« #Inequality deniers and apologists say the #Oxfam methodology is flawed, but they're missing the big picture. Whether it's six individuals or 62 or 1,000 doesn't really matter. The data from the #CreditSuisse Global Wealth Databook (GWD) and the #Forbes Billionaire List provide the best available tools to make it clear that #inequality is extreme and pathological and getting worse every year. »

is distinguished by its insistence that the underlying problem with society is our . and the not only cause extraordinary material suffering and , they also rob us of the ability to play a meaningful role in our own lives and communities .cultivate the new society within the shell of the old by eroding the state’s popular legitimacy and dissolving its power into face-to-face people’s assemblies and confederations

#Economics: "Lack of hope in America: The high costs of being poor in a rich land"; #inequality and withering social mobility

From VoxEU: Study of capital accumulation, private property and #inequality in #China over the term 1978 - 2015 Income share of bottom 50% trending sharply down

"Existing hierarchical and class #society, #inequality, #injustice, #poverty, #war and more, have left us with just a few options: sitting down and doing nothing, or waiting for the vanguard party, the military coup, election (the biggest lie in history). This way is more dangerous than the sitting back and doing nothing because most of the time intensify the disasters. Or simply fighting back the system through building the independent radical non-hierarchal local groups. These are the real basis and the real hope for the future revolution."
Where the revolution is more likely to happen, in developed or non-developing countries? - Anarkismo -