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Last day at work before a 14 days long holiday in Iceland feels real good.

@zigg *Iron Man by Black Sabbath playing in the distance*

@amadis we have a saying in Italy, which goes more less like this "essere più papisti del papa", which roughly translates to "being more papist than the pope himself" and it is meant to describe the overly zealous attitude of newcomers in a given philosophy/religion/social group etc... Latin americans organizing fascist gatherings looks like a very bad case of "più papisti del papa" to me...

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Remember, don't look directly at the eclipse. If you do, the eclipse will think it's a threat/dominance gesture and will attack you.

@dt @bob as I already said, we reached a conversation stopper a few comments back. Please refrain from replying further, as nothing constructive can come out of this discussion. Thank you for your understading.

@dt @bob well, from the tone of your previous comment, you seem to be confusing the two very much ineed. But if you say you're not, that's fine by me.

@dt @bob you seem to be confusing USSR style state capitalism with communism

@dt we might have reached a conversation stopper here :) Nothing personal, but it's obvious that we see things in ways that cannot be reconciled.

@dt I'm not a great fan of ancap philosphy, as to me it seems more focused on solving the "I don't want to pay taxes anymore" problem than it is on solving the "we need to get rid of the capitalist mode of production if we want to ever create a safe, just and sustainable society" one

@dt not sure about the "free market" piece though... It sounds a lot like thinking and I'm not really into their approach to

@wion I definitely agree with points 1 and 2: people do not understand anarchy properly and yes, anarchy gets romanticized A LOT. Point 3 though, I really don't know. I should do some research but have no spare time on my hands right now...

@dt oh now I see your point, sorry! I understood it the other way around, like in "the lack of the monopoly on violence means there cannot exist such a thing as you are describing". The word "state" isn't correct here, you're right. How about something like: "when a community shares and agrees upon a set of values the state dissolves and a new, horizontal, peer-to-peer organization takes its place"? Does that work?

@dt my understanding is when the state is no more, with it goes the monopoly of violence: the rules and customs are shared and there is no need for a top-down enforcement

> anarchy seems temporal to me at best
well, if it wasn't for the Luftwaffe bombing the fuck out of the poor workers, who knows how long it would have lasted...

>Is Cuba a long-term anarchy state?
state as in "condition" or like in "State"? If it's the former, I believe it's not: Castro certainly was not an anarchist. As for the latter, it's impossible: anarchy and the state are mutually exclusive :)

@gcupc @zatnosk that coffe-mug stain is the masterpiece detail though

@wion if you want to know more about this topic, "On anarchism" by Noam Chomsky is a very good starting point

@wion sure thing! One shining example I always quote is what happened in Spain in the 1930s. In Noam Chomsky's words: "a largely spontaneous social revolution of unprecedented scope took place involving masses of urban and rural laborers with no ‘revolutionary vanguard.’ It radically transformed economic and social conditions and persisted, with remarkable success" and "In large areas of Spain effective authority passed into the hands of anarchist and socialist workers."

@Cocoron the fall of Rome is a piece of history I always loved because it's so full of similarities to what we're seeing today within the US empire. The number of mercenary units is still too low to trigger a reaction, but the pressure on the Limes is already at a good point. We'll see :)