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Google no longer indexing decade old articles (that means 2008!)

Time to duck duck go, if you haven't already.

╭ ◜ ◝ ͡ ◝ ͡ ◜ ◝ ╮
(prison abolition)
╰ ͜ ╯
〃∩ ∧_∧ 💕
⊂⌒( ´・ω・)💕
`ヽ_っ_/ ̄ ̄ ̄/

TFW you get excited for one result of a hashtag you searched for.

and it was your post.

😃 ... 🙁 ... 😔

Just bought Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi.

I've joined a book club here in Denver to discuss it. Super excited to draw lessons from it for the coop and racial justice movement out here.

“read open veins, its a classic!”

me: *has been dragging my feet for like 2 years now*

but here we are

/thread, live-tooting reading open veins of latin america by eduardo galeano

A relentlessly viral song that incorporates notification sounds from many social media, thus causing a constant checking of phones everywhere

"...instead of generalizing the idea of democracy or joint self-determination to all organizations. The latter would entail abolishing the employer-employee relationship of 'employing' or 'renting' people instead of just substituting a public for a private employer. Instead of attacking the root idea that democracy only applies to public government, socialists concluded that the only way to have 'democratic' businesses was to have public ownership, & we've been paying the price ever since." 2/2

" forces have essentially wasted the 20th c. with a disastrous love affair with . Diehard leftists continue to think that the principal mistake in socialism was ownership by the national government rather than the local municipal or community government. One of the most successful intellectual defense mechanisms of the employment system (aka "capitalism") was, after the democratic revolutions of the 19th c., to restrict democracy to the public or governmental sphere..." 1/2

Internet Things: The Phantom Juicero
Internet Things: Attack of the Phones
Internet Things: Revenge of the Fridge
Internet Things: A New Bot
Internet Things: The Empire Gets Hacked
Internet Things: Return of the Wifi
Internet Things: The Source Awakens
Internet Things: The Last Wifi

Rogue Pun: An Internet Things Story

A well-kept playlist in Spotify is like a good deck of Magic cards: after a while you don't know exactly what's in there, but no matter how much you shuffle it, it always works well.

Starting the week off strong with some data munging.

I want to start a new tradition similar to #ff called 'subscribe Saturday' or #subsat, where you recommend an RSS feed to subscribe to.

Help people get out of algorithm bubbles and promote smaller/nieche resources.

#rss #openweb

"The vicious circle by which proceeds does not happen in isolation, but rather as an interplay between the individual and the in which they are embedded." Olivia Laing, The Lonely City

What I've found important to remember in the face of the grim realities behind that statement (especially in America) is that society is made up of us. Next time you find yourself shying away from extending a hand or some words due to social convention, consider bucking the trend. 💕

The follow functionality in Mastodon has been very buggy for me. Lots of folks I am sure I was following showing up as not being followed when I look at their profile.

😢 😂 😭 💧 💦 ☔️ 🌊 ⛵️ 🛶

*Large corporate entity creates a character that says "I'm gay" once for no other than to generate positive pr*

I'm crying tears of happiness you guys. I can't believe we've come this far. I can't wait to buy the funko pop.

*Queer indie creator makes something explicitly queer*

This doesn't perfectly match *my* experiences with queerness; time to take this bitch down a peg or two.