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The most ethical smartphone is the one you already have. Podcast interview with independent repairers lovefone:

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Tired of the Spy-Hegemons' control over useful speech-to-text technology? Help make a common alternative right now:

Is there something on Android that allows me to copy/insert macros? e.g. If I want to insert (or just copy to clipboard) the current date/time in a particular format. Something that isn't tied to a particular keyboard.

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Why Donald Trump's Batman Movie Didn't Happen, According To Darren Aronofsky

@hardcorenarrativist Theoretically would be a good start, and if there's any real-world examples then even better.

I guess I mean by what means would anarchism provide for the sick, the elderly, those disadvantaged in some way. In a comprehensive way, i.e. no one is left behind.

"Post-purchase dissonance is an expression psychologists use to describe the disappointment we sometimes feel on realizing that our latest consumer purchase does not fulfil the promise we bought it on. At first sight it’s a curious anomaly. On deeper reflection, it turns out to be the structural basis for the entire edifice. The engine of consumer society is discontentment."

@maiki @cstanhope Even if we individually did achieve everything through indieweb, perhaps there will always be a space for federated social networks, given for many people the technical/time/financial cost of maintaining their own website might be prohibitive.

@maiki @cstanhope I'm currently POSSEing to the fediverse (and sometimes, albeit less frequently now, to Twitter) and then coming here for the interactions and the discovery of new things. It currently fills that niche very nicely, but perhaps only as a transitional stage? If I was a bit more advanced along the indieweb path, the interactions side of things I could get from webmentions/backfeed I believe, and following others/the stream of discovery - I'm sure there's something for that too?

So many ideas, things to do, things to learn. So little time. Can’t possibly get it all done. Solution: co-operate with others :)

@iona I mean 'large corporations in charge of the world' doesn't sound that far off from where we are now, just a couple of steps removed.

But yes I'd like to learn more about how some of the more positive state interventions (health, economic regulation, driving on the same side of the road, etc), would be replicated in an anarchist model. I would guess that confederation would be part of the answer, but I'd love to hear from someone with some knowledge in this area - all new to me :)

Wot wot, a new Star Trek series?! Looks a bit action-oriented, not idea-oriented like the heyday of TNG. But still, could be fun.

Don’t know much about it – given that the welfare state is probably kind of incongruous to anarchism, what alternatives for mutual aid does it provide?

@mayel @Antanicus The charitable option could be: given Apple's business is hardware, it's aiming to differentiate itself even more from Google/Android as the choice for privacy-focused individuals. (Not because they care about our privacy, oh no, just that they recognise people who care about privacy as a revenue stream.)

@mayel I see yep, whereas is just allowing everything through to syncthing and letting it deal with it. Thinking about it, I'm thinking for Web GUI access, actually probably the best thing is to SSH tunnel or go via VPN. Don't think it needs to be accessible to the whole world!

Wondering what the difference is between reverse proxying through Nginx and setting GUI Listen Address to as a way of opening up the syncthing web GUI.

All set up with cloudvault. Thanks @mayel ! Looking forward to migrating my blog over, and setting up syncthing.

@starbreaker Yes that seems to be the primary purpose of the Simply Static plugin - with nice security benefits too, as it's a lot harder to hack a static site than a WP instance. I don't know how it accepts dynamic input like comments though - haven't tested it yet as my actual live site.

Simply Static worked like a charm. Got the site output version controlled now in gitlab. I guess it’s like a kind of personal Wayback Machine.