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@marie_joseph There is, technically, a single-celled parasitic breed of dog

One of the only known types of contagious cancer is a venereal cancer carried by dogs. Since it's contagious, the cancer cells aren't actually cells that belong to the host dog. This cancer has been reproducing and spreading for so long that it's actually mutated and its DNA, while still dog DNA, is no longer a perfect match to any type of dog that does or ever has existed - it's its own unique breed, and it exists only in the form of cancer cells

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@cwebber @anna a couple of the mozilla fellows in my cohort were working on, essentially, "computer security without fear" -- how do you teach computer security practice without relying on fear, but rather on a sense of community support and safety? Seems highly related

I haven't been keeping up -- what's the consensus on ? Last time Iogged on everyone was leaving. Maybe it will be different this time?

This town ain't big enough for the both of us, partner. We've gotta build more town, it can't fit two adults and that's baffling to me. This town dummy small.

Oops, I tried to make a line break but it send the post. No good.

Anyway, find me on Scuttlebutt[0] or shoot me an email[1]. Otherwise, I'll keep my fingers crossed that my account still exists in a few weeks.


I haven't been active at all on for the past few weeks (months?) as I've been spending more time on , but it looks like things may have changed while I've been gone.

In case this instance doesn't survive, I'd love to remain friends with all of you.

Radical Networks Call for Proposals

From mass surveillance to the over-commercialization of the World Wide Web, the concept of a free and open Internet is continously threatened by corporate interests and over-reaching governments. Radical Networks is a festival and a conference, designed to foster critical discussions around these issues and to create opportunities to learn more about policy, DIY networking and the future of the Internet

Submissions due by 31 July

When you let #machinelearning evolve a new floor plan for your elementary school
Interesting work by Joel Simon

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Anarchy, today, is attack; it is war against every authority, every power, every state. In the future society, anarchy will be defence, the prevention of the re-establishment of any authority, any power, any state.
-- Carlo Cafiero

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In a world where only a tiny fraction of the money made in publishing ends up in the author's pockets and where they are generally the worst paid worker in the chain, complaining about used book sales or piracy is missing the point.

A few months ago I switched from Google Play Music to Bandcamp.

And nothing of value was lost. Highly recommend buying music instead of renting it from Google, Spotify, or other online services.

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