I feel like I've been teleported into the middle of a premium mediocre dystopia.

📣📣 now this one 👌👌 is for my 💯 HOE-letariat bitches 😩🔥you have nothing 🚫🚫 to lose 📣 but your chains💦💦and your clothes😩🙈so let's share👀the means of reproduction 💦💯and lemme hammer🙈🙈your sickle😩quit stalin' and send this📣to ten other 💦cummie commies™ 💦who need to be freed🙈🙈tonight😩😩get 0 back🚫🚫and it's straight👀 into the 👀 gulag for you 📣📣 get 10 back 💯 and you're marx's 👀 little cum slut 💦😼 get 15 back and lenin 😏😩 will revolutionize 👌 your pussy😼🙈👀get 20 back😮and you'll explode💦🌊like chernobyl😩👌

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if anyone responds to this with 'but but but muh markets!' I am going to shit a brick

fuck the economic aspects of bitcoin, can we talk about the federated parts? like the blockchain is just a federated database worth an arbitrary dollar value. the money-ness and the ensuing capitalist hordes are shit, but bitcoin is still a massive, (kinda) decentralized federation.

is there a way to design federated software that incentivizes people to join the federation like bitcoin does, but doesn't involve the trash fire that is money? like free storage for everyone or something idk

tired: I googled it
wired: I DuckDuckWent for it

so many things to fix and so little time to fix them

@richdecibels "My favourite example right now is : it’s a social network very similar to Twitter. But instead of selling advertising, the platform is funded by users paying a small subscription fee. In return, users are invited to participate in governance, in a group: what kind of censorship should we have on the platform? where should we host the data? what code of conduct should users adhere to? It’s wonderful to see a digital platform being governed like a public utility."

yall the shit that is (still!!) going on in hawaii is CRAZY.

kilauea has been erupting for almost a month and a half now, and the lava has destroyed 3 neighborhoods (which thankfully mostly consisted of rich people's empty vacation homes), straight up *evaporated* the largest fucking lake in the entire state in less than a single day (!!!), and completely filled in kapoho bay, turning it into kapoho peninsula and creating 300 acres of brand new land.

what. the. actual. fuck.

Registration is now open! The first album with filters was just posted!


2018: begging your parents to stop watching so much TV because it rots their brains / not to believe everything they read on the internet


buy it
use it
break it
fix it
trash it
change it
mail upgrade it
charge it
point it
zoom it
press it
snap it
work it
quick erase it
write it
cut it
paste it
save it
load it
check it
quick rewrite it
plug it
play it
burn it
rip it
drag it
drop it
zip unzip it
lock it
call it
find it
view it
code it
jam unlock it
surf it
scroll it
pause it
click it
crack it
switch update it
name it
read it
print it
scan it
send it
fax rename it
touch it
bring it
pay it
watch it
turn it
leave it
stop format it

remember kids, watching television rots your brain and turns you into a normie

television rules the nation - daft punk

[set to the tune of 'television rules the nation,' by daft punk]


rules the natiooooon

(yes I am procrastinating right now by tooting this don't @ me)

when i see any ads, my brain just automatically adds jpeg artifacts to the image.

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