"Benioff and Weiss steer... away from the sociological and shifted to the psychological... In sociological storytelling, the characters have personal stories and agency, of course, but those are also greatly shaped by institutions and events around them." blogs.scientificamerican.com/o

u ever notice how all the game of Thrones character names are almost like regular names:

jon = john
arya = daria
bran = brian
bronn = brian
brienne = brian
daenerys = darnice
melissandre = melissa/andre
tyrion = tyrone
ned = jed
jaime = jamie
catelyn = kathleen
cersei = sissy
jorah = jormo
sansa = santa
sandor = santa
robb = robbb
theon = the onion
joffrey = jeffley
littlefinger = laura ingrahams
gargron = garfield
samwell = sam goody
stannis = janice
jeor = eeyore
varys = daenerys


Looking for instance recommendations. I’m chill, enjoy memes and puns, am a leftist but not looking for an extremely political instance. Responsible mods and admins.

Boosts welcome.

#AskMastodon #AskMasto #advice #help

We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users. blog.torproject.org/new-releas

Can we just cancel any ideology that wants to take us back in time to some mythologized golden age?

Even cold northern countries are home to many different spider families. I know peacock jumping spiders are exciting and all but we should highlight the biodiversity in our own backyards too.

I saw a comment on Instagram from someone who was surprised to find a jumping spider in their country. It's not a uncommon sentiment, people often seem to think that cute jumping spiders must be bought from breeders or whatever. No! Every country has them!

It was only after Courtney Hering had been working at Kohler Co. for a couple of years that she realized something startling:

Many of her colleagues doing exactly the same work were paid nearly twice as much as she was.

update: made FIVE (5) phone calls today and there is still no testosterone for me this week, cool, cool cool cool cool

(i'm like 99.9% sure skipping a week isn't anything to worry about i'm just annoyed)

Paper argues that animals have social structures that are sufficiently varied to be justified as separate "cultures"

Seems sensible; to me it points to our speciesist default of wanting to assume the uniqueness of any traits we consider valuable to humans alone.

what i want to do today: go to trillium park and hand feed the bold jumping spiders

what i have to do today: laundry, return empties to beer store, finish cleaning bathroom


Carly: I want those carrots cut to their feelings!
Me: :meowterrified:

how does chef Carly Rae Jepsen want the carrots sliced?



Mastodon is like if the Leftist Twitter Reply Guys all had an October Revolution

This pamphlet, 'Too Many of Whom? Too Much of What?' was produced by No One Is Illegal, back in 2010. At the time there were a number of outlets, both mainstream and supposedly ‘radical’ that were pushing the idea that population was one of the main sources of environmental destruction. To confront the argument that controls on migration or on population as a whole was a solution to climate disaster, NOII put together this incredibly well researched, yet relatively easy to read discussion paper.

These arguments have once again began to rear their ugly heads within the environmental movement, and it is important to refute them.


Voting drives are fucking AWESOME. Organize one for communities that are the biggest targets of voter suppression

-Youth vote(18-30 Highschool & College)
-Homeless(most need help getting ID's)
-Low Income communities
-Immigrant communities(Many documented immigrants and 1st gen kids don't know their voting rights and are vulnerable to targeting)

i could turn my Twitter home timeline back on but it's nice not being constantly barraged with reminders of all the ways that the world is falling apart

(there is a line of thought leading up to this, but it's somewhat tenuous lol. please see the works of Cordelia Fine, Rebecca Jordan-Young, Katrina Karkazis, etc., on why testosterone's effects may be...somewhat...oversold)

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