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America, 2018.

Four people are dead in an overnight shooting at a restaurant in Tennessee by a naked white man.

Local police describe him as a “person of interest”. Not a suspect. Just in case you don’t understand what white privilege is or think it doesn’t exist.

The President has yet to address this, choosing instead to whine about “fake news”, make anti-Semitic slurs, and repost Yelp! reviews of his job performance.

Meanwhile, Nazis burn swastikas at a rally in Georgia.

Perfectly normal police response to anti-racist protesters yesterday in , GA.

Is there such a thing as knowing your cat and your cat knowing you too well?

If you're ever feeling unsure of what to do, try to visualize the future you want and think of the changes in the world between how it is now and how you want it to be.

It's silly (and obvious) but it's somehow really easy to forget.

If you're having trouble deciding which change to make first, try to think about which changes need to come first. Always look for the root changes, everything else is secondary at best.

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Hey here's something about the Fediverse that some people don't take into account:

I see on "hacker" "news" that there is currently discussion about Scuttlebutt and the very clever opinion is that oh no, distributed social is worse than FB/Twitter because nothing is stopping BigScaryCorp from scooping up all your public posts.

Ignoring the fact that you can very easily have a locked account or even one that has public AND non-public posts... 1/

@christianbundy that's the approach a lot of market anarchists have taken to differentiate themselves from the AnaCap/Liberterians. Originally from @rechelon back in the before-times:

Sometimes I wonder how many hours humanity has spent trying to explain that "free software" isn't always $0.

I get that "liberated software" is a mouthful, but what about "freed software"?

Edit: April 21st. Apparently I'm bad at dates.

“Everything suggests this strain will survive well and spread easily—and acquiring resistance to azithromycin is only a matter of time.” Azithromycin is currently the only antibiotic remaining that treats the infection."

When things like this will come back to bite our fat western asses, we'll only have one person to blame: ourselves, for letting capitalism destroy the Global South.

The WHY in why Facebook (YouTube, Snap, Twitter, Et. al) are bad is so much more than their data policies or advertising it's that their entire existence is predicated on a LIE.

A lie so pervasive that almost the entire wold believes it.

That there service is "free" and that our contributions are not valuable.

When in fact there is nothing more invaluable than our time and attention, of which we are each given only a finite amount to spend.

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For five years, a firm founded by an ex-Israeli spy has been harvesting #Facebook photos for facial recognition. The firm is a vendor to the NSA and others.

does anyone actually think Coachella is about the music and not a way for corporations to market and sell their products on social media?

To anyone at who has yet to join and engage in a Loomio working group come on down!

You are wanted and you are welcome.

Discussions around finance and governance aren't always the sexiest on the surface but are very much the bedrock a happy healthy community is built on.