this kind of personal connection makes a big difference to me, compared to many chains of unknown organisations (many of which I'm sure are great too).

... so maybe if you know me, that chain of trust continues on to you?

I was close to bursting into tears hearing of the difference of what people in different contexts have to get involved with, on a day to day basis...

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I got to know a friend whilst she studied for a masters in economics, we both went back to our hometowns afterwards and got active in local neighbourhood groups...

only her hometown is in Ukraine, so whereas I've been building raised beds with neighbours, she's sourcing medical equipment for injured people, tourniquets and medikits...

there is a post here for accepting donations if you're interested to support


I've been involved in starting a mastodon instance (actually, hometown) for my home town (city population around 100k).

many challenges, but one is that it seems people expect/want something like facebook, not twitter.

I think twitter is already something a bit weird. facebook is normal, with groups, events, etc...

as far as I can see, there is no usable open source fediverse facebook replacement option.

I don't know if this is a problem yet, as I can support people more to learn other ways.

hey @redoak and @idmyn, what is the state of tech?

cert expired recently, I "fixed" it, and there was some interest from a couple of others to join tech, but wanted to find out current state.

I don't have much capacity for it myself, but could manage a bit of onboarding of a couple of people (add their keys, etc...).

hope you're both well and all too!

⚠️ We are planning to release important security fixes for #Mastodon on February 3rd, between 13:00 and 15:00 UTC.

To make sure that most servers can upgrade swiftly, we will release the fixes both as v3.3.2 and v3.4.6 (they will, of course, be also available on the main branch).

To make sure the upgrades on those older versions require the least intervention, with just a process restart, we have just released preparatory releases v3.3.1 and v3.4.5.

Please upgrade!

We did a thing once again πŸ’₯

We're busy finalising All The Things for our public beta in the next months πŸš€ More news Coming Soon ℒ️

Did anyone reading this do this Synergia MOOC already: "Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century"

I'm thinking to get some local people together to do it in a study group, but would be great to have some more personal recommendation that it's good...

When will "ethical" projects learn about economics?

β€œAlthough Farmdrop’s stated purposes were somewhat similar to those of many Better Food Traders, we were aware that Farmdrop’s private company model was venture capital-funded, and have serious doubts that this approach can deliver the long-term, patient and committed backing that truly sustainable food production and supply requires, especially in the current profit-driven economic paradigm,”

I am very peripherally involved with XR UK (Extinction Rebellion in the UK), and they have some custom software that does various administrative things.

I wanted to nose around, as I do with many bits of software, but found it's not open source, which surprised me, as it's part of an effort to use a suite of open source tools (mattermost, discourse, etc).

I asked about it, and got the "security through obscurity" argument back (what if the government can see it!!).


"Informal leaders do not receive financial compensation for their work or seek attention for it. Instead they operate out of love for their community and a natural desire to sustain it." (

I don't know if this thinking is the problem or the solution.

I do want to "definancialize" how we do many things, but also see important roles unrewarded, and so missing support for their reproduction.

This brilliant open paper by our friends from ZEMOS98 on the relationship between philanthropic organisations and the people or entities who receive funding from them outlines the most common challenges that funders and grantees often face: the processes required to account for funding, what makes a healthy funder-grantee relationship and transparency, among others. πŸ’š

You can read it or download it here:

Did anyone reading this do this Synergia MOOC already: "Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century"

I'm thinking to get some local people together to do it in a study group, but would be great to have some more personal recommendation that it's good...

That's it! It's all still very emerging for me, and within @karrot. In the next weeks/months we will get a bit clearer on how we go about this in more detail.

Lots of experiments here.

One of our older experiments was a monthly money circle call (see

Thanks for reading 😍


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Where do we go from here?

We can keep talking about it, it's all very emerging, and nothing particularly clear. Let's listen and share.

It's not just about being transparent about numbers, but processes, practices, cultures, and our hearts ❀️

Can we make standards? How to communicate these things? Templates? Or even data standards? To better understand flows, values, processes...?


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And when we open up all these topics, stuff like emotions, moralities, privileges, jealously, varying cost of living all comes up. It's tricky, troubles a-plenty!

Let's stay with the trouble and learn better how to live and work together.


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Lots of difficulties ahead though!

When moving fluid/volunteer-y/open projects into formalised structures tensions can arise. Why some people get paid, and others work for free?

Do you need to start time tracking? Put on a performance for the "official things". Bank accounts, legal entities... boards...

Maybe accidental inherit the general society culture of secrecy. Fear of sharing, crossing into grey legal areas?


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We can also start to ask what our needs really are.

Do we still need a fancy market-rate salary, with a fancy flat, fancy car, fancy holiday, fancy restaurant? Can we "check out" of these social/career/property ladders?

Many of our important needs are non-material and things like being seen, heard, understood, respected feel amazing and don't inherently need money to achieve.


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We can go further than this though and start to have more honest discussion about rates of pay, which are often hidden and vary wildly.

We can start to explore experimenting with wider economic networks, connecting to our whole supply chain, and creating a "bigger whole" than our individual siloed projects.

We can rethink what we mean by value, to include care work, not-tech work, and non-monetary ways of seeing our worth.


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