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whoops apparently i missed an ubuntu lts point release

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@Jellal in in Jewish tradition, a seriously ill person can change their name to change their fate, a sort of cosmic legal loophole, or perhaps due to gematria [numerology]:

"Alter" (אַלטער), "old", is a name traditionally given to sickly newborns, to confuse the angel of death

A topic about which I want to think more is names. It's super interesting. What is the significance of having a certain name? Is there significance in how you got it (from your parents or chosen yourself)? Is there significance in its meaning? Does it matter when you call someone something that isn't their name? How do nicknames relate to real names?

The Mountain Goats: "We Do It Different on the West Coast"

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: "California Christmastime"

🎶 Long life to the spiders
Safe travels to the crows
Love to the ghosts
Who taught me everything I knew 🎶

🎶 In the secret caverns underneath West Covina 🎶

I had forgotten John Darnielle hailed from the San Gabriel Valley, a. k. a. the San Gabes Vals

Mountain Goats/CXG crossover y/y?

‘Machines Taught by Photos Learn a Sexist View of Women’

“The researchers devised a way to neutralize this amplification phenomenon—effectively forcing learning software to reflect its training data. But it requires a researcher to be looking for bias in the first place, and to specify what he or she wants to correct. And the corrected software still reflects the gender biases baked into the original data.”

Also on our radar:

🎶 I'm pretty hardcore / but I'm not that hardcore 🎶

everyone on here likes the mountain goats right?

actually paying money for music for the first time in a long time (goths by the mountain goats)

Starting to make fall travel plans - who's thinking of going to for at the New School? Been to the last two and really enjoyed them, and thinking it would be great to have at least a few folks live tooting the gathering...


Low key delight in the wee hours of the night: the U of T Scarborough Observatory meteor camera's auto-glimpses into the lives of insects, and sometimes meteors.

♻ 🐦UTSCObservatory: The meteor camera just captured this video. Note: automated tweet of unverified raw data, might not be a . 🔭🌠

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Well this is interesting: Yanis Varoufakis' and Noam Chomsky's DIEM25 have their own Mastodon instance...:

I've only been awake for about 7 hours today and now I'm falling back asleep againv good night all