Thinking about my music listening strategy a bit today. Finding and listening to music in a way that supports artists gives the finger to the big corps. What’s yours?

It is the responsibility of the artist to maintain their own web site and make it easy to accept direct donations.

@neil Ooh. Nice. We're in sync (again). I've been considering this too lately. Been thinking of losing my Spotify subscription and instead purchasing an album a month directly from the artist. The biggest issue for me is discoverability though. I like the "suggests similar" aspect of Spotify. Maybe I could access pandora (US only) through a VPN. Do you know of any other options for this? Even if it's just a database of names with no direct music access? Also, for not missing new releases. RSS?

@ClearMask is pretty good for similar artists - e.g. For me finding radio stations/DJs I like works pretty well for discoverability. (cliq hop on soma fm) I quite the idea of human suggestion/curation, less algorithmic (although algorithmic does work brilliantly sometimes). also i think if we publish our own minilists from time to time, a recommend from a friend is always good.

bandcamp pretty good for artist notification of new releases.

@neil Will definitely see how last fm compares. Thanks for the reminder. Haven't used that in a long time. Will give a the cliq hop a spin too.

@Clear Mask

A decent radio DJ should meet your need for "discoverability"; that has always been their "job". Agree with the use of RSS; a regular podcast is listened by this very method:

torsocks sox /url/of/podcast.mp3 /localdisk/podcast.ogg

Transferred to mobile phone, voila! :)
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