin and I binged on it! it's a fun watch

@LeoSammallahti @mattcropp the account was created: @nadia so she should have received an email, maybe check spam?

@madrush @Antanicus well, maybe looking at how the fediverse is trying to is a good place to start

I'm not really surprised, but definitely disappointed, that the likes of EFF and ACLU don't get the importance of this.

Maybe some philosophical gymnastics can help them?

Most people are fuzzy on the difference between state censorship and choosing not to give someone a platform.

To the question about which of the ~15 types of internet infrastructure providers should take responsibility in curtailing nazi propaganda, I say any/all of them who are operated by humans!

This isn't about free speech or regulation, it's about people (not governments or corporations) making a stand.

@madrush @Antanicus

This is highlighting that we don't have an open internet though (nothing new - pirate sites have been dealing with this for years), it's literally a web of many disparate pieces, each controlled by various organisations...

Nobody should be coerced in enabling hate speech though (or in Cloudflare's case, to "literally" act as bodyguards for thugs)

@lehighcommunalist welcome! please make yourself at home

@Antanicus the trick is sunglasses ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

@Antanicus but good for your stress levels? ;)