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Have you installed elementary OS 6 yet? If you could use a little help making an install disk, this tutorial will show you how to do it!

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If you can, please support one of these abortion funds, which help people afford care and also related expenses like childcare and travel. Funds in Texas will now need to budget for lawsuit defense as well as for helping more people travel longer distances, while funds in other states will need to step in to backstop them. Here are ways to help:

Donate to specific Texas funds:

Texas Equal Access Fund-

Clinic Access Support Network-

Fund Texas Choice-

The Lilith Fund For Reproductive Equity-

The Bridge Collective-

Jane's Due Process-

Buckle Bunnies-

SYS (Support Your Sistah)-

Frontera Fund-

The West Fund-

Or split a single donation among 10 Texas funds at:

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#SeedSaving is not just food saving ... it is in the very heart of the centuries-old tradition and art of plant cultivation.

Next Tuesday, September 7 at 18:00 CEST (UTC+2), we put the culture back into agriculture with our first #OpenSource #Seed saving #workshop 2021 offered by Aimee Fenech. The workshop will be in English and online in a Big Blue Button (BBB) room, more information here:

The session is interactive, bring your questions and let us all learn together.

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Don't forget, tomorrow* is Bandcamp Friday:

* In less than 2 hours.

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⚙️ New editor settings in Forms v2 (coming soon!)

Addressing feedback from our research:

- Important functions such as "copy link", preview, and responses are now easier to find with big buttons.

- "Anonymous" responses and the requirement to be logged in to an account are now separate settings.

- New setting to allow/block editing responses after submitting.

- Custom message seen by participants after they submit.
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It is humiliating that it took a national uprising for Colorado to seek , but I am grateful that we are getting there, at last.

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hey #fediverse, I'm looking to create a collection of social sustainable VPS providers

some characteristics:
- green energy
- worker owned
- organic growth
- opensource
- NO hyperscale

some examples:

please send me more!

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Dave Grohl describes Nandi Bushell as both the most bad-ass drummer in the world and his archnemesis.

Bushell, age 11, and Grohl had an adorable online relationship, playing back and forth during the pandemic. Grohl invited her to play with the Foo Fighters in Los Angeles last week.

They had never met in person before this night. Grohl says Bushell inspired him because people could see the two of them spreading joy and love during a time of otherwise bad news.

Plus, who doesn't like to listen to any Foo Fighters' live performance, so enjoy this #SongOfTheDay.

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Call of Cthulhu: It's a book of great evil!

Me: Atlas Shrugged?

CoC: Near unreadable in its rambling, incoherent diatribe of horror!

Me: Atlas Shrugged.

CoC: Those who read it becomes monsters dedicated to the torment of humanity!

Me: Yeah, that's Atlas Shrugged.

(stolen from

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The company I work at is hiring.

Want to work at a sustainable webhosting company that cares about human rights, privacy, a open internet and all that kind of good stuff?

Have a look at our vacancies:

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° ° .    · , · .   

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"The Heritage Library collects beautiful illustrations from the past which are 100% free to use. We carefully researched and edited the content to make it useable for you in private or commercial projects."

I've also been told that they release 3 new sheets a week that they'll mail you about if you join the mailing list :D

#ArtReference #CC0

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Designers at @kaleidosnet six years ago: "we're not 1st class citizens in Open Source. You, developers, don't know how privileged you are".

The whole story on how Penpot was born within Kaleidos explained by our CEO @diacritica on this podcast.

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Comradery is a new Patreon-style payment platform aimed at individuals and co-operative organisations. It's still in development, but you can follow the latest updates at:

➡️ @comradery

Their website is at

#Comradery #Activism #CoOp #CoOps #CoOperatives #Patreon #Alternatives #Business #Payment

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Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is looking for any volunteers to go to New Orleans for hurricane response.

Here is the sign up form:

(It's Google, so use a VPN and consider using an assumed name and details when signing up)

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