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Nice! The CloudVault services I offer are currently featured on FairMarket

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I think the Social Coop About page is good but I was wondering if we could use a bit more welcoming expression in our about page than "You are most welcome to request an account!".

I think something like "Join the discussion now and become a co-owner!" or something like that.

If you have alternative phrasings I would be happy to hear!

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Hi all, great to be here.

Extremely excited to support the Platform Cooperativism Japan (PCJ) Consortium, a new sister organization of the PCC at The New School in NYC (, that connects the stakeholders of the emerging platform economy ecosystem to create synergies in the pursuit of increased shared value, ownership, and governance.

Let's connect, we even use still FB too

Thanks, Mathias

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I'm an based software engineer who thinks co-operatives might be a better way to make a living, looking for like-minded collaborators.

Interested in P2P Foundation ideas, Rethinking Economics, member of

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Idle question: can you use an "invisible" Unicode space to seamlessly append the rest of a word to a hashtag? E.g. if you want only the "mastoart" in to be linked.

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Homebrew Website Club meetup in London tomorrow evening (Wednesday 13th), come along and work on your indieweb site!

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I would like to see more documentaries about the life of female musicians. There's a few good ones like the one about Amy Winehouse, but why not other more uplifting ones?
For contrast, I watched the Andy Summers documentary, and it's a pretty good one, mostly autobiographical because he's luckily still alive.
But you never see that done for female artists, only a a sort of eulogy after Amy is dead.

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@mattcropp The Faircoin 2 whitepaper?

I kind of assumed this was the base of earlier discussions.

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Can anyone recommend a good explainer? I recall @h had some critiques of it, but would like to wrap my arms around the underlying idea of a bit better, so am looking for readings/videos...

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@mayel Absorb and assimilate, the system always does that with things that can run out of its control.
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It's possible to get obsessed with anything, but obsession with money is one of the worst. Obviously in the world as it exists now everyone needs some amount of money to live, but above and beyond that there isn't much of a reason to be concerned with it.

Money conceals the social relationships which create it, lossily compressing them into a single dimension. It's a useful invention for exchange of grain or cattle between adjacent villages, acting as a sort of memory aid for mutuality, but its lack of information preservation also makes it easy for people to construct dysfunctional systems and societies.

It's a bit like premature rounding in mathematics. If you round all your fractional numbers then after a series of operations your calculations will turn into nonsense, and something comparable happens to human relationships with money systems if they become too elaborate and opaque.
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This is basically a visual tour of late stage capitalism: massive unemployment, corporate (cyber) armies, complete surveillance, marketing-induced nostalgia (though that DeLorean sure makes one's heart beat a tad faster) and mass poverty drawing hordes of desperate people into a merciless rat-race.

Also for a DIY solution to replace the likes of

Hey , has anyone looked into ? Looks like it could be a possible building block for a federated .

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WeCollective, a user-owned coop replacement for Reddit with polling tools and better categorization features is having a vote on a new feature:

"In poll discussion threads, show as the top comment a comment posted by a person that voted different from you, but that was most upvoted by people who voted like you."

This would reduce echo in the echochamber.

Vote here:

Everyone can register for free and everyone has 1 vote on decisions. Oh yeah, we just turned opensource!

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A reminder how diverse #Fediverse is in terms of programming languages:

- #Ruby: diaspora, Mastodon, Libertree
- #PHP: GNU Social, Friendica, Hubzilla, postActiv
- #Python: Socialhome
- #Go: gangGo
- #Elixir: Pleroma
- #Rust: Fedibook
- #Nodejs:

🐧 So many opportunities to contribute


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What if we had a diagram/list/video showing: 1. Platform Coops that are fully operational, categorized by function; 2. Platform Coops that are in development but usable; 3. Platform Coops that are not yet usable?

"The was supposed to replace the industry. Instead, it has replicated it.

Nakamoto wanted to create a system for that would circumvent governments, bankers, and corporations. Instead, Bitcoin is now a get-rich-quick scheme that retains none of the exciting, anarchist features it proposed and has created a secondary with financial shenanigans that mirror the ones that led to the global financial crisis."

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Gaming on Linux can now be supported on Liberapay !

Liberapay is a donations platform to help you fund the creators and projects you appreciate.

In comparison to more well known Patreon, The FEES ARE LOWER, you can also put a lump sum into your "wallet" to then dish it out to anyone on the service.

Liberapay is run transparently by a non-profit organization, its source code is open, public.

#Liberapay #Patreon #donation #Linux #gaming #OpenSource