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Check out my home page to see what I'm about.

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Criticism is welcome, but remember to give constructive criticism, which includes consideration of how your criticism will affect the other person emotionally. The golden rule applies: how would you feel if you read the message was directed at you? It's hard for someone to constructively make use of criticism if receiving it is an emotional drain.

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@Graham_Mitchell @Antanicus @alcinnz

The big diff of protocol vs platform is that several different platforms (as in different apps using the same protocol) are now federated right here using the same protocol.

If you want, for example, to have a cooperative economic system, it better use a protocol so all the cooperatives can interact with each other.

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@alcinnz @Antanicus @Graham_Mitchell
> If you want, for example, to have a cooperative economic system, it better use a protocol so all the cooperatives can interact with each other.

We're actually working on that at (slowly) looking at ActivityPub for the protocol.

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This mediocre new Italian government is refusing to help more than 50 people, that are dying on the Mediterranean sea, only to prove a point to Europe...
The same Europe that never helped migrants, because they are already comfortable in letting thousands human beings die.
Migrants are not a problem of Europe, we're a problem for them...

Here the english translation of the article about the work we're doing in as together with a bunch of awesome people @bhaugen @mayel @lynnfoster

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I'm very much "protocols over platforms". As the protocols empower people, especially if they're unaware of them, whereas platforms end up locking them in.

Though it is sad the hype is the other way around.

Qualche gg fa ho scritto un articolo sulla mia collaborazione con e il software che stiamo costruendo con

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#activitypub based Link Aggregation app is coming really soon! 🤠

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Today, we're opening up the great library of source code
Live from @unesco headquarters in Paris.
@swheritage @rdicosmo @webmink

"As you know, I am stronly against goal oriented entities bigger than ~30 people, intentional communities bigger than ~150-250 people and general communities bigger than ~2500 people (exact number pending scientific verifications)."
From another conversation, on another medium

bernini boosted folks with an interest in agriculture might enjoy Robert Biel's open access book "Sustainable Food Systems":

It's a primer on a radical approach to the problem of food insecurity. Its call to "unleash the associative and co-operative traditions of the working class" is one of the many interesting strands it brings together.

An interview with the author about it:

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I put version control hosting + activitypub (read: federated github-alternative) on tomorrow's socialcg agenda

of course, it would be awesome if the news was about github becoming a cooperative 🤔 😀

github is an Inc. with its own set of VCs who cares little about OSS and a lot about revenues (same as GitLab afaik). Now Github has one major VC, who cares more about revenue than OSS too (although in the latest years we had typescript, VisualStudio, ReactiveX, thanks to it)
I am not able to see the tragedy about all of it.
What would be interesting for me,is if we could end up with new business models that would enhance cooperation and mutualism, as well as sustainability and investments

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I'm excited to start learning about Mastodon and It feels like it might be a really nice link with the work I'm doing with Mutual Aid Networks ( I'm looking forward to getting to know you more!

We just released website.
It contains links to our documentation, to our app used inside to manage economic activities inside the ecosystem and a link to our little, fresh component library ( )
All is evolving - all is precarius <3

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Adorno: The idea of freedom from labour is replaced by the possibility of choosing one's work.

― Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Show more