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I updated my header image to The Whispering Forest by Exphrasis.

If you like it, feel free to compliment the artist or even drop him a donation. :)

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Wait why does this work so well?

I can actually focus on it rather than having g to reread like 3 times.

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In case it's of interest: I'm a metalsmith and have a little Etsy shop where you can see my amulets and resin art (no resin up at the moment). I'm having a sale right now, 20% off all amulets, comes with chain. If you're within the continental US or Canada, tracked shipping is included! ;)

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Removing bloat from websites to reduce environmental impact. Love the spirit of this, though the article could have been more pointed on the political economy driving the worst of the problems, and the technical recommendations merit debate worthy of a forum!

During my visit to Minnesota I came across two new species of mushroom I didn't even know existed.

In true fungi fashion, both look so freaking cool and have the perfect names.

🧝Elf Cup

😈 Devil's Urn

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antiblackness, white supremacy, russian invasion of ukraine fallout 

- outpouring of support for ukraine that's been absent for equally violent crises
- widespread violence against Black refugees from the invasion
- germany kicking Afghan refugees out of housing for ukrainians to take their place
- massive increase in Burkinabè refugees while donor groups have cut funding from support programs for them to divert funding to ukraine
- ukrainians at u.s./mexico experiencing less frequent family separation, looser legal requirements, & far shorter wait times to enter the u.s. than Haitians & central amerikans who have been there for much longer

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Just learned about the tag #lichenSubscribe, so good!
So here’s the ones I know, if you are into plants, fungi and symbioses of the two:
- #florespondence
- #mosstodon
- #sporespondence
- #lichenSubscribe
- I’ve used #veggiespondence for gardening before but not sure if that’s widely used

Any others?

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i am interested in hearing anyone's insights/advice about ui/ux design. i'm desperate to make a move out of healthcare like yesterday. pls and ty

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We need your help! 👋

Bitwarden is evaluating a new product tailored for developers and DevOps teams, to understand how they manage developer and infrastructure-oriented secrets, such as API keys, certificates, etc.

If you would like to participate, please fill out this short screener: #DevOps #developer #cybersecurity

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This spy eye is badass. I found it on the EFF site which says they everything unless noted otherwise, so use to your heart's content.

Does anyone know if the new Google Analytics 4 addresses the privacy issues European courts have ruled it illegal over?

being back in large public spaces reminds me how weird people are, myself included.

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One of the most important feature requests we've heard from you is "WHERE THE HECK IS MY #THUNDERBIRD MOBILE APP?"

Here's a straight answer:

YES, we're excited to announce that an Android version of Thunderbird is coming!

We'll have more details to share with you in a few weeks. We'll talk to you about it here, and over on our blog at

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