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Here's the thing.

A lot of people like centralization.

They like ease of use.

They like distractive engagement.

They like scale.

Why not give them what they want but also give them the Ownership?

Let them be responsible for both the successes and the failures.

And in the instances where it all works out let them reap the rewards.

Fight the POWER!

Who’s the Power?

We’re the power.


Last night coop preschool parent/member orientation meeting. Some interesting observations.

Established in 1979.

3 classes. 2 Staff teachers supported by rotating parent teachers.

38 families. 38 different occasional commitment family jobs.

9 member board. Almost all women.

Super organized. Transparent.

There was an open Treasurer seat which I (foolishly) volunteered to fill.

Excited to be part of an eclectic group taking a cooperative approach to early childhood education/enrichment.

Meta for members, please read on Loomio:

Transferring my sysadmin responsibilities to a Tech Ops Team

Socially Cooperative Friends!

Please read our discussion starter on equity and diversity in operations and tell us what you think. What's useful? What's not? What questions do you have? What changes can you suggest?

@clhendricksbc, @emi, @mattcropp, @Matt_Noyes, @meia, @merouan, and @rbenjamin

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CORPORATIONS: Where good ideas are stamped out to make way for ones that make your manager look good.

COLLECTIVES: Where good ideas and passion go to be buried under mountains of endless debate.

COOPERATIVES: Something better or somewhere in the middle.

All up to the member-owners.

‪Maybe computers aren’t all bad...‬

I’ve always been able to hold the macro and micro in my mind at the same time.

The big picture and all the steps required to achieve it.

Which seems like it would be a blessing

but when you can fully see the possible and also every thing you are not doing to get there, in minute detail

more often than not it feels like a curse.

Your identity is not mine to define.

Neither is mine yours.

US peeps: there's a senate vote this week to restore Title II net neutrality protections via the congressional review act (CRA). If one more senator comes out in support, we can keep the free and open internet we've fought hard for.

After many fruitless years of trying to get people to come together en masse and commit to just one or two coordinated things that will make every ones lives just a little bit better

It is clear that,

Either I am a bad organizer...

Or the world is terrible at organizing.

The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon #gephi #dataviz

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daaaaang there are some dope ass people on i want to follow literally everyone!! my people, i have found them!!!!!!

I’m not against the idea of an Ad.

As a well crafted albeit manipulative message from brand to potential customer.

But the thing is adverts completely shot the entire TV medium for 65+ years.

Ad-tech and its surveillance platforms destroyed the internet in less than 10 years.

They’ve already moved on AR/VR and they’ll completely fuck that too.


Enough of us WAKE UP and realize that we must pay directly for content and platforms we want to exist or they will own them. Own us.

I am Human Being doing mostly selfish Human Being things...

while also spending some of my allotted time helping lift rubble off of others, the animals, and the planet...

being crushed by the weight of our collective Human Being ways.