It is not exactly new story and I am not sure if this made the rounds in fediverse but a few days ago #archiveofourown won the hugo award on best related work. We have a huge #FLOSS community here but we don't talk nearly enough about this project.

#ao3 is an unique opensourced project that is not male dominated and also not started by people who were fulltime engineers but fans who decided enough is enough and we need to own our servers.

Congrats to Ao3!

#fandom #womenswork

"We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings."
- Ursula K. Le Guin

:gimp: For those who missed the news, #GIMP got forked big time: Show more

> With the GDPR, FairTube hopes to shine a light on how YouTube chooses which videos to prioritize or demonetize, and change YouTube’s support system from an automated one to one staffed by humans.

Google Agrees to Meet with YouTubers Union Right Before Deadline:


Ok, finally thought about an emoji could use instead of just whining about wanting more custom emojis.


Added the banner to my blog at . The site will go dark on September 20th in support of youth world-wide who have to "live" with the climate mess they did not create.

hey we still have these cool computer pins for sale

they are US$8 per each pin plus US$5 for shipping anywhere in the world (untracked from UK, ask if you need tracking)

very small manual operation here selling these so no easy checkout page sorry, dm me for paypal info and we'll sort out your order

Florida anarchist black metallers Hag Graef have posted a gnarly cover of the labor classic "Which Side Are You On?" with all proceeds going directly to the Blackjewel miners #blackjewelprotest 

I was interviewed for Marketplace today about running your own social network site! You can catch me on NPR stations today or just listen/read here: is upgrading from Drupal 7 to and it's gonna be :TwinPines: :blobaww: 🔥 😎

IWOC-NYC needs your support!

Our survival fund provides monthly commissary to inside organizers as well as emergency money to non-member comrades.

Thank you for any donations you can offer to directly impacted people.

force disney and sony to accept the judgment of Solomon and each choose only either the top or bottom half of spider-man to make films about


A crow was caught collecting a plastic bottle and putting it in a recycling bin

"If a bird can do it,
you can do it!"


(Via fb Tyler Hendley)


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