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But it's completely ridiculous that there are more operating systems I could use as my daily driver than there are web browsers.

I guess I should feel happy that at least the Web is a platform with multiple independent implementation, as opposed to Wintel.

The Web is as shitty as it is because there are huge teams of highly paid programmers constantly working on web browsers, and there have to be huge teams of highly paid programmers on web browsers because the web is as shitty as it is.

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Just switched from google as a default search engine for all my browsers to duckduckgo.

Great resource on anti/post-capitalist & solidarity economy events coming up this year (via Richard Bartlett on ):


Hey, so my husband got his lay-off notice today. He was the brewer at Mendocino Brewing Company.

Do any of you socialists know how to put together a worker's coop? Because it is absolutely ridiculous that the brewery is standing on one side of a locked door, and everyone who knows how to brew and bottle beer is on the other.

@fabianhjr And if you're a javascript person, there's acceptable support of ipfs for node anyway. So we're probably going to have gateways and other tools to bridge technology of the resistance like ssb, ipfs-pubsub, and matrix.org

Take for example ipfs-pubsub-room. Piece of cake.


It's all cool and dandy but what closes the deal for me is pubsusb.


"What if Uber drivers set up their own platform, or if a city’s residents controlled their own version of Airbnb?"

Think some of you Mastodonners might be interested in this book (I've purchased but hasn't arrived yet). Firstly, it's nice to see a positive book about the future of tech. Secondly, seems like decentralisation/cooperation is a big theme.


Tech journalist's guide to CES 2018 reporting:
1. Attend press conference and demo; don't bother taking notes
2. Write up article of subjective impressions and whatever details you remember from the presentation
3. Use your astroturfing account to post it on Reddit
4. Silently update the article with corrections, fact checking, and research provided by redditors
5. Profit

I don't understand people who think that self-improving artificial intelligence will solve all of humanity's problems. We've already got self-improving natural intelligence and all it does is shitpost and be depressed

My birthday is approaching so i am Getting Existential

@wu_lee he is right, but not for the reasons he provides. The problem is that platforms like Diaspora, GNU Social, Mastodon etc... all rely on ISPs to exist. Kleiner's idea of "[platforms] run[ning] on the computers of the platform’s users" won't solve a thing: ISPs can still lock people the fuck out of the internet as they please. Cooperatively owned ISPs are the only long-term solution to the anti-disintermediation problem.

From The future will be technical:

If we want our community to grow sustainably, and for our future to be properly solarpunk, this is what I feel we should do:

Recognize the wound in us, caused by a highly technological world we no longer understand and are actively discouraged from understanding.

Understand that most of our "non-dev" friends carry this wound, though they may not articulate it.

Feed a culture where new people are encouraged to be collaborators, not consumers, no matter the background they are coming from.

Choose to grow organically, using methods that are radically different from the modern web strategy of “grow like a hockey stick then bounce off the tip!”. This likely means growing slowly, but intentionally.

When building or writing for the verse, choose the path that empowers and enlightens, which may not be the slickest or simplest path.

When the most empowering path requires technical skill, offer the resources for any scuttler to learn these skills. It is always better to articulate than obscure.

Check the language of any of our technical docs, to make sure it is inviting and empowering, and not filled with the closed-off culture of the larger tech world. Be conscious that any readme can be an invitation to our incredible coded world.

Keep being awesome.

Hey, is there a #solarpunk community here?

Anyone living the life? anyone writing the fiction? Anyone building the tech?