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Apollonius of Tyana
To the monopolisers of corn in Aspendus:

"The earth is the common mother of all, for she is just. You
are unjust, for you have made her only the mother of yourself:
and if you will not cease from acting thus, I will not suffer
you to remain upon her."

My man.

"We shall also assume that the earth is spheroidal, that its surface is likewise spheroidal, and above all, that bodies have a tendency towards its centre, which latter point is clear to the perception of the most average understanding"

Strabo debating flat-earthers, ca 8CE.

Memberberries, pitchforks and guillotines. I'm sure theres a good joke in there somewhere.

So, David Gilmour is selling his guitar collection. Think I need to get a ticket for the lottery.

So.. The Reich-Wing all get their undies in a twist over George Soros funding leftists, when they are all on the Koch?

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Inspired by Twitter, we took our data export tool to the next level. It will be shipping in v0.9.0! 🚀#pixelfed

Uhm, why the hell is David Friedman (Milton jr) and fucking Murray "we are not anarchists" Rothbard listed under important people on the Anarchism wiki.

Also, Gandhi.. Really?

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...and then we build monuments to them and glorify the men we have vilified and crucified as we go on crucifying their brothers in spirit, the pioneers of our own day.
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Those animals which acquire habits of mutual aid are undoubtedly the fittest.
-- Peter Kropotkin

#anarchism #quote #bot

Anyone done the Danube - Black Sea route by canals/rivers? Looks like a fun adventure, I would love to bring my boat down to the Mediterranean .

Useless liberal thought of the day goes to Trevor Noah for "Give Trump the wall so he doesnt do something worse"

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Stanley Kubricks alternative titles for Dr. Strangelove from his notebook. From the Kubrick expo at #CCCB in #Barcelona. Personally I would have loved to see what he would do to Uranus.

Anyone out there curating or keeping track of content creators on ?

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A New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Call the Police :acab: 

A few years old, but still good to bring back

“Police officers are all individuals, and it’s impossible to say that they are all bad at their jobs. However, police have all sworn to uphold laws that systemically disenfranchise marginalized and working people for the benefit of the rich and powerful.”

Gnostic Jesus on Capitalists:

"The savior said, "Truly, as for [those], do not esteem them as men, but regard them [as] beasts, for just as beasts devour one another, so also men of this sort devour one another. On the contrary, they are deprived of [the kingdom] since they love the sweetness of the fire and are servants of death and rush to the works of corruption."

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Hello fediverse,

We just want to remind you that we have no official or flagship instance, and we don't plan on endorsing any in the future.

If you are looking for a pixelfed instance to join, checkout or

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Pixelfed Collections are like Twitter Moments, allowing you to easily share a collection of posts (local or remote)! :pixelfed: #pixelfed

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We are working hard on federation bug fixes, UI updates and mobile apps support.

Can't wait to get back to new feature development.

We have Circles, Collections, IG Import, Live Stories, Micro UI, Real time updates, Stories and Tumblr Import to finish up!

2019 will be a great year for pixelfed. 😄 #pixelfed

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