Trump’s Betrayal of Rojava - Turkey’s invasion of northeastern Syria is a terrible blow for the international left

“Activists and tech critics sometimes use the word complicit when talking about companies that look the other way when their inventions are causing harm. Assistive might be more accurate. Providing database and web services—even just email—to a cruel immigration regime assists in the cruelty.”


After union negotiatians broke down a bit ago, 35000 Chicago teachers just announced they are going on indefinite strike beginning tomorrow morning

Bison are being released into Badlands National Park in South Dakota for the first time since 1877

It’s really hard to want to advocate for free software when it often has such a poor UX. I went looking to see if there was a good Calendar app for android, and re-enabled Google Calendar. It turned out to be the exact UX I was looking for and automatically worked with my CalDav Calendar.

BTW: Glimpse, which is a fork of that other open-source image editor with the shitty name, has a version you can download and eff around with now.

Halloween party idea - If you are having a Halloween party you can test out face makeup to avoid facial recognition. I thought people may like this as an activity for a party --

Watch a few videos, apply the face makeup and then use free software to see if you are recognized.



site with free software webcam:

What do you think?

Opened up my podcast feed and saw a familiar name! @cadwellsocialcoop is having his story Jump read on the amazing “Levar Burton Reads” podcast!!!

Congrats!! Can’t wait to listen!

Request for Solidarity Show more

PSA: Write to people incarcerated even if you've lost touch. Show more

PSA: Write to people incarcerated even if you've lost touch. Show more

PSA: Write to people incarcerated even if you've lost touch. Show more

this is some saw shit


you think you test in prod, but do you test in prod like Boeing used to?


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