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FYI If you're using Google Pay, you *will* lose access to your funds if Google suspends your account (along with email, YouTube, and anything else in the ecosystem)

I don't use it personally, but I have an account and they just sent me an email about a ToS change

BTW I will block anyone who starts with "stop using Google lol" or similar cause it's asinine. It's not just search

My state's GOVERNMENT PORTAL uses Google's captcha and other services

Until it gets broken up, Google is inescapable

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"Techies think distributed architecture leads to distributed power. But complexity makes users dependent on middle men. Social networks beat blogs because web hosting is too hard for most people. The path to decentralization is not distributed consensus algorithms it’s simplicity"

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Agaric's Show and Tell is this Thursday at 3PM Eastern.

This week, we will discuss Design Justice!

Here are some questions to get us started:

What are some examples of design justice?
design injustice?
How do you practice design justice?

Design justice is important to our work, so we want to make sure it is on everyone's radar!

For more info on attending and joining our Show and Tell mailing list, visit:

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We imagine this is particularly interesting for the folks looking at Cloudron, YunoHost and other similar systems for self-hosting management.

Delighted to finally get this out public and looking forward to comments/questions/critique/testing.

🎊 🎆 💕 🖥️

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Say hello to Co-op Cloud. It’s a system designed for small libre hosting providers based upon docker swarm.

Find out more:

We also have a public matrix room at

#FOSS #libre #hosting #coopcloud

Rob Zombie's Food Blog 

More Cumin Than Cumin

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this seems pretty cool?

"Firefox 86 Introduces Total Cookie Protection"

> Our new feature, Total Cookie Protection, works by maintaining a separate “cookie jar” for each website you visit. Any time a website, or third-party content embedded in a website, deposits a cookie in your browser, that cookie is confined to the cookie jar assigned to that website, such that it is not allowed to be shared with any other website.

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Tusky 14 is out now! 

- Redesigned the drafts function, so they are faster, more user friendly and hopefully more reliable.
- Wellbeing mode, allows you to limit certain features in Tusky. You can enable it in Preferences!
- Animated emoji support, need we say more?
- Timed mutes (for supported servers).
- Notification 🔔 for specific users posting, ring the bell icon on their profile (Mastodon 3.3.0 feature).
You can support our development via

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This is How We Transform the Economy - SEIZE SPEAKER SERIES
4 key speaker sessions, 1 hands-on workshop, and several spaces to mingle!

Starting February 23 and ending on March 23rd, the SEIZE (Socialist Economy Incubation Zone for Entrepreneurs) will host one (1) speaker a week for four (4) consecutive weeks...The final workshop will be specifically focusing on Concordia’s food system transformation.

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i may end up trying to write a longer-form post about this, but despite the urge to try to solve problems by writing code, there are *so* many ways for a tech-literate person to support existing activism that aren't writing a new app. just by knowing that linktree or buffer exists and helping set up accounts/content, you could make a huge impact for a group that already has expertise and connections in their area of interest.

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It's illegal to enter buildings in the zone as most of them are completely unstable, and due to a new zone administration there's typically no bribing your way out of a situation. Sometimes in the most unsuspecting places you may find street art left behind by a Stalker who risked arrest for something many will never see. Somewhat of a real life Easter egg, or a subtle nod to defiance: "You're not suppose to be here."

Location: Chernobyl Exclusion-zone, Ukraine. 2019.


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today's #blackherstorymonth spotlight is on Miss Major Griffin-Gracy 🌸 Miss Major is a Black, transgender activist who has fought for over fifty years to create a better world for her trans/gender nonconforming community.
Major is a veteran of the infamous Stonewall Riots, a former sex worker, and a survivor of Dannemora Prison and Bellevue Hospital’s “queen tank.” 🌸 Contribute to Miss Major's retirement fund:

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@colombene gave an interesting show-and-tell at @agaric today about the and the wireframes for their new Fabric data-sharing project

Any of y'all people connected to the datacommons project? If so, how do you intend to use it?

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