Just wanted to congrat on reaching 1M USD/year in support for open communities and software.

is gaining traction.

๐ŸŽ‰ I'm now a proud supporter of You should support them too!

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๐ŸŽ‰ I'm now a proud supporter of You should support them too!

@vahnj @polymerwitch uses OpenCollective for funding, if you are looking for an alternative! Has served us well so far!

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In this article I write about
& more.

English translation will follow later today

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is a that runs our through and our finances through .

The affinity of our membership is involvement in, or connection to, the movement, which ranges from folks who work in co-op development to folks who find the idea of appealing.

We're currently operating as an unincorporated , and our goal is to eventually incorporate as a owned democratically by our users.

Would another venue of supporting #Mastodon be welcome?
Would #OpenCollective or #LiberaPay be something a lot of you users are missing in order to support the project?

We've started a discussion thread where we want to hear, which one you'd lean towards, and weighing pros and cons of the two services.

I'm now a proud supporter of You should support them too!

@stefanieschulte the co-op water cooler article covers a bit, but right now we are operating as a collective governed on with finances run through while we work on our bylaws, code of conduct, etc. The Loomio group is publicly visible, if you'd like to browse for your research

One those are finalized, we'll likely formally incorporate, though are still weighing where to do so, since our membership is global...

@mayel just realised it was you who first put me onto #OpenCollective! Doh! Have you checked out I just signed up

@drcable I think there's a document in the co-op's Loomio group that's being workshopped right now, but we're very much building the plane on the runway in terms of how governance, etc. works. @mayel is admining, and members have been signing up to pay $1-10/mo (sliding scale) to our to cover instance expenses. #opencollective
"Our members co-own and co-govern an instance of Mastodon, a popular federated social network similar to Twitter. This way, we're able to keep control over our social data through a trusted co-op while interacting with the big, scary, wider world.
To become an account-holding member, contribute at least $1 per month as a "backer." We recommend contributing what you can on a sliding scale between $1 and $10 per month."