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It's summer: protect yourself.

Find the current UV Index on the x-axis, choose your burn frequency (from a dark hue for an always burn frequency all the way to a light hue for rarely burn) to find a range of exposure times on the y-axis.

Source: "Minutes to Skin Damage with regards to Burn Frequency and UV Index" by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

#summer #uv #skin #health #beauty #vitaminD #MastoArt #CC0 #PublicDomain #NOAA #cancer #art #アート #イラスト

Liberation theology in a nutshell; CW US politics, racism/xenophobia/white nationalism, immigration, religion Show more

News, Nigeria, Boko Haram, + Show more

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There once was a man
From Nantucket who could not
Rhyme, so he haikued.

Oh nooooo I succumbed to the after-dinner-nap-that-just-turns-into-going-to-bed-early

ugh it's raining, fuck it

i'm so sleepy. i think I am too sleepy to go to the trans march. do I have to be cis now

Help the cat is doing that thing where she curls into increasingly cute and comfy positions

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you, crying into your Jurassic Park pillow: feathers!!!! DON'T BELONG ON DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!
me, an intellectual: THEY LOOK COOLER NOW YOU SHIT

(given the bullshit about Village policies this year)

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Tech Admin Ops Team/SC Business Show more

hey Toronto, are we doing the march this year?

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Does anyone recommend a peer tube instance for a queer tran who wants to post skateboarding videos? Seems like there's a lot of 'waifu' and 'devil's advocate' focused spaces

Newspaper funding model: use your readers' computers to mine crypto as they read your articles

(inspired by @Matt_Noyes)

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(As a side note, I was struck by the disparity between the well-executed but utterly unnecessary "interactive" elements, and the lack of copy editing—mostly missing commas. Suggests dysfunction behind the scenes.)