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people should start overloading the P2P Facebook group with the current analyses of whiteness and how white supremacy operates. it's completely against the group's rules because it's considered 'racist' (against white people) and you may be blocked from the group and your post deleted. this has been common practice in the group for a couple of years now. tech meeting 

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I contribute to and the existing social media accounts are twitter/facebook, which I neither like or use, so I'm looking for a mastodon instance to bring it to the fediverse. I'm a bit stuck.

it's most popular with hitchhikers, dumpster divers, nomads, vegans/vegeterians, etc. ... and for the platform itself it's 100% open source and volunteer built/managed/run.

any suggestions very welcome!

Anybody have any recommendations for discovering new #opensource projects that are looking for contributors?

I'd like to provide my time to smaller projects that are struggling to find contributors, rather than giant projects that have visibility already.

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A great feature in is the "speaker stats" which enables the group to see who is taking up the most/least airtime. For people like me, who preach equal participation, it is instructive to see what a ball hog I can be! It would be great to periodically check the stats during a meeting to see who could step back and who should be asked for their thoughts and opinions. tech meeting 

After maybe 2 years of dithering, I moved my main email account away from google (to protonmail). Woo!

Complicating factors were custom domain, catch-all address, and local mailbox sync.

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food, vegan fritters 

Does anyone know any open source rota software?

We need something for a mutual aid project urgently. It needs to be accessible to multiple people in the volunteers working group.

If there isn't an open source solution, we'll have to checkout proprietary shit (recommendation for that also welcome).

#MutualAid #FLOSS #freesoftware


Funny, when it comes to fruits, vegetables, grains... food system activists are not fooled by glossy presentation, blemish-free fruit, uniform size and color, etc. We value the dirt on our carrots, the seasonal irregularity of supply, the telltale signs of work and origin. But when it comes to software platforms...

We have delivered over 1000 meals. We are now starting mask/PPE making and have started a podcast.

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