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Here's the thing.

A lot of people like centralization.

They like ease of use.

They like distractive engagement.

They like scale.

Why not give them what they want but also give them the Ownership?

Let them be responsible for both the successes and the failures.

And in the instances where it all works out let them reap the rewards.

Hey @richdecibels I've got some (respectful) bones to pick about Loomio thread/poll/vote moderation options.

Who would I take that up with?

Just posted a note to the membership seeking to raise $5k in common co-op equity to fund a feasibility study of the space we're considering launching in.

😬 :TwinPines: 💰

This is turning out to be so much worse than Twitter.

Maybe it’s because I never gave a shit about Twitter.

And I care about this- or what could be deeply.

Toddler Parenting #4 

3 year old has now built a barricade/mouse dam using all the movable furniture in the living room.

I believe he plans on keeping it.

It’s now call “Fred and Ted”.

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Toddler Parenting #4 

Now it’s stuck in the bedroom and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to trap and release it as killing it won’t be an option.

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Toddler Parenting #4 

We all laughed when my 3 year launched into a 10 minute story over breakfast about a little black thing with sharp claws and many legs running from the door to under the dishwasher.

He’s obsessed with monsters and scary stuff and this just seemed like another albeit oddly specific narrative.

After the little black thing (mouse) darted out of the bathroom and almost over my foot sending me squealing back I’m rethinking my perceptions of his reliability as an eye witness.

I *get* that there's a lot of pain coming out of that... legitimate pain. But a perimeter security approach is always going to result in this pain. We need opt-in community approaches where people grow their own trust networks.

Otherwise I'm afraid the fediverse is gonna end up as nation states.

Sometimes I wonder if social media is just a lost cause.

It’s basically an indiscriminate megaphone hardwired to the most undesirable unfiltered parts of the ego.

The need to heard. To be right. To react to every slight both real and perceived as if they were sharp jabs of a pencil directly into your cerebellum.

Then wrap all that fresh baked rage into crafty worded better than though self important post like this one.

Friends -- if you are a member of please do vote/comment on the Code of Conduct poll. It is one way for us to affirm a common, if incomplete, understanding.

21 of 223 people in our Loomio group have voted. Members who are not in the Loomio group can join.

For every toot I toot there are four I don’t.

For which given time to reflect I am usually glad I didn’t.

Glad to see the Code of Conduct/Reporting Guidelines getting positive feedback, understanding that it is imperfect and will remain a work in progress as we implement it. It is the product of a long collaborative process of revision, discussion, editing. You can see the record on Loomio, in Social.Coop, and in the multiple drafts. @mattcropp @Manuela @mayel @jakebeamish @emi @wolftune @fabianhjr @asimong and many others carried it through many iterations.


There is a candidate for Code of Conduct and Reporting Guidelines that is currently in the Community Working Group on loomio. I'd recommend joining as there are a lot of good discussions happening there!

For now, you can see the docs on gitlab:

hey!!! any #advertisers #thinkfluencers on masto?? im willing to sell sponsored posts on my account.

terms and conditions: i will not actually post any of your terrible adverts and i will just take all your money and i will paypal it to people on here who are in financial distress

i am on the instance specifically b/c it seems to present a novel way of running a social network democratically along co-operative principles which seems worth exploring and might be a way to solve some of the 'new' problems people have pointed out that come with migrating to mastodon

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So I guess first off, thanks to for existing. I'm a pretty firm believer that the current model of "every site is a fiefdom" only scales well if we have lots of small fiefdoms, instead of a few large fiefdom (Facebook, Twitter, Google). Even then, modelling everything as individually run fiefdoms sucks. I'm glad that within the network of fiefdoms, someone's trying "democracy".

Social Coop Business - Tech Admin Ops Team Formed 

@wu_lee @edsu @elplatt @nornagon different Loomio names sorry.

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Social Coop Business - Tech Admin Ops Team Formed 

Congratulations and thank you to members who stepped up and were voted onto the Initial Social.Coop Tech Admin Ops Team!

You can support the volunteer team in their efforts by engaging at the policy and proposal level inside the Tech Working Group.

Initial Team:

Coordinator - @wulee

Critical Infrastructure Maintenance Developers - @wulee, @edwardlplatt

Project Developers - @edsummers , @fardog @jeremyapthorp @gilscottfitzgerald

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