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I've been on Mastodon over at
I'm based in the UK and into food, land, tech and people collaborating to manage them.
I'm involved in a few projects - 40 people using online tools to collaborate managing a field is a mobile hackspace/workshop set up to help environmental & community projects build & fix tools and infrastructure Soilhack is a peer 2 peer learning network

Pity it takes so long to change ag skills, tech & culture -

Regenerative agriculture practices linked to 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

"Compared to conventional agriculture practices on average across the three ingredients, regenerative agriculture practices are projected to:

reduce biodiversity loss by 20 percent
& greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent

increase total food output by 5 percent
& farmer profitability by USD200 per hectare"

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"If somebody robs a store, it's a crime and the state is all set and ready to nab the criminal. But if somebody steals from the commons and from the future, it's seen as entrepreneurial activity and the state cheers and gives them tax concessions rather than arresting them. We badly need an expanded concept of justice and fairness that takes mortgaging the future into account."

—Ursula Franklin, 22 years ago, on our societal tendency of flat out ignoring and even explicitly rewarding negative externalities

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My uncle just finished 1.6 kg, 700 pages long dictionary of Northern Sami, a language spoken by around 20,000 speakers.

Sami are an indigenous people who have inhabited large parts of Northern Europe spanning from Russia to Norway for millenniums.

He has dedicated his life to advocate for their rights and preserve their languages and culture. This book is a major contribution in an effort to ensure that this ancient language will be passed on to future generations.

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We're in for todays Kite Flying Hour! Drop by if you wanna chat about the project or are just interested to see what is up 🚀

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The soil is dying, the water’s running out, & climate change is rendering the future even more uncertain. hazel_healy speaks to farmers in Senegal who are ready for a different system.

"In Andhra Pradesh, over 700,000 Indian farmers have been practising agroecology for several years with increased production and significantly increased net incomes compared to farmers farming with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides."

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Teppo Rämä gave a terrific presentation on marine fungi yesterday (he's a mycologist specialising in arctic marine fungi).

I was amazed to learn that there are fungi which parasitise diatoms! There are also marine fungal species which have demonstrated the capacity to degrade polyethylene microplastics.

He shared a slide which showed a massive increase in fungal activity following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill; very interesting from a bioremediation perspective.

#myco #bioremediation

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The International Rescue Committee says more than two million Kenyans are facing hunger due to poor rainfall. Kenya's president, Uhuru Kenyatta, declared a national disaster this month because of drought.

Thirty-six-year-old Suleiman Ahmed Osman lost 50% of his livestock to drought in the past six months. He says more are dying now due to worsening drought.

#Kenya: IRC - 2.1 Million #Kenyans Face Hunger Due to Drought -

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If you use #GMail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt, and even if you didn't buy the product from them. Here's metadata from my takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc. #privacy

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#Food production is ultimately the basis of the economy, so removing corporate interference and making the way that food is produced and distributed more democratic could be a point of leverage for changing other things.

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In my post I mention a paper written by Aldo de Moor that's a MUST-READ to inspire on possibilities and opportunity that exists.

With proper Community concepts at the core of the #Fediverse we can flail the traditional social media dominators, as they'll find it very hard to match capabilities that we can now offer, with their centralized walled garden platforms.

Here is a direct link to Aldo's #Community paper:

Related: Community Informatics

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Today is Igalia's 20th anniversary, celebrating 20 years of contributions to open and free software, as a successful egalitarian worker cooperative.

I joined Igalia almost two years ago, in which I did and continue to learn so many fascinating things, about language specification, about WebAssembly, about JS engines and compilers. But most importantly, about taking common decisions and truly working together as equals.

As I told my dear coworkers:

"Enjoying one's work is a fine thing, but being able to share common goals and such collegiality with you Igalians is certainly a dream come true."


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It’s here! ISSUE 02: Inoculate, hot off the distributed press. This issue contains eight creative pieces—(non)fiction, interactive media, and stories from the front lines of alternative networks built on care & solidarity.

Read it on the World Wide Web:

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If not, any other software projects want to form a co-op that's only purpose is to act as a fiscal host for the members and hire an accountant to handle the taxes and what not every year? It would probably be cheaper for us to do together than every separate project getting its own bank account and CPA.

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Are there any good fiscal hosts for open source software projects operating in USD that either don't charge a fee, or do charge but are operated cooperatively?

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our Issue 02 Release Party is tomorrorrorrow, sat SEP 25. There'll be some readings and short talks about the ideas in the issue, an open story sharing/discussion time, then we hang out on Gather.

registration (is free!):

Authenticated Boot and Disk Encryption on Linux

tldr: generally compared to other operating systems security of this is poor. Work is being done that could improve the situation.

Sidenote: at the same time Apple and Pixel devices have considerably improved upon TPM security with the design of their secure elements

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... discarded them! No hints in the kernel logs, either! And while card #1 had been used once or twice, #2 was fresh from the pack.

At this point I realized that the cards were SDXC cards, and the grapeboard has an SDHC drive. Specifically, they were 64GiB SDXC cards.

So this was even more confusing. They should not have been accepted in the drive at all! How could I have booted off them? It didn't make sense!

I "quickly" checked my laptop drive...

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1. Browsing the internet will never be secure as long as web pages can execute arbitrary JavaScript.

2. For security reasons, a password manager should never integrate with a web browser.

The following website shows why these two points are true.

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