And to address your concern, we're thinking to try a sustainably model where you can pay for convenience (in the form of optional cloud services and preconfigured hardware) but everything is FLOSS so you can self-host and DIY without loosing out on any functionality.

@dajbelshaw @ton

@dajbelshaw @freedombone @bonfire @karen @bernini

Thanks Doug! I was actually wanting to reach out.

Bob, let's chat if you're up for it...

@mayel Yes! Thanks! I have been having trouble connecting with @forgefed or @bill_auger or @fr33domlover recently though, to make sure work is coordinated. As some things are still missing from ForgeFed that are needed.


@cj @TheMainOne @fr33domlover @bill_auger @forgefed

Also I wonder if the likes of @codeberg and #NotABug would be able to participate and/or support the effort, as they seem to be maintaining their own forks.
@cj @TheMainOne @fr33domlover @bill_auger @forgefed

OK, hope coordination can happen! It seems the spec is still WIP so there should be space for a Gitea integration to happen in parallel and participate in that process.

We revamped our "Replace #GitHub" section in our ReverseEagle Developers website!


We added more #git forges and organized the list to make it more user-friendly.

Enjoy our new revamped section!

#GitLab #Gitea #codeberg #gogs #pagure #OpenSource #free #FreeSW #sysadmin #community #FOSS #FreeSoftware

If you want to leave GitHub due to their recent bad behavior but still need a presence there, you can absolutely do that.

What FOSS developers provide them is credibility. If you move your cool projects elsewhere and mirror them to Github with a pointer to the real repo, the message is clear: you're only on Github because you have to be.

Boycotting $BIG_COMPANY 95% of the time is almost as effective as boycotting it 100% of the time; this isn't an all-or-nothing deal.


Hey @cj wondering if you may be able to help with this?

@forgefed @TheMainOne

Finally writing another little update ^_^

Opening and closing tickets is implemented. Submitting patches / merge requests too.

Now implementing updates to MRs and merging MRs. Then updating the spec.

Huge thanks to @NGIZero for the funding!

I hope we can make a patch/MR federation demo sometime soon.


A reminder to all creative people:

If the RIAA's recent actions have reminded us of anything, it's that you cannot guarantee you have a copy of any of your work unless you have backups of it on your own system.

The 'cloud' is someone else's computer, and there is ample evidence that the someone else who owns that computer does not care at all about the hours of passion you've poured into things you make.

Act accordingly.

I don’t understand why white people don’t make slippers and shoes and boots with removable, washable, replaceable liners.

Native Americans figured that shit out in moccasins thousands of years ago.

source mirror of youtube-dl encoded as image with decode commands

convert -depth 8 yt_dl1.png rgb:yt_dl1.part
convert -depth 8 yt_dl2.png rgb:yt_dl2.part
cat yt_dl1.part yt_dl2.part > yt_dl-2020.9.20.tar.gz

Why haven't "buying clubs" become more common with internet?

For example, 100 cat owners could join together, approach different cat food providers and bargain a discount through joint-purchasing.

My guess is that the venture capital model makes us only think in terms of what works as a capitalist firm.

Ventures like buying clubs make more sense as or mutuals. The largest hardware store chain (Ace Hardware) and carpet flooring firm (CCA Global) in the US are both purchasing coops.

Thanks to @debian for their $10,000 contribution to the #roadmap to #PeerTube v3! <3 <3 <3

With this great recognition from the Debian Project, the €60,000 to fund live in PeerTube are almost reached. To contribute: joinpeertube.org/roadmap/

@dajbelshaw this may be interesting to @karen who's been thinking about a federated professional network

📣 Calling all educators, activists, journalist, scientists, neighbors, friends, and internet users.

#MozFest Call for Proposals will open in ONE WEEK! Start preparing your session now 👉🏽 mzl.la/proposals2021

Original tweet : twitter.com/mozillafestival/st

Esteemed Audience of
ActivityPub Conf 2020,

yay and hooray -
you can now replay the conf !

We published all Live Q&As, Session Notes, Lightning Talks.
⬡ conf.activitypub.rocks

Don't want to click away?
No worries, will write replies soon !

We would like to hear from you what we can make better and what formats, codes and codices the #activitypub world needs.
Is it a special kind of hackathon, a game, adventcalendar, Purim event, Zakat or 100 days, paintings?

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