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By the way, I used Twitter since early 2007, shortly after it launched. Not even in the early days there was anything like this on Twitter.
It was refreshing at the time, compared to the things that were available. But there never was anything like the effervescent passion for creative cross-pollination and delightfully libertine thinking that happens on Mastodon as a matter of course.

Mastodon is nothing like Twitter, Mastodon is what Twitter should have been.

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I like many things about Masto. But what I like most is that out-of-the-box, left-brain things happen often here. Like stumbling upon someone who understands a relatively obscure French film from 1996 based on an even more obscure 1916 French film, a guy who builds supercomputers as a hobby, a subculture that publishes poetry using the long-deceased, now-revived Gopher system.
And I could go on with the whimsical, and the unbounded creativity that emerges when the profit motive is removed.

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Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against fascism. Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against fascism. Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against fascism. Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against fascism. Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against fascism. Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against fascism. Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against fascism. Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against fascism. Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against fascism. Pointing out hypocrisy is useless against

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The apps i cant open without google play services are:
- gmail (understandable)
- google calendar
- google maps (it opens but location doesn't work)
- pushbullet (go figure)

As soon as I find substitutes, I can go #googleless a lil bit more.

@0x3F lazy8.social/media/piQJe12BITf lazy8.social/media/SYxSuYhpOL5 lazy8.social/media/QT7neUs-Q5a lazy8.social/media/FaLsPkh60ZC

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@h the README in the root of the Gitlab repository is probably the most up-to-date description of the project phases:


I’ve covered this more in detail on the blog, but things may have changed some since I originally posted this:


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I’m considering using an atmega328 in the front-end’s interface board instead of the simple port expander mpc23017) I’m using for the front-panel interface on the Clusterboard nodes.

The main reason for this is that the atmega is cheaper and easier to come by (I have them on the shelf). It also makes it possible to off-load some of the work the board does (managing active cooling, etc.) from the A64’s cpu.

The downside is software complexity (firmware), and maybe power burn? 🤔

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@uranther @h @mattcropp @ntnsndr

@emi is another great resource, especially for agr/producer coops.

New policy. Every impertinent European cis white man and every impertinent cis white US man is considered suspect.

First impertinent commentary or complaint regarding how other worldviews don't automatically bend to their will earn an immediate block, no hello, no good bye no questions asked. Just block and ban.

Nothing to do with nationality, everything to do with insufferable arrogance and that time and energy are scarce resources that shouldn't be wasted.

Tá bean in Éirinn a phronnfadh séad damh is mo sháith le n-ól
Is tá bean in Éirinn is ba binne léithe mo rafla ceoil

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Great meeting of Platform Cooperativism Japan today with @keiko @mathias and @emi This project has real potential if it can find its inclusive, participatory, democratic footing.

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Following @emi "s example, here is my Prezi from yesterday's discussion of Platform Cooperativism in Japan.

A little hard to follow without the text, which I plan to write up. Turns out there was a lot of interest in Platform Capitalism. Thanks to Nick Srnicek for his book on the subject. (It makes me want to read Kim Moody's On New Terrain and Anwar Shaikh's Capitalism, competition, conflict, crises.)

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Excellent presentation on Saturday by @Matt_Noyes discussing Platform Co-operativism in Japan. Clear, simple and really honing in on the issues we need to keep top of mind as we continue to explore how to integrate this model in this cultural context.


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I'm doing a 2-day workshop on open educational practices next week in N. Carolina, USA.

Am working on a website to house the slides and other resources: chendricks.org/oep2018

Using a theme that claims to be accessibility ready, and trying to make all elements inside it accessible. webmandesign.eu/portfolio/reyk

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Alasbarricadas: **[Vídeo] Charla de David Graeber en las jornadas La Filosofía tras Rojava**

" "


#anarquismo #bot

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Shameless self promotion to do with RSS Show more

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@h @alcinnz Here's fun fact: you can find the RSS of any Masto user by adding ".atom" to the end of their profile, so for example, your profile's RSS feed would be, social.coop/@h.atom.

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Posted this last night, but it was very late, so reposting it now.

I've set up a small Mastodon instance for people interested in and related subjects. It is located at radiosocial.org/

Feel free to sign up and take a look around - I'm @ak over there and will move some of my radio-related posts there.

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stressful, cop/ICE mentions Show more

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@h My friend wants to propose to her employer to become an employee-owned coop. How would she write that proposal? What search terms would help her find good examples of that proposal format? Thanks!

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Anybody know of any instances focused on plants and/or economics?