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I've been on Mastodon over at
I'm based in the UK and into food, land, tech and people collaborating to manage them.
I'm involved in a few projects - 40 people using online tools to collaborate managing a field is a mobile hackspace/workshop set up to help environmental & community projects build & fix tools and infrastructure Soilhack is a peer 2 peer learning network

It's sure great that the private billionaire with untraceable hypervisor backdoor access to every corporate server in the non-Chinese world isn't being both hacked and blackmailed by (checks) the Trump administration, the National Enquirer (reads news), and this week, a Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

That would probably be bad.

Anyway let's all forge ahead with our migration of core data services to AWS.

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There is something very satisfying about seeing white people through this lens!

This is decolonizing anthropology

Babakiueria, a 1986 Australian satirical film on relations between Aboriginal Australians and Australians of European descent.
Babakiueria revolves around a role-reversal, whereby it is Aboriginal Australians who have invaded and colonised the fictitious country of Babakiueria, a land that has long been inhabited by white natives

What happens on iPhone stays on iPhone. Except when you offload it to Apple servers along with the key, which we pester you to do repeatedly until you turn the setting on. ๐Ÿคฆ

I finally got around to uploading the medicinal fungi zine I made last year. If you find it interesting or helpful in any way, I'd be happy if you passed it on.

Mycelium is Medicine: An introductory guide to the medicinal properties of fungi & techniques for integrating their healing into humyn lives.

Includes info on cultivation, extraction, medicinal constituents of fungi etc.

[ PDF is 2.4 MB ]

Cheap Android phones have hidden costs

Considering all the technology that is packed into a modern Android smart phone it is possible to purchase them for surprisingly low prices.

Most Android phones share lots of data with Google, carefully changing settings and disabling Google apps can limit the information you share with Google.

Our analysis of the cheap Alcatel 4034X found it, like other Alcatel phones, had app launcher and file manager apps, crucial system components which can not be disabled, which send data to Facebook. It also had pre-installed Facebook apps, which had powerful capabilities, that required advanced techniques to disable.

[A recent blog post from Malwarebytes]( shows how they found that the UMX U683CL phones, some of which are supplied under the USA government Lifeline support program, come installed with similar malicious system apps.

They also have a [blog post]( that details how such pre-installed malware can sometimes can be removed.

For apps that can not be removed we recommend using [Net Guard]( to reduce their harm by blocking their internet access.

๐Ÿ“– meeting minutes from our second tech meeting are here -->

๐Ÿง™ thanks for joining @idmyn and @redoak โญ

One of those, I'm sure it's made, but I can't find the right words to search it up situations...

I want a stand alone dial I can use like a scroll wheel on a mouse.

I'm on Linux, so anything I can get to generate key presses would be ideal.

Dial could be in either vertical or horizontal plane.

Now going to trawl accessibility sites.

P.S. Home brew is an option, but don't look at our soldering, it's shockingly ugly. Also, electronics would need a HowTo also.

America Loves the Idea of Family Farms. Thatโ€™s Unfortunate. -

Interesting piece exploring realities of family, collaborative and community farms

Thanks to @andrej for sharing

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RT Opera singers dubbed with dial up modems are gonna be big this summer

HUMUS sapiens represents a compilation of soil explorations emerging from the networks of mikroBIOMIK, Hackteria, & Gasthaus โ€“ with the ambition to bring DIY and DIWO(do-it-with-others) approaches as well as an open-source-based โ€œhacker spiritโ€ into soil ecology.
Far more than just the dirt under our feet, is a truly complex and dynamic ecosystem. It is a constantly changing mix of minerals, living organisms, decaying organic matter, air, and water.

"Infrastructures in a horizontal farmers community"

The speaker is not very fluent in English, it's so brave of her to come and give a talk!

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Open Source is Insufficient to Solve Trust Problems in Hardware

The project brings together a curated set of verifiable components as an open source mobile communications platform - a combination open source hardware and software distribution.

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