Linkrot is essentially a cybergoth concept.

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anyways, You Are A Wizard, a game where you're a fuckign wizard babey (and also dealing with the fact that you might be a shitty person), is 50% off for the next week


Well, the Nuggets lost. So much for proving the skeptics wrong. 😞

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The Denver Nuggets are so fun to watch. They're not loaded with superstars and instead rely on high energy, youthful play with a deep, well rounded roster focused on team ball.

🏀 💞

This is a great thread pulling out particularly salient results from the StackOverflow survey

Take a moment today to think of and honor Kong Lee, the owner of Kaffeinate in #Durham. Because he closed when the gas leak was detected, customers and employees were far away from the blast. He perished in the #DurhamExplosion, but he saved a dozen lives or more.

Split, wraps up some thoughts on "the front of the front end and the back of the front end", beeing a user centric developer, how the gate keepers of a more computer science driven industry might us all

@Wewereseeds and now we have squatter’s rights on the rainbow as you said it’s our forever now

@Wewereseeds I’m reminded of a think I read “Queer people didn’t steal the rainbow, straight people abandoned it.”

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