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@xj9 @clacke @jeffcliff Tired of waiting. Integration of all those parts willmtakemages.

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One pager summary for a proposed one-shot to aggregate funds and make a loan to the through which we're attempting to divert a utility into in !

Welcome feedback, thoughts, and potential members: docs.google.com/document/d/1rC

@xj9 @clacke Sorry for typos. Mpbile web ui and all that.

@clacke @jeffcliff @xj9 That sentence makes absolutely no sense at all. Who said that mastodon is a web replacement?

@clacke @xj9 Twister is super noce but it suffers from the same problem that blockchain-based systems have: massive database growing bogger all the time. Eventually you sto it in a web server, centralise it, and distribute chunks of the bloclchain over http, defearing the whole purpose of distribution.

@xj9 @jeffcliff Scuttlebutt seems nice but it's not a web substitute. Also terribly green to get anything done beyond demos.

@jeffcliff @xj9 I used to work with a former Tribbler team member who shall remain nameless. I'll pass :-)

Idea: ipfs / gnunet / bittorrent based mastodon implementation.

cc: @xj9

@hj @xj9 Display, monitor, desktop, HEAD. I hear you :-)

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Reminder that social.coop has a Matrix chat channel as well. Using the Riot web interface, it's kind of like Slack, but open source :).

Or kind of like IRC, but you don't have to set up your own bouncer to keep logs for when you're away, and the web interface is nicer.

I am 'Xirzon' over there:


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Pensando en todxs en Mexico, bregando con terremotos y las fallas del sistema socio-economico y politico.

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#Cooperatives; #GarAlperovitz Show more

@xj9 That sounds like a pretty decent distro. They probably mean amd64 when they say x86 though, right?

@xor It seems to approximate better for longer distances. 2 km is 400 metres more than 1 mile, or 1/5 of the distance. Not very approximate for some uses like urban navigation.

@xj9 What distro doesn't do that more or less automatically these days?

The w3c is just another corporate cartel. Think critically about patent encumbered "open" standards and resist the development of the corporate web. A new web for the people is needed. eff.org/deeplinks/2017/09/open

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*HTTP is obsolete. It's time for the distributed, permanent web*

"#IPFS is a distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. In some ways, this is similar to the original aims of the Web, but IPFS is actually more similar to a single bittorrent swarm exchanging git objects. IPFS could become a new major subsystem of the internet. If built right, it could complement or replace #HTTP. It could complement or replace eve…""


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They managed to prototype a decentralized real-time collaborative document with IPFS. Like Google Docs, but without a central server.

I find it technically incredible.


#Decentralized #IPFS #Distributed

@xj9 I know that IPFS is not ideal, and the existing implementations are a bit toy-ish for now. but it's important that they are moving fast in the right direction, not wandering aimlessly, and they're not ridden with a history of "file sharing" like BT(which is lovely by me, but the brand already stands for something in the minds of millions).

Clean slate, clean room implemention of IPFS made GNU would be pretty neat in my view.

@xj9 It can be solved, that's true. But BT's bread and butter is elsewhere. I don't see them going anywhere, adrift in search of relevance.