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By the way, I used Twitter since early 2007, shortly after it launched. Not even in the early days there was anything like this on Twitter.
It was refreshing at the time, compared to the things that were available. But there never was anything like the effervescent passion for creative cross-pollination and delightfully libertine thinking that happens on Mastodon as a matter of course.

Mastodon is nothing like Twitter, Mastodon is what Twitter should have been.

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I like many things about Masto. But what I like most is that out-of-the-box, left-brain things happen often here. Like stumbling upon someone who understands a relatively obscure French film from 1996 based on an even more obscure 1916 French film, a guy who builds supercomputers as a hobby, a subculture that publishes poetry using the long-deceased, now-revived Gopher system.
And I could go on with the whimsical, and the unbounded creativity that emerges when the profit motive is removed.

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"U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger" - we heard this because it got leaked. Obviously, the same thing happens to all US based encrypted storage & communication tech. And probably in other countries, too. #selfhosting


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NEWS: I’m delighted to say that I’m returning to Health, to work on transforming the NHS so that every part of it can use the best tech — now and going forward.

I’ll be based at the Department of Health and Social Care, working closely with NHS Digital, NHS England and all the great techies across the NHS. Can’t wait!

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Thinking of a dashboard-style interface to facilitate keeping up with the local timeline on several instances at once. Is that interesting?

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Intel shipped shoddy merchandise and now they're correcting it. They could write a license saying you owe them your firstborn and it doesn't make a hill-of-beans difference. If they materially act to prevent their customers accessing those patches (ever actually enforce said copyright), they're on the hook for consumer protection. Ergo the license is just a piece of paper.


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Good morning people!

I hope you will enjoy your day!

This is the first of a couple of reminders that I will move my account over to @ckeen So if you like to hear from me, please follow me over there. It's my own instance and I'd like to polish it a bit before offering it to interested nice people. Software for human scale and all that.

Enjoy your ☕

feature needed:

- Allow users to add a text description to image attachments of toots that have already been posted.

This helps to make an increasing number of toots accessible without altering their chronological order.

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Protect your creativity like a trench. As far as industrial society is concerned, that's the only thing separating you from a commodity inanimate machine part.

Things that help creativity:

1. Quietness (Not necessarily silence. Environmental agitation without noise can be just as bad or worse than loud noises)

2. Comfortable work space (it doesn't matter if it doesn't look good, or if it's a messy temporary arrangement to get work done)

3. Events of self-reward (say, coffee/tea and chocolate biscuits every 4 hours of work, or whatever else you like)

Creativity killers:
Twitter, Facebook, Nazis, Ancaps, Liberals, assholes, corporate-thinking drones

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Hey! just joined social.coop 🙂

Im a musician, physics student and firm believer of science as a social tool to understand & transform reality; a science that needs to be rebuilt to be accessible to ALL. Scientific communism, internationalism, TRUE art as means of human expression; in favor of world cooperation+equality+universal access to human knowledge.
I like to read about history, i love topo charts, music and coding


Second home: peripheral forests of mexico city
🇸🇾+🇲🇽 ➡️🗺️

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Hello! I just joined . I'm really excited to be here - I have a really strong affinity for co-operatives and the values they embody.

Unfortunately, being chronically sick and out of work means that involvement in the co-operative movement is difficult for me.

Which is why I was very happy to discover this community. I'm excited to take part, and very grateful to be able to join! Also, I have a chattier general purpose account here: wandering.shop/@suhono

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A friend recently asked me for advice in dealing with an accusation of abuse against her and so I wrote a little guide with input from half a dozen feminists of differing perspectives that I admire:


This essay juggles a lot of things, and faces some limits because it's trying to speak to the accused specifically. But I hope it helps some people navigate shit more ethically.

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The next social.coop session is on August 28th @ 9pm CEST

Slides from the author for those wanting a quick primer: cloud.disroot.org/s/rYRcJMXsc7

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Hi all , there are three important decisions about Federation:

- Mute bofa.lol (this means they won't appear on the federated timeline; anyone can still follow accounts there)
- Suspend liberdon.com (reasons exposed there)
- Give standing jury the power to mute instances for some reasons up until a Federation Policy and CoC is enacted.


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Hey all! Promo posts!

I run Thoughty at briecs.com & fund all of the interviews, game design, & articles thru Patreon.com/briecs. This right now is my only consistent income, & takes a lot of time. Thoughty has over 200 interviews!

I do game design, consulting, & editing, and you can find my work history and rates here: briecs.com/p/my-work.html. I consult on queerness, disability/chronic pain, gender identity (nonbinary, masculine), and mental illness (bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD).


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@garbados @cosine @shoutcacophony @frickhaditcoming Fun fact, I just went through my follow list to see if there was anyone from mastodon.cloud I would miss if I muted it, and turns out, nope! I don't know if it's the wilw effect, or what, but I feel like most of the dipshittery across my TL lately that's not from the flagship is from that instance.

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But don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge professional developers their paychecks. We need people to provide technical assistance. But I do think that we haven't adequately examined the assumptions that underlie our seeming acceptance of the fact that some people in our movement make 100s of thousands of dollars per year, while others work for $3/hour.

I've long been an advocate of equal pay within , but I'm now advocating for equal pay between & between worker-owners and developers