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@GreenandBlack for me, carbon based lifeforms is pure solarpunk

especially this one


but also "abiogenesis" and... ahh just everything. it's filled with love for nature and freedom. it's what plays in my head when i'm fighting for it and what i listen to afterwards to soothe me

Io non posso concepire una sana e vera democrazia se non come un aristocrazia aperta a tutti. Una democrazia che non fosse capace di affidare ai migliori le redini dello stato, non sarebbe una democrazia, ma una demagogia che finirebbe per farsi tiranneggiare da una oligarchia, cioè da un governo di pochi, più violenti e più furbi. - camillo Olivetti 1919
"E tante care cose"

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Who wants to work with me and @dajbelshaw, developing the based back-end for ?

We're looking for a familiar with (or transferable skills like and ).

The whole project will be and you can work from home, what's not to love ;-) Please RT!


"FairCoop local nodes are not a space of representation, but a space of participation"

At the summercamp, we just discussed about "community forming" - how to avoid creating boundaries among communities, how to be inclusive among different projects and how to approach people in your local neighborhood not with what you have to offer, but according what people need...

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one mastodon feature I'd like to see is the ability to customize your own timeline by selecting instances, so it's not either just local or the whole fediverse.

It'd be like building your own little neighborhood.

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The way I see it, ActivityPub is the decentralised method we're paving the way for the distributed web.

People are educating themselves and with the fediverse having surpassed critical mass beyond the 1 million-user mark, it's now practically unstoppable.

In about a year from now we'll be seeing the beginning of the convergence between the decentralised-web, with the distributed-whatever that goes next.

It's not that those technologies are immature. It's that they haven't converged yet.

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The reason why rss has largely disappeared from browsers is that firstly it wasn't promoted all that much and secondly it doesn't enable monetization via timeline manipulation. An rss list is the ultimate timeline under user control. Its also harder to insert clutter which advertisers will pay for into an rss feed, or for advertisers to track highly specific user behavior.

let's fork, not force Show more

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One of the things that makes toxic masculinity toxic is how it insists that men who don't wish to engage in it are inferior.

As a product developer that wants to develop an alternative business model, based on solidarity and co-op values, I should rather think to my end users as network of communities I want to be part of, and customise the product to suit their specific needs, rather than develop a tool for generic customers pools.

In cooperative/solidarity economies, value is constantly generated and flows trough participants according their needs and ecosystem capacity.
This could mean to avoid fixed monthly income, in favour of a constant access to the flow of value.
It would also mean that communities should be aware of each participant needs.
This would likely bring as a result that each community would embed a welfare system - by default - at its core.

Capitalistic economies focus mostly on finding a way to accumulate the surplus inside a specific ecosystem, and when we plan a business, we're mostly accustomed to develop it in that way.
Cooperative-solidarity economies on the other way, focus on creating a **constant flow of value** based on participants needs and ecosystem capacity...
It is a pretty huge switch - at least for me - to focus on creating a value flow, instead that a value reserve for my projects and my life...

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How to deal with and ?
I'd like to read some resource, ideally about positive approaches and if they come from movement even better...

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I've started putting together a list of apps, focused on implementations of , documenting their status and what tech stack they're (being) built with: ethercalc.org/fediverse-stacks

This is a publicly editable doc, so would appreciate corrections/additions, and feedback especially from fediverse devs, but also from instance admins and users:

- What app/implementation/stack did you try?
- Pros/cons you encountered
- What stack & libraries would you choose if starting today?

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Looks like you tried github.com/tsileo/microblog.pu

How did you like it?

Tried any other ActivityPub implementations? Which one(s) do you like?

We're looking for foundations for a couple of AP-oriented projects.
@lynnfoster @bernini @mayel

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Yesterday the Italian minister of foreign affairs Matteo Salvini (who's also the leader of the xenophobic Lega Nord party) shared a short, but significant tweet: "Tanti nemici, tanto onore" (EN: "The more enemies, the more honor"). To witness a minister of the Republic tweeting a fascist slogan on the anniversary of Mussolini's birth marks a new low in the recent history of Italy: it means the neo-fascists feel powerful enough to drop their masks and roam the streets in broad daylight.

[...] La casalinghizzazione è un processo intrinsecamente sociale e mira alla società nel suo complesso. Schiavitù, soggiogamento, essere soggetti ad insulti, piangere, mentire abitualmente, comportamenti passivi e ostentazioni sono tutti aspetti riconosciuti della casalinghizzazione e devono essere rigettati dalla morale della libertà.