"Like the 23 women before her, Vigo has never made a penny from her work. She is bound by a sacred ‘Sea Oath’ that maintains that byssus should never be bought or sold. (...) “Byssus doesn’t belong to me, but to everyone,” Vigo asserted. “Selling it would be like trying to profit from the sun or the tides.”

A beautiful story about the rarest material on earth and the 1000 years old oath that makes it a

@Cocoron as it was and before communism fucked it up in romainia or how it was in india before colognialism destryed the culture. in #Rajasthan it's still active.
#forest as a #common.

The #OpenSource #Seed #license is a form of “copyleft” for new plant varieties, enabling anyone to use the licensed seeds for free. Like the #GPL for #freesoftware, it requires that any seeds used, modified or sold must be passed along to others without any legal restrictions.The “#sharealike” principle prevents the #privatization of a #common resource by requiring users to share it freely & forever.