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@bhtooefr I guess I wonder if it's a good idea in the first place to try to treat toots like posts in a forum where you are a moderator. Or like personal blog posts where you can turn the comments off. I get that this seems to at first just give more control, but in an ecosystem of a social network - which is what Mastodon actually is - I see lots of problems to give such asymmetrical control tools to users.

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#socialcoop tech request 

Hey since this server might die, can someone at least turn on the archive export function before it does? hc

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I quit.

It's very painful to see how has turned out, and how we have let people down.

I've lost hope that this group's overall makeup and values are suited to fostering a healthy community. I am leaving the instance and other discussion groups, and asking that the tech team migrate the instance off of the servers I was providing (before end of Sept).

You can find me at

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RT @openstreetmap
OpenStreetMap is a freely editable map, which sometimes attracts vandalism. We condemn anti-semitism, and the recent defacement around New York. The community fixed this issue within 2 hours, and the vandal has been blocked from further editing.

#mastodon #meta 

"Mastodon" isn't a unified social network. It's a collection of connected networks. I don't think we can talk about it as a whole thing with regards to concepts like moderation.

Toot inspired by

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Discourse-inspired, three sentences that don't directly reference it, but comment on the viability of the Fediverse as a singular entity 

Think small, and a lot of problems become small.

Think big, and a lot of problems become big.

The Fediverse is currently thinking big.

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Thanks for your answers and suggestions. I appreciate it so much that I can ask random questions and kind people will take a moment to answer them.

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downtown Saint Paul hot takes 

1) close half the streets to cars and turn them into bike/ped/scooter pathways. (seriously, there's so many streets and so few cars.)

2) there are two fairly large high schools located downtown. Downtown leaders should be talking to them and asking them for their input/help in downtown projects.

#socialcoop meta 

Regardless of my criticisms of certain people's behavior, folks from other instances critiquing the whole idea of based on the process of defining self-governance sort of indicates that they've never tried it themselves.

It's hard to organize a group of people, because everyone thinks they can be the best possible.

is going to happen, whether you're an in-person group, a message board, or modern social media.

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Let me know about your PHP conference, user group, or project Fediverse account so I can follow it. I'll start doing a #PHP #FollowFriday for the Fediverse.

Please boost this post for reach. Thanks!

If implodes, my alt is

Watching someone write toot after toot about how wronged they've been and how they're about to leave... 

That's the beauty of the .

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re: stuff I'm procrastinating and over-posting on Loomio threads:

I think far more important that (A) the co-op itself be a safe, welcoming, respectful place for every member, generally and in our internal communications than (B) the co-op protect everyone from offensive ideas from *outside* the co-op.

B is still nice, but the stringency for A should be much higher than for B.

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I wish there was a better way for me to learn this stuff than constantly being wrong in public.
-- Hadley Wickham (in a discussion about efficient expansion of vectors and algorithmic complexity)
R-help (July 2012) #Rstats

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The lack of quote boosts does almost nothing to prevent quote tweet-like behaviors, societal pressure against quote tweet-like behaviors does. Meanwhile, valid use cases for quote boosts exist. (This post structured like a quote tweet on purpose.)

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