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Been trying to avoid going out all day because it's cold and I don't have anything to go out for anyway but I'm restless and need to burn off energy by walking around listening to music so now I'm going out I guess

Non-binary news: Joshua Ferguson's complaints to the human rights tribunals of BC and ON are going forward. That is, they will be considering whether not having an "X" gender option on drivers' licenses/birth certificates is discriminatory. (Currently, BC does not let you have an X on driver's licenses and ON does not let you have an X on your birth certificate.)

Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit's Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet

Motherboard did a video feature on the people and non-profits building a DIY mesh network in Detroit. If you watch one video today about the future of the internet, make it this one.

Note: Desktop client = Windows, Linux, Mac. There are good Android clients already.

I'm always surprised that given how many programmers are here no one has made a Mastodon desktop client yet. Like Subway Tooter or Tweetdeck or Seesmic Desktop (Remember that? No? Just me).
Think! One client, multiple accounts! Firefox wouldn't take up 800 MBs of Ram anymore!

despite having plenty of dry food and wet food, wasabi is silently begging my roommate for butter

I made an HTML clock. It keeps changing colour.
(every time of day gets a unique colour, it goes around a colour wheel)

4PM is a very nice shade of blue.

@nev [the purge voice] for the next 8 hours, all sleep is legal

Net neutrality CWs Hot Take Show more

Is anyone in #Seattle looking at starting a local and/or co-op ISP? I want to help! I have experience in datacenters and can lift heavy things. #coopISP

Wasabi has been sleepily sunbathing instead of waking me up

Survived a 3.5h shift in the coldest weather yet!

(Ironically what actually almost did me in was motion sickness from looking down to fiddle with bag in elevator.)

Things are at such a state now where when I see some charismatic man widely vaunted and praised as a genius, I think "what are we going to find out he did? How will people one day express their regrets for supporting him now?"

"Geniuses", "rockstars", the "articulate" token whatever—anyone, but especially any man, who can "do no wrong" is dangerous. We have to stop hanging our hopes/movements on one person.

Important piece by Salma Hayek; CW sexual violence, Harvey Weinstein Show more

Anyway, gonna link's overview of crowdfunding sites again:

I gotta go about other work now, will figure out what to do re: Patreon later.

@nev I made an account with Libera but they appear to not take Paypal and the 1st thing they ask for is a copy of your license x_x

@nev i am appreciative of the gesture but it doesn't change the fact that i have learned my lesson about believing/trusting in a VC-funded startup in that way; i'm keeping my own funding streams as independent as i can manage, and only supporting people on patreon if there is no better option that works for them

That said, without a publicly/collectively/cooperatively-run/owned payment processor as a Paypal alternative, capriciousness is still built in to the system. Like look at the shit sex workers and pornographers have gone through with Paypal.