i like having a newsbot in my feed, but none of the ones I've seen CW their posts, so i made @newsbot

i only have NPR and Aljazeera as sources right now, but im gonna add some more

Today I took advantage of the warm weather and took a nice stroll along the lake. I found a new source of winter spiders: dead goldenrod tufts and Queen Anne's Lace!

This late in the season, most of the QAL umbels have been reduced to skeletons, umbrella spokes snapped off halfway. The umbels that are still thick clusters are held together with spider silk. And tiny spiders shelter there, still alive somehow.


the new meme is checking your surroundings for grubs. there are currently no grubs near me

omg i'm at the parkdale tim hortons and some old guy is bitching about current affairs and lazy millennials or whatever and he mentioned "social justice warlords"

like asgdgfshjkgjjdjk7sfdf


I'm always getting Minecraft confused with the game where u click and see if it's a bomb

when it comes to fedi meta I have become one of those benthic sea creatures. waves and tempests on the surface cause not even a ripple in my dark and silent world. only faint attenuated flurries of detritus drift down. once in a blue moon a massive carcass falls to the sea floor, some shark or whale, long after it died in the world above and the predators have had their fill of it. a mysterious artifact of some war between creatures beyond my understanding. the scavengers move in.


the enemy's gate is down

(yes I'm aware of the irony)

Showerthought from last night - feeling gender like gravity. It was like walking uphill all the time to get where you want to go. Then, gradually, the world shifts, and you are now walking downhill. I know that many experience it in exactly the opposite way. Like I said, showerthought


me: *knows, intellectually, that many Arthurian names beginning with Gs in the Anglo-Norman tradition begin with Ws in the Welsh and Germanic versions*

my brain, reading Lanzelet:

William Gibson criticized Cyberpunk 2077. Predictably, the subreddit for the game got stupid about it and insulted him.

But this has to be my favorite string of comments from the whole thread:

P. S. Here's Cardi B's "I Like It" ft. Bad Bunny and J. Balvin: youtube.com/watch?v=xTlNMmZKwp

In the comments everyone is getting a kick out of Google Translate labelling Cardi's verses as English, J. Balvin's as Spanish, and Bad Bunny as Language Not Detected. Guess it doesn't do Spanglish yet.

Okay that has been today's dose of word nerdery.

Today I learned (from this GQ profile of Bad Bunny gq.com/story/bad-bunny-good-ti [EN], gq.com/story/bad-bunny-en-espa [ES]) that "rabbit" in Spanish is "conejo"! This is the cognate of "coney", an old English word for "rabbit" (I learned it from T. H. White's _The Sword in the Stone_).

"Coney" was originally pronounced "cunny", which has certain connotations (cunnotations). So pronunciation shifted to rhyme with "pony", and also ppl started calling coneys rabbits and bunnies instead.

That is all


mastofriends, i'm looking for a small cozy instance to move my general life happenings to, and possibly have this one on .social become my main sfw/nsfw art instance again. do y'all have any recommendations?

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tonight saw _If Beale Street Could Talk_ with my sister. a gorgeous film, every part of it perfect. kiki layne's performance is transcendent, one feels honoured just to be there to witness it


If you've had the patience to read through the thread I wrote a few months ago about Eleanor Rykener, you'll be familiar with the fact that trans people existed in Medieval Europe, and that they were spoken about in terms that were quite different from the ones we use today.

For this sequel, I would like to offer a complement to Eleanor's story, by following up that account of a real trans woman with the discussion of a fictional transmac person.

Your Minecraft thing of the day: "a resource pack that makes cats heckin chonkers". youtu.be/Xn10LpySOF8

🎢 Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want
So tell me what you want, what you really really want
I wanna (ha) I wanna (ha) I wanna (ha) I wanna (ha)
I wanna, really really really wannaβ€”

command-line tool to get the latest release notes for any given package.

Sometimes, after an update with apt, I'm just curious if a program has gotten any new features or bug fixes or what.

Does something like this exist?


the real Mueller report was the friends we made a long the way

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