so this evening at the protest i saw a couple of people i know from city hall

they're "frequent fliers"—people who are always around, frequently making public speeches to committees, on their own time. eccentrics or cranks, you might call them. a little bit sketchy

and i realized, you know what, this guy is a crank, but he's obsessed with saving the environment. this guy's kinda sketch but he's really against police brutality. and when it comes down to it, they're on the outside, protesting with me. not on the inside, livetweeting bigots.

i been thinking about dressing more professional, and learning how to be a proper, respectable journalist. but tonight made me second-guess that.

so many respectable, well-dressed people in line. including journos and politicos whose respect i'd be trying to earn.

i realized that at the end of the day, i know who's on my side. it's the people standing out in the cold, protesting. not the well-dressed, well-connected people standing in line, to be seen, to pay money and attention to bigots and warmongers.

the people on the outside, the people who have my back, who respect me—they don't care what i wear or where i've been published.

the people on the inside, they'd be tweeting and filming as people like me were dragged away to camps. they'd debate it on their shows or podcasts.

Fascism is a hydra with so many heads—Islamophobia, imperialism, colonialism, anti-Blackness, misogyny, anti-Semitism, environmental destruction, anime avatars—all coming from one body. you will find many people who specialize in being against one or two of these things…

…but there are only a few people who will come out to oppose ALL of these things, because they understand it is all connected, and it's all of us or none of us.

and who will bring food and stuff.

in conclusion, i am going to try to learn jernalism basics. but i am not going to spend money on uncomfortable clothes. or try too hard to get published places. bc none of that will help when they try to take away my rights, or my citizenship, or my freedom, or my fucking life.

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