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As Lucy Parsons said "Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth." I think it is also true that we should never be deceived that those sitting atop the institutionalized power of white supremacy will allow you to vote away their police."

I'm worried that this is a very silly question, but are there well-specified p2p protocols for building resilient communities? I know this sounds like techbro bullshit but I've seen lots of techniques to build community but zero **systems** geared toward building community.

How long does it take to write a basic ActivityPub client from scratch?

with the world moving to more and more digital solutions in all areas of life, as long as you're allowed to have a private conversation in person you should be allowed to have one digitally. as long as you're allowed to have a safe in your home, you should be allowed to securely encrypt files on your computer. it's the same thing and anyone who argues otherwise glows in the dark.

General-purpose operating system (Linux, BSD, Plan 9, etc)

Special-purpose operating system (RTOS)

Vendor-purpose operating system (iOS, Android)

NYPD is apparently just driving around West Harlem with their sirens on until 3am to terrorize the community now.

I want to use/recommend noscript but *wow* is the interface unfriendly. Random icons with no text?!

I think 'S' means "JavaScript", so:

- 'S' + 'do not enter' symbol = JavaScript Disabled
- 'S' + clock = JavaScript temporarily enabled (for how long?!) on this domain
- 'S' = JavaScript permanently enabled on this domain
- 'S' + wrench = "Custom" (?!?!?!)
- 'S' + 'do not enter' symbol + wrench = "Options" (?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?)

There are more but I'm at the edge of my sanity.

plz reply to your toot to create a thread, plz do not make me go to your profile to load context

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Hey, you should check out @Dizzy 's Pride potions:

and use them as emoji:
:potion_agender: :potion_aromantic: :potion_asexual: :potion_bigender: :potion_bisexual: :potion_demiboy: :potion_demigender: :potion_demigender_2: :potion_demigirl: :potion_demisexual: :potion_genderfluid: :potion_genderflux: :potion_genderqueer: :potion_intersex: :potion_lesbian: :potion_nonbinary: :potion_omnisexual: :potion_pangender: :potion_pansexual: :potion_polyamory: :potion_polysexual: :potion_pride: :potion_progress: :potion_queer: :potion_trans:

(They are all "potion_" so your admin can easily search for them!)

Municipalist Politics and the Specter of Emancipation

"...why was the municipalist movement unable to bring about any fundamental change in the way politics is practiced, even just at the local level? Why was it unable to sustain a new way of doing politics? What can we learn from these experiences in order not to make the same mistakes again?"

#socialecology #communalism #municipalism

why is this a hot webdev take 

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