"Fork the Economy" by @Rushkoff

"I've given up on fixing the economy. The economy is not broken. It's simply unjust. There's a difference.

We have to stop looking at our economy as a broken system, but one that is working absolutely true to its original design. It's time to be progressive -- and this means initiating systemic changes."


@mayel @Rushkoff Excellent article. The link to @ntnsndr 's piece on LaZooz is good to click -- interesting example.

@mayel @Rushkoff The key word is i my opinion "systemic". We need to consider our economies in terms of systems; analyzing their emerging properties and behaviors; and carefully revise their axioms so as to achieve different, more just properties / behaviors.

@mayel @Rushkoff This reads very US-centric. Just pointing out, no offense intended.

@Troim @mayel @Rushkoff @Matt_Noyes @christobal @mangeurdenuage @Eidon

If you've not heard about #Duniter I'd advise you to check it out: an ecological, open-source cryptocurrency project which implements #UBI via universal dividend: duniter.org/en/introduction/

There's a working implementation called g1, you can see live stats here: g1.duniter.fr/#/app/currency/l

Let's get forky...

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