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Students at the #Milwaukee School of Engineering used #Bonfire to develop a federated inventory extension to empower their regional #fablabs ecosystem. We're now helping them integrate with the latest Bonfire functionality (such as boundaries) and release it as an extension.
They plan to use it next year to track the transfer, consumption and production of resources across several schools 🚀
#circulareconomy #ecosystem #valueflows #learndeep #upcycle #builtWithBonfire

Ukraine war, Europe 

For limited space of time they are both mouthpiece and executive institution. However, the basic power of decision rests with the local grassroots institutions.

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Ukraine war, Europe 

Democratic confederalism is a non-state social paradigm. It is not controlled by a state. At the same time, democratic confederalism is the cultural organizational blueprint of a democratic nation. Democratic confederalism is based on grassroots participation. Its decision-making processes lie with the communities. Higher levels only serve the coordination and implementation of the will of the communities that send their delegates to the general assemblies.

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Ukraine war, Europe 

Quite hard to say it better than Ocalan:

> The right of self-determination of the peoples includes the right to a state of their own. However, the foundation of a state does not increase the freedom of a people. The system of the United Nations that is based on nation-states has remained inefficient. Meanwhile, nation-states have become serious obstacles for any social development. Democratic confederalism is the contrasting paradigm of the oppressed people.

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We've just published a new blog post that includes the presentation we did for the italian privacyweek (recorded again in english)
🔥 blog post -> bonfirenetworks.org/posts/bonf
📹 presentation on loom -> loom.com/share/ccc0425af2934d0

Nubifragi e allagamenti oggi a Formia, tra le altre cose, questi sono i risultati di 30anni di subappalto delle opere pubbliche date in mano alla camorra

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I feel that the focus in the public discourse around these technology stacks is often too much oriented on the tech itself. Not so much what you want to establish with it, the ultimate objectives. How it will support our social interaction. We seem to have forgotten what Social even means. Even large institutions like the EU/EC are talking Digital Transformation as a means to an end. Meanwhile society dehumanizes in our addiction to faulty techz. Tech can only ever be supportive.

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A causa di un disguido la presentazione di @bonfire al Privacy Week è stata incompleta, è il bello/brutto della diretta, il video completo dell'intervento con @filippodb, @informapirata e @bernini è ora disponibile qui:

🔓 privacyweek.it/event/ce-spazio

RImediamo subito con il link alla presentazione completa di #Bonfire creata da Ivan Minutillo:

🔥 figma.com/proto/ykSlq60hMdoxhe

qua il sito ufficiale di bonfire:

:fediverso: bonfirenetwork.org

#fediverso #mastodon #privacy #privacyweek

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Today (in about 1hour) we'll present @bonfire @ privacyweek.it/event/ce-spazio

Here a couple of slides from the presentation (the whole event and our panel as well will be in italian)

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🔥 So you're building Free, Libre, Open Source Software (FLOSS) which is ActivityPub-enabled. That means it is interoperable with Mastodon, Pixelfed, PeerTube, etc.

The aim of the software is to enable communities to create their own spaces and post things which are public and private.

It's modular, so you can start with a base installation and then add 'apps' and extensions to it - e.g. task management, or collective decision-making.

How do you best describe this to less technical people?

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Parte oggi il #PrivacyWeek a Milano e anche in live streaming con le aziende e i professionisti che incontrano il pubblico per parlare di #privacy, #cybersecurity e nuovi #diritti digitali con conversazioni accessibili e dialoghi di eccellenza.

Domani ci saranno 3 importanti pezzi del #fediverso italiano:


interverranno nello speech:

:mastodon: @filippodb, admin mastodon.uno

:friendica: @informapirata admin poliverso, feddit

:fediverso: @bernini sviluppatore bonfire

Stavo pensando che i versi, la voce e il beat di Alioscia e i Casino Royale mi hanno accompagnato ininterrottamente dal liceo fino ad oggi, mentre andavo al seggio...


Today is election day in Italy, the worst I have memory of...

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just started using @pixelfed on @doug exercise.cafe instance - the new UI is 🤩 😍
👏 👏 @dansup

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Refactored the main menu, Settings screens and a few smaller things.

I'm hoping these changes will resolve the app review issues so I can invite y'all to the TestFlight beta this weekend! #pixelfed #pixelfedApp

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