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I've been on Mastodon over at
I'm based in the UK and into food, land, tech and people collaborating to manage them.
I'm involved in a few projects -

ourfieldproject.org/ 40 people using online tools to collaborate managing a field

travellingtoolbox.org.uk/ is a mobile hackspace/workshop set up to help environmental & community projects build & fix tools and infrastructure

farmhack.org/wiki/soilhack-wik Soilhack is a peer 2 peer learning network

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via Julia Reda

"Have you ever used @github? At your company, your university, your NGO or at home? Then you should be worried about EU reform:"

[TN: Intellectual Property is theft]

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ProtonMail has been blocked by Vodafone in Turkey. Here’s how to bypass Turkey’s online censorship - protonmail.com/blog/turkey-onl

> Turkey’s second-largest mobile internet provider has apparently blocked ProtonMail, as user reports from across Turkey have confirmed this week. Here’s what we know so far and some ways to bypass the block.

#ProtonMail #Mail #Censored #Censure #Turkey #Vodafone #DNS

Silicon Inquiry - opendemocracy.net/digitalibert

Interesting story and reflections of a coder, looking back at their time working for Google and then getting consumed as a founder of a tech startup.

Participedia - participedia.net

An easy way for researchers and practitioners from across the globe to catalogue and compare the performance of participatory political and governance processes.

How do ordinary people get to have a say in their economic future?

Exploring whats meaningful participation in the economic sphere & how its enabled

Better known models include worker & participatory budgeting

Newer emerging experiments:

Citizen’s economic councils
Worker recovered factories
Community owned & operated infrastructure
Women farmers in Nicaragua
Workplace democracy at Gore-Tex

Looking for more examples can you help?

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Wrote an article on cooperative banking to a news website that is planning to turn into a cooperative.

Could have not done this without brilliant stuff from @mattcropp and
@stefanieschulte .



Cooperative banks are more likely to survive and less likely to contribute to financial crisis, lend more to SMEs and pay taxes more.

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We are excited to launch our redesigned Surveillance Self-Defense site, which now contains over forty guides in eleven languages, filled with tips on how to protect your communications and privacy online! ssd.eff.org/ source: twitter.com/eff/status/9693426

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I am a tech market researcher and journalist working in . I'm always interested in new and better ways of doing things, technical, political, environmental. Not disinterested in old and really terrible ways of doing things too, so long as they have some internal logic.

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"..the commons didn’t fail because of a breakdown in trust and cooperation by the commoners but instead the commons were enclosed, stolen and shut down by capitalists, imperialists and various species of the rich and powerful. The whole debate around ‘the tragedy of the commons’ is perhaps irrelevant. [..]The commons are something that we have to fight for, the tragedy is not misuse or failure which can be investigated by game theory, but the brutality of class warfare." Derek Wall

This is a problem with many (I think most?) Android ROMs. Firmwares are not updated. + all keep reporting latest patch level even once firmwares no longer released by the hw manufacturer

RT CopperheadOS@Twitter
The regression to classifying some Android security updates as only being recommended isn't good but at least this system is in place at all. Of course, it's relying on the honor system and nearly everyone not licensing Google Play just lies about the patch level by setting to latest.

RT CopperheadOS@twitter

If non-Chromebook laptops had something like Android's security patch level it would usually be stuck at a level 6 months before the release of the hardware forever because the vendors aren't properly releasing firmware upgrades...

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Instead of complaining about , let's talk about alternatives.

How about RSS?

is an amazing lightweight format with no JavaScript and no CSS. What if search engines used RSS rel links to preload the RSS versions of pages alongside search results?

It could be lightly extended, too; add another rel link for a simple style (in a limited subset of CSS) to render the RSS in; search engines could cache this and enforce a size limit. Browsers could also support this natively.

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How do you your devices? I've been running `adb backup` + `rsync` for a while now, but I feel it's not a solution I'd recommend to average users. Ideally, root access on the phone should not be required.

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Where do you keep your money? If the answer ends with the word "bank," you're doing it wrong. Put your money into cooperatively owned financial institutions. You can find a credit union in your area here: bit.ly/2HGlKw5 If you want help identifying which credit unions you can join.... @ me.

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Very nice to see 3D file support landing on Wikimedia Commons, including an interactive viewer. Maybe we'll see more Thingiverse type content there down the road:


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Nuanced analysis of recent dynamics:

"So PE firms end up adding debt in hopes of enhancing returns and using phony accounting to conceal volatility. And the institutional investors that have flooded private equity with capital prefer this “phony happiness” because it reduces career risk and the hard work of having to explain the volatility of public markets to stakeholders."


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"(...) for 67 percent of the networks, including Facebook friendship networks, food webs and water distribution networks, the statistical tests rejected a power law as a plausible description of the network’s structure."

Not a big expert in the field of network analysis, but this seems like good news for decentralized systems like ...