I think I'd enjoy living in the city a lot more if people would drop the weird "urban solitude" thing where you're supposed to pretend you aren't aware of each other's existence.

It feels so weird to walk by someone on the street, say "good morning" and watch them stare directly forward and pretend they're alone on the sidewalk.

Humans are weird.

@christianbundy more communal projects would help heal the social cohesion. :3

let me try, "Hey you believe in aliens??", "Do you like my new dance??", "Wanna overthrow the govt??"
No, actually I do this all the time, just because I truly don't expect anything remarkable to come from anyone else. Sounds mean, but I just noticed this the other night, someone said something hilarious to me and I felt like I just had to walk passed it.
What efforts taken to ignore the bourgeois by the downtrodden and vice versa, may be the whole metropolitan energy

@johnribbon I wasn't sure which toot you were replying to so when I saw the notification my heart sunk.

@christianbundy Rude of other people not to reply to good gestures. ☺️ It's not twitter.

@christianbundy: I find it a necessary precaution against social interaction/proximity overload. If I were open to interaction with, or at least socially acknowledge, each person I cross paths with in everyday city life, that might mean thousands of people each day. And often, the crossing of paths happens under high spatial density (in the tram, on the stairs, on the sidewalk), further intensifying any potential interaction. I simply can't process so much social, so have to erect high barriers.

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