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The campaign has made it to the final round of bidding for our effort to divert the of our local telecom into .

The major public critique from our opponents is that our cost of capital is too high (though our opponent is a heavily leveraged publicly traded company), so would welcome suggestions as to sources of friendly $$ to bite off pieces of the high interest loan that is currently most of our 's financing!

@h @mattcropp @fabianhjr @mayel thanks for sharing, this is a very interesting read!

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The fundamental laws of thermodynamics mean that someone's gonna submit some critical bug report or fix or extra feature right after I push the final button on the 2.0 release

"Of all the groups, the ones facing the steepest increases in problematic drinking are , those with low socioeconomic status, older adults, and racial or ethnic . The increases were so severe across the population that the study authors wrote they “constitute a public health crisis.”

Diagnosable rose by 49.9% since the 2007 crash destroyed the lives of millions of people. kills.

@Pasty code is poetry, never assume anything...

@dogtrax @lauraritchie if you have the time and patience, you might want to consider#Ardour for your recording needs, epecially if you need to do multi-track stuff with some mixing

@ulfur this is exceptionally true in the wake of what happened in

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Anonymity is not a crime.

Just because some speech is anonymous, doesn't mean it's not valid. Nor does it mean that the speaker doesn't have rights.

In fact, anonymity is the act of asserting one's rights in the real or perceived absence of protection.

Anonymity is about protecting one's self against threats, bad actors, and, well, nut balls. Because, well, people are crazy and/or sick and will hurt or kill you because you speak your mind.

Anonymity is not a crime.


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WikiHouse is an open source project to reinvent the way we make homes.

It is being developed by architects, designers, engineers, inventors, manufacturers and builders, collaborating to develop the best, simplest, most sustainable, high-performance building technologies, which anyone can use and improve.

Our aim is for these technologies to become new industry standards; the bricks and mortar of the digital age. !hnpa 
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Reasons to hate the GPL:
- It removes the freedom to choose a different license.

Reasons to love the GPL:
- It removes the freedom to choose a different license.

a videogame trailer speaks more truth about the current state of affairs in the US (and in the West as a whole) than a thousand books:

@iona I sure do approve of that as well. Ubuntu is definitely easier on the user, but it blurs the borders between free and non-free software in the process...

@galaxis this one is pretty old, has been happening to me since forever

@MightyPork just another boring wednesday, innit?

@pfigel any news from the Linux kernel guys?

@Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr "In the mid-1930s, the US government provided affordable loans for the creation of electric-utility co-ops to provide power in regions where privately owned utilities wouldn’t invest. Before long, as much as 75 percent of the country’s landmass had service through these locally owned and governed co-ops."

Because the "free market" is so efficient :)

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Nice intro piece by @ntnsndr . I think we need more like this with examples of how specific tools could be used.
"The Rise of a Cooperatively Owned Internet"

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The great problem of management mediocrity in companies is devastating!