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Got an old lappy I was hoping to fix up and donate. Problem is the battery, which is about £30-£40 for a replacement on eBay. You can get the laptop itself for about £80 on eBay. What do?

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Any or based co-operators or activists working in the solidarity economy still lurking on the fediverse? :)

Retoot for reach please. :)

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Another year, another orbit. Not sure how many more of these I have remaining as an tea-quaffing ape descendant inhabiting the pale blue dot, but I'll try to make it count.

In the 2020s re-decentralizing the internet ought to be a priority. If we don't succeed then many other possibilities for organizing will shut down. Something that's painfully obvious is that we don't just need communications systems for casual banter or observing interesting feline photography but also systems for organizing and sharing in a coherent way, but without layers of management or benevolent dictators.

Capitalism is in long term decline. Unlike Mastodon, it's crumbling and looking shabby. Fascism is a symptom of capitalism in decay. We need to do better than this. Not just as a political aesthetic but as a matter of survival.

Came across a stat yesterday that said the UK has provided around £1 billion in aid to Yemen.  And sold around £7 billion worth of arms.

Co-operative Smiths Society

By all arts do stand

A Voice From The Forge

What a stitch-up. Man who has presided over the significant worsening of many people's lives - here, have a knighthood.

Nice little article about Salford, socialism and Rebecca Long Bailey – obviously Tribune’s pick for next Labour leader. She’s already being hammered by the right-wing press.

Interesting description of Salford as "somewhere between the Manchester metropolis and the surrounding Lancashire towns" – obviously geographically, but politically too, hadn’t really thought about it like that before.

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The realities of community organising. It takes serious time. And potentially money for paid organisers.

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this is my jam for xmas 2019. a lot easier to dance to than the queen's christmas message.

gogogo airheart - when the flesh hits

This episode of Rev Left Radio sums up most of my views around the recent election pretty well: on Corbyn, the media, Brexit, limits of our electoral system, where to focus for these next five years.


Freeman's Wood in Lancaster, painted over a 'Private Keep Out' sign.

"They hang the man +
Flog the woman
That steals the goose
From off the common
But let the greater
Villain loose that steals
The common from the goose"

I feel back to my roots, but I am far from being a Workington Man. Let’s see how things transpire. I want to be close to my family for a while. And while I’m here, let’s make the most of it. To paraphrase the saw – if you can’t change your town, then change your town.

With the monumental fuckup of the recent election, I feel like a local, community focus is the best place to focus and make a difference for the short-term.

The North-West is a wild place if you’re interested in the history of labour and capitalism. And now it’s a bit of a lightning rod of fucked-up late-stage class politics. At least Lancaster is one brick that has stayed red as the Red Wall is falling down.

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