Notes on the discussion about using Bonfire federated organising tool for neapolitan urban network

@dazinism very familiar territory from my participation in @karrot - I would like to talk to the bonfire people some day, I wonder where they are...

@nicksellen @dazinism @karrot
hi nick, we're scattered around the fediverse and other chats atm ;)
I'm the author of the article and bonfire dev, happy to have a chat with you - and great work with karrot btw

@bernini great! I'm still cycle touring for now, back home in a week or so. I'll pick up again from there.

I was meaning to dig a bit more into bonfire at some point, so a nice prompt.

@nicksellen @dazinism

@bernini I'm back! (and settled in a bit). This week already got a bit busy actually (by my standard of "busy"), so maybe sometime next week is good for a chat? I think some of the other karrot-team would be up to join too.

btw is there somewhere I can easily try out bonfire? Or dig a bit more into it?


@karrot @dazinism

hey @nicksellen glad to hear you, next week is fine, just let me know a couple of days before so I can organize around it. In the meantime, if you want I can invite you to our @bonfire@indieweb.socia matrix channel to support you to setup an instance @karrot @dazinism @mayel

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