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Back from . Boy do I love that city!

"The more society hurts young boys and the more we hurt ourselves the more we desperately hunger for what it promises, following its instructions and hurting ourselves all the more. Success, power, toughness, the softest boys become the hungriest for the currencies we are told might buy back what the world has stolen from us."

@rechelon "Authoritarian ideologies have always appealed to the most vulgar of our psychological needs. The twists and turns of their arguments are often ludicrous on the face because they’re not actually about intellectual persuasion, but emotional promises. The subtext is the point: We offer you community. We offer you power." THIS

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Apply by June 1 for a $5k grant for your free software project:
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@jd BOOOOOOOM never thought about it in these terms. Mind effin' blown.

@GinnyMcQueen I would say I have "more than enough" as in "I am not dying nor can I afford to buy a house, but I can live a normal life AND save a little bit for the future". Does that qualify as enough?

"For the first time, Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and cross-channel - all in one place."

And you thought socialist states were invasive...

@ghost yup, it feels bad. Especially when it hits people who you thought were "resistant" to this kind of bullshit

@ghost could very well be! On a personal level, I saw many people (even close friends) change almost overnight as soon as they rised in the ranks of their workplace...

@clayton @ghost my feelings exactly. I never quite engaged in any of the "alternative" options since none of them looked very appealing nor particularly interesting in terms of content and overall experience. On the contrary somehow managed to meet me with an outstanding experience (despite the odd, multi-column design)

@clayton glad to see a "colleague" around here :)

@ghost I guess "a strong case of collective delusional syndrome" is the answer here

Random thought: apparently "state monopoly" was what killed the socialist economies, according to the advocates of capitalism. How come, then, they can't see the hi-tech monopolies of our time (, , ) as equally harmful?