Im losing my goddamn mind i just saw this in front of my car

*mastodon user voice* hey comrade. i care about you. i know it’s tough out here, like soul-destroying awful every day, but i know you’re strong and i know that together we’ve got the strength to make it. good luck in all your endeavors ❤️✊️

look at this sneaky little fucker. what is he smiling about. what does he know

If you are unfamiliar with the group Equal Exchange, you should definitely go check them out. Great co-op that I heard about thanks to @Indigopenn and her folks.

of the day!

Natural monopolies should be owned by the people who use them.

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it’s too hard to find a D&D time that works with everyone’s jobs, so i have decided to end capitalism

huzzah unions!

> BuzzFeed News Is Unionizing
> And Honestly It’s About Damn Time ✊

Here is the technology policy @iwoc adopted. It could be instructive to these conversations happening on how to politicize the tech choices we make.

it's absolutely maddening and it is pervasive and I feel like I am terrible at talking to people about this.

and this is an organization with LOTS of resources, claims to be radical and intersectional and could potentially be investing resources into the free software movement but instead is chomping at the bit to adopt Salesforce and is deeply invested in Google suite.

I ask this because I had a great chat with another radical tech coop organizer who is considering creating such a resource.

Also because I talked with someone at a large nonprofit that applies their politics to the coalitions they join, where they hold their staff retreats, etc. but are completely disconnected from the politics of tech. They have one web developer shouting in the wind while the rest of the organization holds strong to "just use the tool that 'works the best'"

do people know of good resources that break down the politics around technology and how tech choices can't be seen as simply a means to an end?

Audience would be radicals who still blindly use Google Suite, Facebook, Slack, Salesforce etc because their primary concern is "getting the job done."

These resources should also have an intersectional analysis b/c the tunnel vision free software purism response is a show stopper for me.

One practical way decentralization and ownership over our data would be helpful is w/ cars.

I'd like to give read permission of my car's history to a mechanic. I'd then like to allow them to add the work they did and status of the car to my record after they work in it. From that point it's back to just reading the history.

If I'm ever screwed over by a mechanic, I revoke read access from my file completely.

Right now, my car's records aren't even shareable between different Grease Monkeys

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Remember. St valentine was the patron Saint of beekeeping. Celebrate valentines day the way it was meant to be celebrated by planting bee friendly wildflowers

Got up early to support the teachers on the picket line and ran into some fellow wobblies.

It's day three of the strike and teachers are holding firm to their demands.

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