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"(...) research suggests that raises the stakes of fights for status among men. The connection is so strong that, according to the World Bank, a simple measure of inequality predicts about half of the variance in rates between American states and between countries around the world."


It's day. Time to get to work locally, because the feds won't protect us from monopoly ISPs. Who in your community is working for municipal or co-op networks? Time to find each other.

These days I tried to switch from uBlock to Privacy Badger because I like the idea not to block advertisement in general but only the harmful stuff. But now it happens quite often that websites detect Privacy Badger and show a pop-up every few seconds. So I'm back from blocking some advertisement to blocking all advertisement. Don't think it is better, but it seems like this is what publishers prefer these days. #adblocker #Web #privacy

Talk to me about organizations that were born in/from the Free Software movement that, over the years, have grown to more and more distance themselves from that movement.

And go ahead and s/Free Software/Open Source/ if that applies more easily. I'm not talking about an FSF thing. I'm talking about orgs which increasingly "cut corners" to "get work done faster" by using more and more proprietary software.

I have a semi-unique perspective with my work at Create Commons, but I want yours, too.

📈 This week €1139 and $77 have been donated by 789 patrons to 265 creators and projects. Compared to last week that's a 47% increase in total value transferred and a 53% rise of the number of donors! Join us too on liberapay.com/

Well, do want you want Patreon but I’m switching to Liberapay and probably duniter too.

Wow, looks like is pretty responsive to it's base.


I wonder if there is a way to start a conversation now about them one day converting to a structure, instead of waiting to be sad when they announce that they are getting bought out.

Maybe with enough planning beforehand, we could find enough to make it happen. Could be an interesting high-publicity "first people's buyout"

Even though it's good that patreon listened to feedback, I feel like we still need to be in the lookout for another safer space, that we know is there to support us, not to make money of of us.

That said, without a publicly/collectively/cooperatively-run/owned payment processor as a Paypal alternative, capriciousness is still built in to the system. Like look at the shit sex workers and pornographers have gone through with Paypal.

I suspect they won't entirely backtrack on their idea of winnowing the userbase down to "life-changing level"-funded creators.

I feel trying to make a living, or even part of one, via crowdfunding is a really precarious situation, and doing it exclusively through a private, VC-funded platform puts you at the mercy of their caprices.

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Greetings new infosec persons! Incase you havn't been on the fediverse before it's useful to know that this is really just a public discussion space and there is not really anything by way of credible privacy features. Mastodon claims to have something like that, but it wouldn't stand up to any real scrutiny.

The noise-to-signal ratio with #crypto is getting too damn high...

Tech revolution, fine, but without #UBI or #UD it is not an economic revolution: the rich had not been struggling to stay rich with fiat currencies! The self-perpetuation of the rich is not challenged by the majority of cryptos!

Please check out #duniter and promote any other #cryptoUBI or #cryptoUD you come across. Please leave the rest to the screeching speculators.

So, Patreon announced they're rolling back the fee structure changes: blog.patreon.com/not-rolling-o

Thoughts, Masto?

Personally I'm wary, and am considering moving to Liberapay, as it fits with what I'm doing better; I don't have "tiers", all my content is freely available.

Hello social.coop people,

I'm Alfonso, connecting from the Pyrenees, the mountains in the south of France.

I'm a developer and architect interested in to build free digital ecosystem attached to territories.

Here in the Pyrenees, i've co-founded Lab Place, a maker and co-working space in a little village lab.place

I also take part in the international network Civicwise civicwise.org


I'm an based software engineer who thinks co-operatives might be a better way to make a living, looking for like-minded collaborators.

Interested in P2P Foundation ideas, Rethinking Economics, member of edinburghhacklab.com