MeansTV has just been killing it lately.

If you haven't heard of them, they're a worker co-op trying to start a leftist media platform. I believe it was started by the team behind some of Bernie's 2016 campaign marketing as well as AOC's campaign.

Great team of people doing some great work!

Anybody know a FOSS, non-evil alternative to Google's captcha service?

Ideally one that also doesn't force users into a brief life of indentured AI servitude to produce free labor for some third party...

Watching Jonah Hill's "mid90s"; there is something so satisfying about seeing the mythos of your childhood so eloquently captured on screen.

It's probably just a glimpse of my slow descent into old age, boomer-style, though 😟

Still, I look forward to whatever else Jonah Hill has to offer.

Anybody have any recommendations for accessible (specifically fully-captioned) training resources for becoming a linux sysadmin?

A coworker who is deaf is interested in learning more, and we're having trouble finding professional, comprehensive resources for him.

Haven't been on here in a minute, has the revolution begun?

If you're in America, please go vote today.

Shut down the fascist GOP.

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real programmers use 

whatever tools they feel most comfortable using and believe are best for what they want to do

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Switching from twitter, so here's a(n) #introduction

Hi! I'm a high school student from Chicago. Right now I spend most of my free time developing tools to give more kids from around the city an opportunity to learn to code. I'm super into good design and improving human interactions, so most of my projects are web-based.

Other things I enjoy: philosophy, electronic music, functional programming, biking.

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How can I, a public university employee at the bottom of the totem pole, start working today to try and end the University's dependence (read: wholly ensnared state) on proprietary, corporate owned/backed software?

Anybody know of any orgs that work on this, or have any experience fighting this kind of thing?

It makes for a very depressing state of affairs, being so reliant on these capitalist structures.

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Fun fact: despite existing almost as long as the web, cookies are not a requirement to view article based sites.

"McCartney" is a masterpiece. Paul writing and performing the entire thing, and just killing it throughout!

Imo solidifies him as being on a level of his own.

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As a lifelong Beatles fan(atic) who has mostly ignored their subsequent solo careers until recently, lemme just say: Damn, have I been missing out.

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"This was a group of so-called alt-right protesters who decided that a socialist bookshop, which stocks radical literature and working-class history titles and provides stalls for national trade union conferences, was a legitimate target for violence."

If this kind of shit doesn't wake up people, then nothing will. Fascists attacking books is the last step before fascists attacking people.

"The FCC has come clean on the fact that a purported hack of its comment system last year never actually took place, after a report from its inspector general found a lack of evidence supporting the idea. Chairman Ajit Pai blamed the former chief information officer and the Obama administration..."

This guy.

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