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just a reminder to everyone in these trying times

- coop /kuːp/ a chicken enclosure
- coup /kuː/ a government being overthrown
- co-op /ˈkoʊˌɒp/ a company owned and democratically run by the people it serves or employs

in conclusion,

🌈 🎶 everyone is gayyyyyy 🎶 🌈

my apologies to the scientists whose work i have mangled and anthropomorphized in the exact way they said not to. once again, read the whole thing for free here:

the only reason seeing widespread SSB hasn't led people to conclude our ancestors were gay af is because scientists are heteronormative af

"[Different-sex sexual behaviour] can also be part of social dynamics" is one of those things which you feel SHOULD be obvious but apparently isn't

See Bruce Bagemihl's _Biological Exuberance_ for how scientists have written off animals bein' gay

"A focus on adaptation can lead to the interpretation that extant traits are the most recent manifestation of evolutionary change under strong natural selection, rather than emergent properties…"

always love a good roasting of a "[narrow focus] on adaptive evolution"

page 5 has the deets

tag yourself i'm "these females begin spawning with other females and assuming 'male' courtship roles and behaviour well before the reproductive transition is complete"

some gay-ass animals: sea urchin, flying fox, slipper shell, Humboldt squid, garter snake, snow goose, damselfly, Laysan albatross, red flour beetle, field cricket, cow, sea star, Japanese macaque, chinstrap penguin, toad, rat roundworm, bluestreak cleaner wrasse, box crab

in the beginning everyone was bi and also a total ho

Instead of "why are these animals doing gay shit" we should be asking "why NOT do gay shit?"

Two assumptions in scientific explanations of same-sex sexual behaviour (SSB):

- SSB is costly, and therefore a) SSB must be hella beneficial to stick around, or b) should be strongly selected against

- SSB arose independently across many totally str8 species

"Since Charles Darwin first recognized natural and sexual selection…" has got to be the "Since time immemorial, man has…" of biology papers

We really are living in a cyberpunk world, aren't we.

The paper:

"If any other trait had been observed in such a diverse array of taxa as [same-sex sexual behaviour], it likely would be widely accepted that the trait was an ancestral condition present in some of the earliest animal clades."

scientists: "In considering the ideas presented here, we have grappled with how to not exclude important human contexts while also not conflating human sexuality with sexual behaviours seen in other animal taxa"

me: ok so that means

You ever notice how Yoda's speech patterns in Empire and Jedi sound really naturalistic even with the inverted sentence structure, while in the prequel trilogy and every other time he's appeared his speech always sounds kind of stilted and wrong and harder to follow?

That's because a linguist was brought on to consult on the script treatment in the OT and to help make sure Yoda's sentences were inverted "properly" on the phrase level to maintain intelligibility. This did not happen in the prequels.

"The Book of Endless History is a deep dream of sorts — an infinite encyclopedia produced by an AI trained on the collective works of Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino. It is an experiment in narrative generation and machine learning."

oh you respect trans people? name five times you've questioned your own relationship to gender and come away with a more meaningful self-definition

My issue with Rogue One is, where are all the Bothans? I was promised MANY BOTHANS.

Also see this excellent piece


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