In a place far away from your norms, you have a chance to forget yourself; to assume your ignorance before another's; to be humbled. and to gently assume the bus driver won't take you over the edge of this narrow mountain road.

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Happy Sunday Mastodon

Work on the 3rd volume of Kintsugi is going well.

We are still accepting articles. If you would like to feature get in touch.

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Oh, are we redoing #introductions now?

Hi there, Fediverse! Name (as you might have guessed) is Dave (or David; I use both equally). 55 cishet male from Long Island, NY. Into #filk (hence the handle), #ScienceFiction, #travel, #guitar, and #HamRadio. I work out regularly at #OrangeTheoryFitness, which kicks my ass but I need to do it. I also like #hiking but I don't get to nearly enough, and my favorite place is the #beach.

I speak enough #French and #German to be dangerous.

Got new hard shell suitcases for our trip to Japan. Now applying stickers so we can tell our suitcases from all the identical suitcases.

Me: Satanic Temple?
Em: No. If we ever go to the US, Christians will lose our luggage.
Me: "Anthill Inside"? It's even appropriate for luggage!
Em: They'll think we have live animals.
Me: "Acme Laboratories"?
Em: Dangerous chemicals.
Me: I guess "This Machine Kills Demons" is right out. They'll think we're Islamic terrorists.
Em: Yup.

#travel #bsxp

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I would like to announce the new !travel group to the !fediverse !fedgroups 

I've been neglecting #mastodon. Who should I #follow this #ff?

I'm interested in #rust, #Esperanto, #conlangs, #gay stuff, #travel, #programming #languages, #technology. Also I live in #Iceland. (But may move to #Seattle or #Portland next year.)

Norway: Business meeting/conference service with sea eagle safari where the eagles almost eat out of your hand... (the eagles actually follow the boat, so it is not like it only lasts for a few moments).

In season, you may also observe the northern lights phenomenon "Aurora borealis", and even sleep on deck looking up at the spectacular sky above you if you like.

- Provided by #Hurtigruten , Norway's proud coastal cruise ship service ( .

(PS. This is originally taken from a newspaper advertisement by Hurtigruten, which I am NOT affiliated with. I post it because it is both a very special, spectacular and relatively unknown business service.)

#business #personal #travel #nature
#northernlights #auroraborealis
#scandinavia #norway #bucketlist

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Previous photo in context.
Shot from Mt Ainslie, in Canberra, looking down across the War Memorial, Old and New Parliament Houses.

#Travel #Photography

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The Australian Capital, Canberra.

In the foreground, The National War Memorial.

Just across the lake, the Old Parliament House.

and beyond that, "New" Parliament House.

#Photography #Travel

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Sunset in Vanuatu about 3 years ago when I was flown over there to shoot a wedding.

#Photography #Travel #Vanuatu #SouthPacific

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Been thinking about reworking my itinerary for my year. Right now it's Spain, Argentina, New Zealand, Germany, Canada. Any recommendations for countries with a strong and movement that I should be visiting? Preferably with Spanish and/or English speakers?

4em jour de voyage en Belgique.
Une soirée à Westmale .

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Photographies sous licence créative Commons Attribution pas de modification pas d'utilisation commercial.

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Le tour de Belgique en stop continue sur le Instagram.

jour 3 : visite de Brugge puis direction Gand

#photography #travel #photographie #voyage

photo sous licence créative Commons Attribution pas de modification pas d'utilisation commercial

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Our trusty stead, out in the desert. We travelled 4768km on this trip and she never missed a beat.

Also successfully didn't hit any roos, emus or echidnas, and avoided all the galahs too.

#Photography #Travel #Astrophotography

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So I downloaded the track logs from the GPS in the car for our trip.

4,786km over 9 days (55hr 31min moving time).

It's quite a long way to drive, and this was only one small part of Australia.


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