Some were asking whether there is a Fediverse alternative to Facebook Events/Groups.

There is one on the way!

It's called Mobilizon, and it had a successful crowdfunding to cover development costs. The beta version is due out in October.

It will be free, open and federate with ActivityPub.

You can follow it on here:


The website is here:

You can follow and help development here:

#Alternatives #Mobilizon #DeleteFacebook

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No, Martin (Moodle's founder) has wanted this for a long time, and @dajbelshaw (project lead) thought federation with ActivityPub would be a good fit.

Sorry if it appeared like it's just my personal gripe with one project, but from my perspective, it's a whole new trend that's spreading throughout FOSS, and IMO leads us to a very grim future.

From my experience, there's a dichotomy between developing software as a product/experience or as a tool.

Whenever someone treats a piece of software as a product, tries to make things out of the box, etc. they end up hiding complexity - oftentimes inherent complexity of the problem the software tries to solve - under the carpet. That leads to all kinds of issues when the user wants to do something nonstandard, or encounters an edge case.

It also often correlates with the developer thinking they're smarter than the user, and trying to force their decisions onto users.

OTOH, when developing a tool, the developer exposes how it works to the user, and passes the decisions - and responsibility for them - onto the user. This often means the UX isn't as nice, because the user is forced to face the real complexity of the problem at hand.

I see those two approaches as mutually exclusive. I hope one day I'll be proven wrong.

I had the opportunity to meet a very smart Mastodon developer recently and was struck by three things:

1. They're young and expect software look professional and work right out of the box.

2. They're thoughtful and are as much product managers as engineers.

3. They think in terms of what user will experience first, and implementation later, but equally competent discussing either.

If this is the next generation of the Free Software community, I couldn't be happier/prouder.

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Yeah, though it's not actually federating the Moodle LMS but rather creating a new education-focused social network (which will also be accessible from within Moodle).
@acka47 We just use some standard Activities supported by other implementations so far. We do have custom Objects, but they're done as extensions of standard Objects (like Link) so other implementations can interoperate without knowing anything about MoodleNet.
@emsenn ah, trousers! I hesitated on what word to use because English isn't a uniform language...
@emsenn I saw that :D I have "main jeans" which I like so much (and are in perfect condition despite being worn constantly for years) that I just got an extra pair of the same.
@emacsen @moodlenet Thanks! That sounds like something we could build into the UX of flagging and moderating content/accounts.
@emacsen @moodlenet

Good point! Do you think adding that individuals involved can opt-out of anonymity would help? Otherwise how would you word it? Keeping in mind that this is designed to be enforced in a decentralised/federated way (starting with community/group moderators, then instance administrators, and finally Moodle HQ being able to cut instance off of the "mothership").
@acka47 @moodlenet @dajbelshaw

Our current alpha only deals with resources as links (with a title, icon, and description) but we've mapped out future support for more metadata: based on research documented at

I'll have a look at your document and see how it compares. Would be great for them to be interoperable!

It's a sad comment on our news media that people can be employed not only as journalists for our daily newspapers, but as editors, then switch to writing #FakeNews for industry front groups (or spin for government departments). We desperately need a new generation of journalists who see corporate PR as the enemy of truth it is, not as potential future employers.

If you want to make the fediverse better as a developer, you have to listen.

Step out of your bubble and really understand what it means to create a better alternative.

Pixelfed wouldn't exist without y'all, and I am so thankful to everyone for helping make this project happen! ❤️ :pixelfed:

My current top book recommendations right now:
- Philippa Perry: The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did)

- Emily Oster: Expecting Better
- Emily Oster: Cribsheet
- Alfie Kohn: Unconditional Parenting

Do you have any related reads to suggest?

#BookRecommendation #books #parenting

creating a open pad of green web hosting providers for inspiration. publishing it soon ...
everyone can join and edit this pad!

@greenfediverse you might like to take a look at those listed here:
some do offer hosting for others, some not.

one of capitalism’s basic tricks for selling stuff to you is to put the doubt into your head that you are WITHOUT something that you NEED

this isn’t a REAL need but it is a method of tricking you into believing that what capitalism wants you to buy is something you supposedly lack in your life

and with a lack of oversight and control on this system of propaganda delivery, capitalism could manage to sell our basic needs to us, and for those it has thrown into poverty it works to convince them that to climb the ladder is how they can acquire the more expensive ‘needs’ capitalism sells to them on top of their basic needs

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