The way I see it, ActivityPub is the decentralised method we're paving the way for the distributed web.

People are educating themselves and with the fediverse having surpassed critical mass beyond the 1 million-user mark, it's now practically unstoppable.

In about a year from now we'll be seeing the beginning of the convergence between the decentralised-web, with the distributed-whatever that goes next.

It's not that those technologies are immature. It's that they haven't converged yet.

@h I'm also interested to see how we can extend ActivityPub (or at least some of its underlying methods like ActivityStreams) to the distributed internet, to allow interoperability between the web and distributed platforms, and between users of different platforms.

@mayel Part of the hypercoop work is an abstraction layer to make AP interop with IPFS. Studying SSB, GNUNet, and DAT trying to generalise that. I think there are enough commonalities to at least give it a try.

I made an early attempt last year trying to do that for the old Mastodon protocol and IPFS, but it soon became evident that wasn't the way to go, standing on shifting sands.

@h oh awesome! we should talk about it more. I'm sure @bhaugen @lynnfoster @matslats @bernini and others will be interested as well.

@mayel Not really, but I'll take a look. The last time I looked I wasn't convinced to be honest, but it was probably early days and I trust your judgement, so if you insist enough I'll probably take a look πŸ˜ƒ
Anyway, the idea is obviously for a one-person show to implement everything, but hopefully design an interop framework for dozens of implementors to latch on to it.

@bhaugen @lynnfoster @matslats @bernini

@mayel Er.... Errata: the idea is **obviously **not** for one person to implement everything.

@bernini @matslats @lynnfoster @bhaugen

@mayel So the goal for much of 2018 is trying to arrive to a situation where I can say: "Okay, this is not awesome, but this design will be good enough to get started if all these networks can send messages and content to each other."

It will probably extend into 2019, and 2019 will be the year when we begin to see some actual convergent implementations.

@mayel What I'm struggling with most lately is not so much the network protocols, even if I've never been a network protocol programmer. I'm struggling more with ways of working on the presentation layer so that the web can still be used if you so choose, but here... we have this other content thing that doesn't have DRM, it also has pretty graphics, UX people will love it, and it's designed to make it really hard to ever allow for another ad-supported network to ever emerge.

@mayel The interop system part of the work will probably be Puiblic Domain and a RFC so that I don't get harassed from all sides wanting to push their religion on me.
People can make the reference implementation and their plugins a GNU, OSI, or w3c project later if they feel better doing that.

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