Message from Rojava to the International Co-operative Alliance conference in Rwanda and all co-operators around the world

Statements in support and calls for solidarity with Rojava are appearing across the internet

International Organisation of Industrial and Service Cooperatives

Ripress / Eurpoe

What you can do -

The freedom open-source software gives you may be priceless, but that doesn't mean you can't support developers nor should you take their work for granted.

Support your favorite open-source projects and their developers! Give them a chance to become self-sustainable! Lots of small contributions can make all the difference!

Do it, become part of the greater common good. It's not everyday you get to participate in a revolution! 😄

(No, I won't get tired of repeating this message. It's important)

Tu veux contribuer au libre mais tu ne sais pas par où commencer ? On se retrouve à #Toulouse, le 26 octobre dès 14h à la Médiathèque J.Cabanis pour un atelier de contribution au libre ! Réflexion, design, doc, tests ; il y en aura pour tous les niveaux 🥳

Fewer than 24 hours remain to be entered to win one of our unpopulated SAO badge boards and a branded lanyard.

We'll randomly choose 10 donors who give $20 or more through Friday 13:00 UTC (9am ET).

"Happy to the 10 million workers in nearly 7,000 employee-owned businesses"

@wizard we need federated code forges, stay! Fortunately ForgeFed is working on it

HACKERS: Hey, github is owned by Microsoft and is ipso facto evil. Let's move to Gitlab!

GITLAB: We explicitly endorse evil and ban employees from complaining about it

@gemlog even if only you are generating URLs, presumably others will type in or follow those URLs though. They're users too.

QR codes!

Idk, but we really shouldn't use any short urls for anything important or not-temporary.
there is no America there is no Democracy we no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies the world is a college of corporations inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business

the world is a business

and i have chosen you to teach this evangel
@gemlog will you pinky promise to keep it running perpetually? 😂

I'm looking to install a link shortener. Like tinyurl or bitly. I don't like to have to rely on external things that much.
Which of these do you think/use?

Capitalism: Anarchists just want to set the world on fire and sow chaos.

Also Capitalism: *literally sets the world on fire, like, literally literally; oh god, the poor Amazon*

Core human values from
The start of a framework based around human values not attention.
Critical research I think you will agree? #teamhuman #mydata

Calling out to the Mastodon community again: famous @fdroidorg Repomaker is looking for a new maintainer (and contributors). Should be familiar with F-Droid, Python, Django.

Please help keeping it alive!

Volunteers go to – others please boost, as usual 😉 Thanks!

#helpWanted #callingOut

Has anybody heard of projects to replace the #iOS on #iThings with a mobile GNU/Linux like #UBports, #PostmarketOS, or #PureOS?

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