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I've elaborated further on these thoughts here:

1. Regarding Wikis

2. Regarding tooling, integrated vision, and costs

cc: @mayel @iona @lehighcommunalist @Antanicus @mattcropp @ntnsndr @fabianhjr @samtoland @Gin @vmatekole

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My grandparents decided to learn Welsh when they were 65. After two years of lessons in it (and talking Welsh with me at home, I was going to a Welsh school and was already fluent), they were fluent. My grandmother, around the same time, decided to overcome her phobia of water and had me teach her how to swim. She'd swim laps with me in the pool up into her 80s.

You're not too old and it's not too late to try something new.

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CW: techbros are gross Show more

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existential threats (pol take) Show more

For the record, I won't be participating or contributing to anything @ksonney does about his version of the concept.

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One of my favorite things about development is the blank slate for user interface design. There are no standards or expectations in a new medium. Here, I'm re-imagining the select list (drop-down) in way that would have made Bob Barker proud


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"Since 1992, every ... ... in Italy has had the responsibility of transferring 3 percent of its net profits to a national fund.

3 different funds were set up to support co-ops affiliated with either;
1) The Lega (Left of center),
2) ConfCoop (Catholic center Right), or
3) ACGI (Republican parties)
The Lega’s (Fund for the Promotion of Cooperatives) is the largest of the three and is used here as an example."


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Looking for #Patreon alternatives? Long comparison list of crowdfunding sites includes 16 Patreon-like subscription sites (Snowdrift Wiki):

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What if we had a diagram/list/video showing: 1. Platform Coops that are fully operational, categorized by function; 2. Platform Coops that are in development but usable; 3. Platform Coops that are not yet usable?

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this is my mesh, TAKE_BACK_THE_WEB

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Bitcoin exhuberance circa 2013 compared to 2017. (source: FT) social.coop/media/bmC3f5z38QTy

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Spent quite a few hours today uploading pre-prints to the new PhilArchive philarchive.org

It’s stuff I published in philosophy before I started publishing open access.

Too bad they don’t take presentation slides. Still posting those to a combination of Open Science Framework (for editable ppt version) and Speaker Deck (for embeddable, but not easily editable, PDFs). And both on my blog blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks


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I found this great resource for #philosophy: a list of texts one might use for teaching university courses, from traditions and people not in the usual list of what is taught. From Bryan Van Norden: bryanvannorden.com/suggestions

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gender in tech, semantics Show more

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Hi, I'm here to talk about . I live with type II bipolar disorder and I'm creating an online presence because I believe I can share a valuable perspective. I do a LOT of research trying to understand , I can read and understand peer reviewed science, and I can also talk to humans and present information fairly effectively. So, here I am!

Thanks to social.coop for the space you've generously offered me. I hope to use it well :)

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2017-08-26 20:50

A proper scientific, social, or artistic environment which stimulates one to creative work, presence at a discussion, taking part in an excursion in the company of proper people may constitute a positive factor and consequently an auxiliary medium stimulating the personality.

--Kazimierz Dobrowski, "Personality Shaping Through Positive Disintegration"

hi masto :p 💜