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I've been on Mastodon over at
I'm based in the UK and into food, land, tech and people collaborating to manage them.
I'm involved in a few projects - 40 people using online tools to collaborate managing a field is a mobile hackspace/workshop set up to help environmental & community projects build & fix tools and infrastructure Soilhack is a peer 2 peer learning network

I present the MEWP (mobile elongated walnut pincher)...

Recently I told you about my planned "output rewrite" for Adebar. First version of that is now available for Testing (in the "devel" branch) – and I'd very much welcome your input! Ideally in the corresponding issue (

I'm looking forward to your feedback (and boosts) – and thanks in advance!

#Adebar #Android


Nice to see you pick up my fdroid rfp for PDF Viewer πŸ˜ƒ. The lack of a v1 sig is currently a blocker for the main repo.

Would you be interested to add Auditor from the same dev? Its a powerful app but needs to be signed by dev to work (and again no v1)

Degoogle a Google phone

"With all the privacy and security concerns going on with our smartphones. I wanted to switch today and not wait any longer. So in this video, I go over and moving to a completely google service free ecosystem. I go over what works and what doesn't. "

Big bright pink drifts of ragged robin (lychnis flos-cucli) splattered around all over the meadow. Makes it look a bit ethereal - bit hard to capture on camera.

They appear to like it in the shallow gullies. These 20cm deep gullies are carved into the surface, about every 10 meters, like in many other meadows on the Somerset Levels, to keep things a bit drier in wet spells.

A co-operative, open source, meeting and conferencing platform, powered by BigBlueButton #coops #bbb

Want to get an education while being stuck at home? Take your interest in the cooperative digital economy to the next level and start incubating your platform co-op project assisted by partners inΒ your country.
An 8-week ad hoc online course.

Bugle, sometimes in big clumps also making a show before the meadowsweet grows up and overshadows everything

Worker Co-op Weekend 2020 (online)
Friday, 15 May 2020 - 10:00am to 8:00pm (UK time)
Principle 6: Turning good contacts into good contracts

A radical look at change, leadership and organisational development

Ownership vs Stewardship

Global co-op movement response to Covid-19

Building worker co-op training programmes

reading: CVE-2020-0022 an Android 8.0-9.0 Bluetooth Zero-Click RCE – BlueFrag 

Android Privacy and Security wiki - What-can apps see?

"PrivacyBreacher is an Android app built as a proof of concept for a research article describing the privacy issues in Android. This app can access the following information from your phone without requesting any permissions:

Figure out at what time your phone screen turned on/off.
Figure out at what time you plugged in or removed your phone charger and wired headphones.
Figure out at what time you switched on/off your phone (i.e., it captures the device uptime and ACTION_SHUTDOWN broadcasts).
Access most of your device related information like your phone model, manufacturer etc.
Keep track of your WiFi/Mobile data usage.
Get a list of all the apps installed on your phone.
Construct a 3D visualization of your body movements" more
#android #privacy
With the recent sudden rush to working from home, and restrictions on people meeting up, there has been a huge growth in the use of video calls. There has however been some question as to who to trust with handling these calls.  Many are choosing to trust the open source software Jitsi, but there are things worth consideration before moving to use #jitsi.

#fdroid #android #privacy #security #zoom

I'd love to form more of a community with other designers, especially those focused on and who share slash values.

If you do too, respond to this thread and we can see where it goes from there.

(boost appreciated!)

A Quick Look at the Confidentiality of Meetings - The Citizen Lab

"Companies and individuals might erroneously assume that because a company is publicly listed or is a major household name, that this means the app is designed using security best practices.Β 

As we showed in this report, that assumption is false."

Edited reposting, with permission, from MayFirst Movement Technology
>Today's Need to Know on "Free Software During the Corona Virus Pandemic" was attended by over 100 people. It was recorded and here's the link:
> Here's a link to the statement of alternatives for live meetings, that Jaime spoke of
>All our audio presentations are available on our audio page:
>We're already working on April's Need to Know

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