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I updated my header image to The Whispering Forest by Exphrasis.

If you like it, feel free to compliment the artist or even drop him a donation. :)

Xcel warns that the electric grid in Colorado might go down next summer.

Two big solar projects are behind schedule, which are being counted on to add capacity.

The grid went down this summer when an extremely dirty and unreliable coal plant malfunctioned.

We should def brace ourselves for this to happen in 2024.

Also, we wouldn't be in this mess if Xcel had been building these solar projects years ago, instead of building the aforementioned boondoggle coal plant.

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a hymn of revolts in Iran 

"Iranian singer Shervin Hajipour was arrested when he recently posted a song on Instagram about the anti-government protests raging across the country"
This song subsequently became an hymn for the protests all over Iran.

"Baraye", by Shervin Hajipour

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Help us to know more about the surveillance practices environmental defenders are exposed to.

If you're an environmental or climate justice activist, please spare a few minutes to complete our survey 👇

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Everyone! Meet our grandfather!

Every modern mammal, from a platypus to a blue whale, is descended from a common ancestor that lived about 180 million years ago. The organization of its genome has now been computationally reconstructed.

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The MaxLength module issue queue is hoppin! :bunny: 😊

It's fun as an maintainer when a project has so much energy to it.

Thumper (guinea pig) has been really picky with his lettuce and I don't know what's up.

He's eating carrots, green peppers, etc as normal but barely touches the lettuce. It's the same red leaf lettuce I've always fed him. It used to be his favorite!

He's acting normal otherwise so I'm not worried...yet...but it's odd.

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Been circling around a thought about how we live in a time period wherein individuals are held to an incredibly high standard when it comes to self-sufficiency but also are not the authorities on their own personhood or bodies. Western humans are expected to trust their doctors and lawmakers instead of their instincts or own research when it comes to what is happening in their own bodies.

As an example, you can be in pain, go to the doctor, and be told you're not in pain because there's no reason for you to be in pain. And the narrative of You, gets written down in your chart not as someone who is in pain but as someone who claimed to be in pain when they weren't.

But also we are at the peak of "not asking for help"/not living as social animals. A mother is now expected to be the entire village it takes to raise a child.

Isn't that strange? The juxtaposition of our insistence on individuality with the axiom that we are all unreliable narrators when it comes to ourselves?

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Putting in a late #inktober drawing on day 4 😌 Today's drawing is of CLR James, a Trinidadian historian, journalist and Marxist. He was the author of the 1937 work "World Revolution" outlining the history of the Communist International.
#CLRJames #MastoArt #Marxism

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Shout out to for doing the work of cultivating a transnational and bi-lingual community of engaged members. Not without bumps in the road, but with solid commitment.

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Hello new people!

You can find lots of tips for using Mastodon (and the Fediverse) written in non-technical language at:


It includes sections on getting started, tips for beginners, advanced tips, safety, accessibility and more.

The site should hopefully answer your questions, but if there's something missing or unclear just @ me or message me.

#Mastodon #Fediverse

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all members of the US Republican party look exactly the same

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yes, even the guy named Butch Otter

picture a US Republican in your head. Focus until you have a clear image of him. Then websearch for "Butch Otter". Is that the person you were imagining?

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@schratze I did not picture this, but maybe I did it wrong?

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Wow, this is very interesting. Smalltown is a new fork of Mastodon specifically for civic communities looking to host their own social media. It is being developed at Ethan Zuckerman's lab at UMass Amherst.

(It's explicitly inspired by Hometown and very nicely links to my Patreon on their github, too.)

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October is Blindness Awareness Month, AMA! Fun facts to start:

93% of people with sight loss have some level of sight, even if it's just telling the difference between light and dark.

Braille users are pretty rare (I've heard different percentages but all in single digits) so don't think slapping Braille on everything means you're done with accessibility.

We tend to be very poor. 75% of working-age blind people in the UK don't have jobs. People think being blind means we can't do most things.

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