Ten episodes on the history of #tea on one of my favorite podcasts, The #Chinese #History #Podcast. First episode is this one: – and I see he also uploaded them on YouTube?

trying to find a #history book on major #obscenity cases from the jay through warren supreme courts and i'm a little surprised there's no (easy-to-find) #academic text on roth, miller, one inc, and similar cases. if people have any #recommendations...? please feel free to boost this!

p.s. gay rights cases in general would be fine if they're in the right time frame and sufficiently significant

Total Eclipse Of The Counterfeit: For all of Amazon’s successes, it has a major achilles heel, and a controversy around the fake solar eclipse glasses it was selling perfectly highlights it.

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watch this #video

it is beautiful to watch white people destroy a Confederate monument...

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So here's the saga of the Ming History English Translation Project.

My mother, a professor of #Chinese #history, noticed that there was no central repository of English translations of the official history of the #Ming dynasty - the Mingshi, published by the #Qing government - and decided to set up such a thing, as a website. I was 12 or 13 at the time and used my ~~~elite haxxor skills~~~ to write the whole thing by hand in html and stick it on UCSD's server.

Search By Text: Before the search giant shot for the moon, Google occasionally had to accept the limitations of consumer technology. So they bent the rules instead.

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Chelsea Clinton's new book about history neglects actual history

Dear Chelsea Clinton: Clara Lemlich was a Communist—and a Jew
– '...I hope that every girl in the world gets the chance to be inspired by Clara Lemlich. Her legacy might inspire young women to organize strikes in the garment sweatshops created by your parents’ free trade zones in Haiti, to work against U.S. empire through groups like the Stop the War Coalition that you protested against while at Oxford, or to become card-carrying communists committed to the end of class society. When we do, I can only imagine that we will be warned. We will be given an explanation. And nevertheless, we will persist...'
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#TIL Pink Floyd got it's name from Blind Boy Fuller's Country Blues 1935-1940 album wherein blues historian Paul Oliver writes about Pink Anderson and Floyd Council as examplary of the Piedmont blues style. This style refers to a fingerpicking method that results in a ragtime-based rhythm. That style was notably used by Arlo Guthrie in "Alice's Resturaunt."
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Random reminder that when the British started taking control of Middle Eastern countries, they derided the locals for tolerating affection between men and established strict homophobic laws everywhere they ruled.
Now Westerners deride Middle Eastern countries for being less enlightened and gay-friendly than them, even using this to justify wars that kill straight and queer alike in the region.
#imperialism #colonialism #history #lgbtq

This is seriously cool.

#DreamMachine - Why we tune to A= #432hz

In this video we discuss why we use the alternative tuning of #A = #432 #hz as opposed to the current standard tuning of A=440hz. We also go over some #history and #scientific #research surrounding this

What's your favorite art nouveau piece? Any medium.

(Bonus points if it isn't Mucha.)

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