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Reading through the sites of longtimers of the web, like Ton‘s site, and more recently Phil Jones‘ and Bill Seitz‘ wikis, and what they link to, makes you realise that there’s such a ton of written history out there. It’s a real treasure trove. And that it’s important that it has been recorded out on the open web, not in some silo that might have vanished and the history been lost.

Also makes me realise that much of what I’m thinking about has been thought about…

Phil Jones has a page on his wiki about a web renewal:

> The rediscovery of the same types of community and values that excited us at TheDawnOfWiki.

Hopefully a rediscovery that is long-lived?

That word ‘rediscovery’ chimes with the article that was in the MIT Technology Review recently: Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet. It’s a nice article, but is pretty much describing home pages from way back when, like…

Check out our interview with Gaël Duval (@gael) of /e/ foundation! On the /e/ alternative OS, de-googling your phone, data privacy, and software obsolescence.

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Restart Podcast Ep. 56: A smartphone OS that respects user data privacy, with Gaël Duval - The Restart Project 

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Open source podcast hosting service

Hello everybody!
Can anyone suggest an open source podcast hosting service, an alternative to, let's say, Anchor?
#foss #opensource #podcast

"Declaration of Digital Autonomy". From the Software Freedom Conservancy. I like the focus on consent, ownership, right to change/repair, privacy.

Too end-user focused though, I’d want some mention of the various labourers in technology… there shouldn’t be any exploitation anywhere in the supply chain.

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In 40 minutes, catch our executive director @o0karen0o with @mmillions talking about the Declaration for Digital Autonomy live on @FLOSSWeekly! Tune into the stream at

Roam is now talking about ‘multiplayer’. I’m presuming this means linking between individuals’ wikis. I like the idea of interlinking wikis, but imagining it’s going to be pretty closed in Roam.

Bill Seitz has lots of ideas about a more open WikiWeb.

> aka Wiki Sphere; parallel to BlogWeb, the universe of (clusters of) WikiSpaces

I finished A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers recently. I loved it. There’s something very lovely about Becky Chambers’ sci-fi – it’s much more touching and emotional than a lot that I’ve read. I felt quite emotional at the ending of this one – it’s so full of heart and compassion.

Moved my WordPress site over to my new VPS at GreenHost now. That’s everything then – can turn off the old Digital Ocean droplet now.

The new VPS is Ubuntu 20.04, which is MySQL 8, so had a little bit of a faff with some errors as the old server was MySQL 5.7.

Here’s my rough notes on the steps for setting up the new server.

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What tool does one use to “list” their podcasts in centralized directories (like Apple’s or Spotify’s gated one?) - I’m going to host my own feed but discoverability is a thing. (

@ton I realise also that my existing subscription to your homepage h-feed has also stopped working with Aperture.

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@ton Hi Ton - trying to subscribe to your RSS feed in Aperture, I receive:

> Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out

I wonder if you have come across this before? I don't think I have encountered this with other RSS feeds.

UK PSA: Top quality second-hand office chairs, way way cheaper than new. Always go second-hand if you can... avoid mass-manufactured tat from Argos or Ikea.

This is a great episode of Rev Left on some of the science behind SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

With a bonus tidbit that the CIA was responsible for an uptick in Polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


The EU right to repair campaign has been going for a year now, campaigning for:

- Products repairable by design
- A ccess to spare parts and repair info for everyone
- An EU wide repairability score

Data Cities conf

"Investigating future smart cities and how tracking & surveillance impact us all."

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