"The impact of so much drug company money coursing through the veins of Congress is often incremental or largely unseen by the American public, such as the industry’s efforts to block competitors in India from making generic versions of HIV/Aids medicines that are more affordable to developing countries."


waiting on hold for an estimated 40m to talk to my damn ISP. I've been trying to upgrade my internet package for like 6 months. but I literally can't get someone on the phone who can figure out how to do it. fucking #capitalism.

"Of all the groups, the ones facing the steepest increases in problematic drinking are , those with low socioeconomic status, older adults, and racial or ethnic . The increases were so severe across the population that the study authors wrote they “constitute a public health crisis.”

Diagnosable rose by 49.9% since the 2007 crash destroyed the lives of millions of people. kills.

What do you do when, upon debating and self-driving cars with that one friend, you are met with the following statement: "from a hegelian point of view, there's no alternative to , because if there was, it would have already emerged. What exists is rational, what is rational exists". This guy is not yet 30 and is about to get his PhD in economics and is worrying me more and more with each passing day...

Foundational problems, and foundational changes needed

#Revolution Not #Reform: Moral Courage, Redefining Progress and the Myth of Social Democracy

by William Hawes 2017 10

The revolution will only come as a result of inner, mental transformation, as Krishnamurti foretold. Political movements may urge people towards an outward revolution of the economic structure, but ultimately, it is up to each one of us as individuals to awaken from the slumber that imperialism and capitalism has imposed on us.

#Capitalism is the root cause of over-consumption, militarism, racism, imperialism. Any reform based on social democracy is bound to fail, because it refuses to confront the structural causes of a crumbling society: capital and its accumulation to the few at the expense of the many. Capitalism, not just simply neoliberalism, must be ripped up by the roots.

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#Capitalism is a cancer. And the only way to defeat this cancer is to completely, radically transform our way of living and our way of thinking about ourselves. And I call that radical transformation revolutionary. So this is the #revolution.
— James #Cromwell

Interview with DemocracyNOW!
2017 07

#JamesCromwell #DemocracyNow

The high price of cheap cannabis - #leftpolitics Naked Capitalism Show more

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"Let us consider a question posed by McKenzie Wark: “What if this is not still #capitalism but something worse?” Wark wonders whether today a new economic class has become #hegemonic. Perhaps, in passive revolution, the once-dominant #capitalist finds himself subordinate to a new economic actor who exploits an emerging set of #extractive processes."

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@trolldecker @elizafox making electronics into disposable products, externalizing social and environmental costs. #Capitalism at its best!
@elizafox @trolldecker making electronics into disposable products, externalizing social and environmental costs. #Capitalism at its best!

If you need to wait, make the act of waiting revolutionary and your not longer waiting, but being part of the beginning.
Hopefully a better beginning.

That's a picture of a random highway in #catalonia, with ppl playing chess.

#generalstrike, to interupt the routine daylife, and to shut down #capitalism and all what belongs to least for some time.
After every collective wakeup call, nothing remains the same. ppl carry a new world within, time to let it be born.

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