Sorry, but if he wanted to start a revolution he shouldn't publish on the Microsoft's minion site.

@gabe Source Code Liberation Front!

I've thought of doing this on a low level with the WordPress Plugins I've paid for that I really shouldn't have had to but did because of maintainers' sneaky reinterpretations of open source licenses.

@clayton Don't tease me! I thought the SCLF was a real thing for a second there, and now I'm sad 😢

But yeah, I'd imagine it wouldn't be hard to take the ideals of the Free Software movement to the logical conclusion that if non-free software serves to oppress the people then people with access to that software's source have a moral obligation to set it free...

I can dream, at least.

@gabe Gotta seize those meanz. I would head straight for the Amazon data centre and turn it into a co-op.

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