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Les #RML11 ont démarré à Douarnenez aujourd’hui

4 jours autour du code du Système #Duniter et de la #MonnaieLibre

Pour suivre les vidéos des ateliers techniques

sur la chaîne Youtube de Galuel :

(et en différé sur notre chaîne MLO : playlist RML11)

Programmes des Ateliers Techniques :

#RML11 #Douarnenez #MonnaieLIbre #RdB #Duniter #G1 #PennArG1 #MLO #Cesium

I published an article! 😀

"The internet is going through a crisis... a Seldon crisis."
(The unpredictable advent of the decentralized internet)


#internet #asimov #decentralize #mastodon #gdpr #fediverse

@h @fabianhjr @KevinCarson1 The focus is on worker ownership and distribution of surpluses to the worker-owners. It doesn't depend on the legal definition of the organization. It may not be perfect, but as a friend of mine likes to say, a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

@fabianhjr The main difficulty I have seen when collectives adopt a capitalist form, is that they generally run the risk of internalising capitalist structure and philosophy, because of legal enforcement and liability.
The problem with this is that it's not easy to draft internal bylaws and behave like something else outwardly. Not everybody is prepared, and it often generates all sorts of distortions and breakups.

It's been explored, we still have more work to do

@KevinCarson1 @Steve

@fabianhjr I'm about to start publishing my translations under it. I just wrote a short essay on it, and I hope to have a new website by the end of the week to post it on.

In short, the PPL flips "intellectual property" on its head, because labor can profit from it, while capital cannot.

Anyone know if there is a Copyfair/Copyfarleft software license?

What are your thoughts on the Peer Production License?

Q: "this path we're committed to, is it wise?"

A: (pitying look) "It's happening. You can't stop it. Everything is going this way."

A: "I know everyone's doing it, but is it *wise*. Will we regret this later?"

Q: (shuffle papers) "Let's move on."

All software vendors, 2018:

So then all the customer's data, every tiny detail of their lives, is uploaded into the giant central computer hub located in another country. And your life gets much better! It only costs you $1000 a day. Any questions?


Uh. um. What, like, stops bad, uh, bad people, all that power in one place

Vendor (laughing):

We knew you'd ask! So we only allow a tiny insular self-selected, rich, social elite to run the giant central computer.

CEO (nods):

Very wise.

"We don't support your business model"

blog post on blanket ban on all related organisations.

Necessary evil? Too broad a brush?


ahaha you know how some web sites are like "buhh please disable your ad blocker" well lichess has a similar ad-shaped notice on their streams page but it says "you should install an ad blocker probably"

Idk why we stick with the concept of low character limits. I doubt it had really anything to do with Twitter's success other than making Twitter seem new and interesting when it was made.

I missed this, the library opening was a few days ago, but still relevant.

via @aradio_berlin@twitter.com

"Grand opening of the first Social Center in since the 1950s!

(Social Center and Anarchist Library) is opening in Havana!



it's very true that a good part of what calls itself steampunk is actually copper plated aristocracy. that doesn't deserve the steam and much less the punk

Trans people are real human beings, and not a threat to anyone.

Trans Rights are Human Rights. Nothing about Trans people having the fulfilling lives everyone deserves detracts from your right to also enjoy a good life.

In fact, acting like a bigot makes your life worse: Don't.

@strand Nothing too dramatic, but occasionally recruiters come to me asking about companies I disagree with. I think my current work is good, so I have the luxury of turning them down.

My ethical requirements are: no selling of non-free software, no military, no ads, no sex industry, no surveillance.

My last job was image processing for automated diagnosis of neurological diseases and my current job is data collection and computation about ecology and the environment.

@strand I was asked at my last job to drive a forklift without certification. I am partway certain that my refusal contributed to my eventual sacking.