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we fold our bones
round a ring of stones
and talk across the fire

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i have taken
the profit
that was in
your labour

and which
you were probably
entitled to

forgive me
i'm the boss
or don't
i don't really care

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if there were a social network based on the ideas of murray bookchin could it be called chinbook

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Prioritize solidarity above divisiveness.

Punch up not down. Avoid punching sideways.

Puritanism doesn't get the goods.
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still you people believe that you need google.
well, you don't - you really really don't.

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love the neoliberal era where you can’t exercise any political power except buying woke things

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Hey brain trust: what is the best membershiop management system that you're aware of. Was talking to my local food co-op's membership manager, and she feels there's a lack of good options in the space, so they have a nightmarishly customized CiviCRM. but she'd prefer something else.

This has me thinking again about the idea I tooted out a little while back, but wanting to figure out what's already out there before nudging towards reinventing any wheels...

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I wanna try an iPhone app and an iPad app for Social.Coop. Got recommendations? An internet search suggested Amaroq.

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Friends, what's your favourite annotated Communist Manifesto? Hit me.

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violence, porros, unam 

Today there were a lot of assemblies in all the high schools and colleges of UNAM.

They are all stopping activities in solidarity with the students beaten and stabbed Monday afternoon by #porros.

The rector hid in his office and released a statement.


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Mastodon is written in Ruby. The creator of Ruby, @matz is on Mastodon (albeit inactive). Mastodon uses Sidekiq for background processing. The creator of Sidekiq, @mperham is on Mastodon. It's kind of a bizarre feeling.

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Wow donating in support of scribus project proved to be be a mission impossible. No info on the subject anywhere, and no answer from the current main team via email. Please boost this so I can get any sort of help, thanks.

- couldn't access their webchat
- tried Reddit
- tried fb
- sent individual emails to each Dev. From the main team

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"New figures have shown that credit unions, long touted as offering a vital alternative to payday lenders, are on the rise."

"Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives owned and controlled by their members that have traditionally specialised in loans and savings for the less well-off. In a credit union, members typically pay in small sums to their account and can then access loans."

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On Accountability, Abuse 

The three forms of accountability are
1. Fixing the harm done
2. Removing the ability to cause this harm again
3. Improving yourself such that you would not cause this harm again

But I think when it comes to matters of community safety, #2 is often the one that makes people feel safest. It's harder to feel confidently that someone has self-improved enough to feel safe. But knowing that they *can't* do it again, you can imagine they're doing the work to self-improve

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