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Stories 2.0

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We can't wait to ship this 🚀

"Freedom dreams are born when we face harsh conditions not with despair, but with the deep knowledge that these conditions will change— that a world filled with softness and beauty and care is not only possible, but inevitable."

Does anyone know of a tool that allows you to sync a presentation's slides with video/audio of the talk?

I'd like to look at a presentation's slide deck, click on a slide of interest and then be taken to that spot in the speaker's recording.

my big beef with euro-style boardgames is that Victory Points is just astonishingly redundant as a phrase. just call them fuckin' Points! it's even fewer syllables than the *abbreviation* VPs!!! shit man!

For anyone going to DrupalCon next week, I'm co-organizing the Nonprofit Summit and I think it's going to be real informative. We're also setting up a directory people can opt into for networking and organizing.

Check it out!

hi fediverse!

back in January, 100000 years ago, I got a chance to talk with @darius about running; why hometown, his fork of mastodon, is currently needed to create safer spaces; human-scaled social media; and trust networks and technology, for an interview in @logic.

we just recently released that conversation for free online. check it out!

My talk "Solarpunk, cyberpunk and popculture: Technological narratives tl;dr" got accepted to HOPE2020 ( )! I'll give it online between July 25 and August 2 this year!

#solarpunk #cyberpunk #popculture #HOPE2020

RT MargaretAtwood: Some science here: "When Sex and Gender Collide." #TransGenderWomen Biology doesn't deal in sealed Either/Or compartments.
We're all part of a flowing Bell curve. Respect that! Rejoice in Nature's infinite variety!

CryptPad 3.20.0 is now live on! 🎉

It features some nice security improvements and a lot of small tweaks to enhance usability. The full release notes are available on GitHub with all the details:


The best things in life are Mauricio's Drupal webinars! Intro to Drupal? Yes. Migrations? Check. First one starting in <1hr - sign up now!

The Ethical Source folks recently put out a guide to transitioning a project to an ethical source license. I'm really curious to hear about projects doing this and how it goes.

A great op-ed piece by @jelkner on the need to push back against tech giants taking over public education and instead funding public (ie: free and open source) tool for public schools.

Spending the last few months learning about open source and FOSS alternatives to the programs I used every day has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Having spent the last month writing about it all for fellow newbies has been a humbling one.

Imagine that the privacy/security scale is 0 to 5. Ive found that the biggest hurdle is getting from 0 to 1. Going from not caring to caring, that’s huge. After that it’s just a matter of scale. needs #krita artists to interview! Teens, kids, and people making animations especially invited.

I released 2.36.0-beta-1. What's new:

- Select text for media description
- Increase media description length to 1500 chars
- More details about accounts in notifications
- Media management in timelines
- Allow cross-account replies with followed instances
- Remove extra spaces at the bottom of messages
- Scheduled toots from server side have an incorrect date
- Incorrect feeds when checking instance admin account [...]

Full release notes:

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