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I've been on Mastodon over at
I'm based in the UK and into food, land, tech and people collaborating to manage them.
I'm involved in a few projects - 40 people using online tools to collaborate managing a field is a mobile hackspace/workshop set up to help environmental & community projects build & fix tools and infrastructure Soilhack is a peer 2 peer learning network is an open source hosting exchange website (like couchsurfing) born in the community, and is an awesome one. The android app was in the play store only, but today platschi put the android app in a #fdroid repo:

nice job!

Anyone want to help build the wiki?

@edsu, any ideas?

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β€˜Facebook labelled 'digital gangsters' by [UK] report on fake news’

β€œFacebook deliberately broke privacy and competition law and should urgently be subject to statutory regulation, according to a devastating parliamentary report denouncing the company and its executives as β€˜digital gangsters’.”

Also on our forum:

Holy shit! This is disgusting. Obviously I knew Windows 10 was collecting telemetry but the scale of it is shocking. 😱 🀬
#privacy #switchtolinux

Access to Skills and Knowledge Open Tech Emergency Case' is a resource kit for community trainers, created for mobile field-use where there is neither easy power nor internet connectivity such as refugee camps, low-infrastructure regions or rural areas. Intended as β€˜Open Tech for Good’ was created through workshops run by a community of young innovators intent on bringing skills training & peacebuilding together in the effort to end the South Sudan conflict

Open call for ideas: Open source agriculture workshop

The P2P Lab is happy to announce the launch of β€œOpen source agriculture: Co-create with Tzoumakers” , celebrating the gathering of designers, makers and farmers who are adapting to the digitised world. The workshop will be hosted at the rural makerspace β€œTzoumakers”, which is located in NW Greece.

Open source infrastructure conference-

Open Source Infrastructure
Scientific & Research Clouds
Open Hardware
Open Source Storage

Thousands of Android apps are tracking user activities through MAC address or #Android ID

"We take these issues very seriously," a #Google spokesperson told CNET...

Yes, no-one should be doing that sort of thing except us



I propose to launch a campaign called #ShareATool.

Everyone can share their favorite #opensource tool(-s) that use on a daily basis as well as other interesting tools for your opinion.

No software categories. The main requirement is that the project must be open source.

And I think I'm gonna start.


To the #degoogle and #deletefacebook advocates, the #privacy and #FOSS advocates, please consider contributing editing to #OpenStreetMap. I want a good and usable alternative to current popular #maps apps.
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Ahoy fediverse coop!

Warm hello to the folks at darkpeak cooperative

To my knowledge, along with & that makes three democratically run instances


Tea (camellia sinensis) shares thousands of years of history with humans, and is deeply rooted in East Asian culture. Most tea grows as small shrubs, but it can live for a long time – and it can grow up to be a very large tree!

The tree in this photo was the oldest known tea tree in the world, estimated to be 3200 years old. Before the tree died in 2012, its leaves were used to make pu-erh, a kind of fermented black tea which can be aged for many years before being drunk.

This is written for facilitators, but it's good advice for everyone involved in collective/#cooperative projects.

To #Fdroid users. I am sorry, but 1.72.0 was not intended to be published.

*It's a beta release*

You should downgrade the app for more stability.

Also, you noticed that the name was changed into #Fedilab

Funded places on New Economy Programme available - apply now.

Includes workshops on

Crowdfunding: Planning, Creating, and Running a Campaign

What If We Ran It Ourselves? Community Ownership

Worker Co-ops: How to Get Started

Media Training: Becoming a Spokesperson

Multistakeholder Co-ops

Tech For Good: Design An App,

Workshops in London, Bristol, and Oxford

Is anyone else interested in Co-ops at FOSDEM? The weekend is so short but would be fun to say hello if the chance comes up.

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