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I went for a job interview today.

The interviewer asked me, “What’s your biggest weakness?”

I said, “Answering the semantics of a question but ignoring the pragmatics.”

The interviewer asked, “Could you give me an example?”

I said, “Yes, I could.”


Tbh, I want to bring back the era of MySpace / Tumblr. Allowing people to express themselves from the browser experience but still share content. It wasn’t locked and what not. Masto doesn’t do that (it’s not aiming to) nor does a lot of the services. It’s hard though. (

I reported my first bug to Signal Desktop. 🐛

Our solidarity kitchen is delivering over 100 meals a day all around the city.

Looking to scale up to hundreds of meals soon. Perhaps using the CoopCycle open source delivery platform.

#MutualAid works folks. Only we can help each other.

:_earth: :ancomheart: :fediverse:

Toilet paper is still unavailable at neighborhood stores and amazon.

Here in the Fraidy Cats household parental units have escalated the voluntary rationing order to enforced decree.

Muckrack released a new tool called "Trends." You can look at how often a term or phrase has been used in news articles over time.

You can also compare terms.

Helpful for noting under and over reporting of issues.

No more web client for zoom, HOW CONVENIENT...
I really hope this is a genuine bug and not some kind of technique to force users to download the client now that it's super popular and used by many online events, meetups, etc.

We are delighted to receive $10K in funding from @mozilla this week. We pitched CryptPad to the MOSS Open Source Seed Award back in February at #FOSDEM. We will use these funds to improve loading times.

The #government of Belgium considers the source code of #software solutions created for or by its public services to be public information that must be made available on request. The federal government now wants to discuss with the country’s regional governments how to accommodate such requests.

Is there any recommandation for a specific Peertube instance for activism content? I see a high potential during the next weeks and don't want to see all the content on Youtube, where it might get deleted. Are there also other good livestreaming platforms than twitch, Youtube or Facebook? Peertube doesn't have this feature yet.

I'd love to form more of a community with other designers, especially those focused on and who share slash values.

If you do too, respond to this thread and we can see where it goes from there.

(boost appreciated!)

I published a short how to on switching from to ( @elementary specifically) aimed at fellow designers.

I just tested #RecordScreenIO:

Worked perfectly, super easy to use. I was able to choose whether to record my screen and webcam, or just the screen, and which elements of the screen to record (whole screen or particular window?). After asking the web browser for permission to use the mic. and access the screen, it recorded with my voiceover, and presented the result as an embedded video. Then I had the option to download the video, or close and try again. 10/10 #UX

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