Heads up -
(the and recurrent donations platform) is in trouble, loosing its payment provider and in need of new ways to operate.

They are considering a alternative, where everyone who receives money on the platform would be a member of the Liberapay legal entity, and that all the collected funds would legally belong to that entity instead of to each individual user.

I'm sure they'd appreciate any help or advice.

@mayel this is huge, actually. We might consider becoming members of their coop!

@mayel Where to find more information about the current problems? Nothing on their Medium or mastodon accounts ...

it was within one of their issues on github. not having the specific link at the moment

@paulfree14 @mayel No worries, will let them make any announcements when they're ready 🙂

@mattbk @paulfree14 @mayel @downey ah, liberapay week stop doing recurring donations. That's a dramatic change.

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