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just a reminder to everyone in these trying times

- coop /kuːp/ a chicken enclosure
- coup /kuː/ a government being overthrown
- co-op /ˈkoʊˌɒp/ a company owned and democratically run by the people it serves or employs

(Sorry for the deletes & re-drafts all, had to fix crossposting) 🐘

And this splendid lady, entry 87, is a white-crested grey Polish hen, from Victoria Ayres of Queensville, ON.

Her head is like a chrysanthemum!

(Okay, all for tonight.)

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From here on out the birds get progressively more…Moira Rose.

Did a double take when I saw this chicken (Entry 85, white-crested black Polish cockerel, from Marianne Rea of Keswick, ON) drinking out of a red Solo cup.

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Birds of the Royal is back, baby.

Entry 80 is a buff laced Polish cock from Kathryn Cooper of Washago, ON. Disqualified for being "knock-kneed". How dare they.

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> Ever since it was brought to my attention that you can say “Covid-19” to the tune of “Come on, Eileen,” I’ve been unable to read it any other way


fun fact: among the moss and lichen on the trees in Trinity-Bellwoods there are tiny umbrella-like mushrooms that only appear after rain

still drowsy from gravol but must get up and work

it's #arachnews time! in my weekly roundup of arachnid photos, art, news, and science:

- sweet and/or gruesome Valentines content
- Lucas the Spider makes the jump to Cartoon Network
- cool discoveries about spider & mite microbiomes
- Asian net-casting spiders get reclassified
…and more! [CW spiders…perhaps obviously…]

🕷️ #SciComm #science #biology #news

(I am trying out for a wee bit in search of a local that is less white & male sorry guys)


In Vaughan, just north of Toronto, protesters blockaded the Macmillan rail yard in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en land defenders, who are opposing a gas pipeline being built across their land. It's just the latest in a series of (very effective) nationwide blockades and protests.

Also, the phrasing "pop-up protest" is just funny to me idalkdjflkd

#news #canada #toronto #wetsuweten #indigenous 🐘

... We considered ourselves to be super dumb. This is a place of honor! We're commemorating all kinds of cool stuff here. We buried treats. The treats are yummy and good for your bodies. You should build a city here, right here, for easy access to the treats that are so good for you. ...

slept through day for no good reason, now must rush to catch up on work

keeping the typo because malory didnt care about speling so neither should we

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