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I'll be at MozFest this day but this looks pretty great:

- Topics: local food, renewable energy, technology, community education, myth, language, sustainable building, wellbeing, political action, peoples' assemblies
- Location: converted chapel near Snowdonia in Wales
- Astral Ship: Astral Ship

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Well this is something I need to watch:

"Hyperland is a 50-minute-long documentary film about hypertext and surrounding technologies. [...] It stars Douglas Adams as a computer user and Tom Baker, with whom Adams had already worked on Doctor Who, as a personification of a software agent."

oops, correction: I present: 651 tracks I've liked over the years, in no particular order.

I wanted to get my old history of tracks that I've liked out of and Deezer for a while. I want to own that stuff.

This service is really nice to do that - export from a bunch of different music services into txt or csv.

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Opened up my podcast feed and saw a familiar name! @cadwellsocialcoop is having his story Jump read on the amazing “Levar Burton Reads” podcast!!!

Congrats!! Can’t wait to listen!

Woop woop, it's the 3rd International Repair Day on Saturday October 19th!

Over 250 events around the world over the weekend, 6 continents covered...

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ppl in London please join protest at the BBC at 1pm today. Indigenous horizontal socialist Kurds have been self governing with citizens assemblies for years. is now invading on a massacre mission.

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So why can I not see data analytic/pattern recognition toolsets being developed as intrinsic elements of P2P protocols?

Is the anarcho vision individualistic, like Margaret Thatcher, ‘there is no society’? Do FOSS folk fantasise that the only significant actions are the intentional ones, the connections we *mean* to make, with discrete materials we individually own and kontrol?

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@mako @oli @bhaugen @richdecibels @Graham_Mitchell @dajbelshaw @mayel
Surely feds in the ‘verse need a mirror of their own *collective* acting/federating/publishing/sharing. Like birdsite shows ‘trending’ but more catholic. Like FarceBook sells profiles and target zones to marketers & alt-right ideologues. Don’t we need APIs that show ‘us’ to ourselves in the large? reveal emergent patterns in our tacit collective motion? help us see the movement in the movements?

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@mako @oli @bhaugen @richdecibels @Graham_Mitchell @dajbelshaw @mayel
Puzzling again over why P2P and the fediverse seem uninterested in some of the core post-post-Fordist capabilities now exploited so horrendously against the Demos by silicon oligarchs, spy agencies and alt-right . .

Oh dang, I just realised where the record label Mille Plateaux took its name from.

I used to love their Clicks & Cuts series, and listened a lot to Vladislav Delay.

Love little linkages like that.

In the meanwhile, I am very much a fan of Kicks' page on hypertexting:

I found a book from 1997 on my brother's bookshelf in the house where we grew up, called Hypertext 2.0: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology.

The first section is called Hypertextual Derrida, Poststructuralist Nelson?

It looks pretty amazing. Beautifully, it has loads of pencil annotations from my brother.

I would love to read it. But I'll be honest with myself, I haven't started and finished a non-fiction book for a long time. I'm genuinely better in hypertext.

I uninstalled Tusky. It’s a great libre app for Mastodon. But after a morning spent losing about an hour (or more!) of time scrolling through the timelines, before even getting out of bed, I figured it’s something I don’t need on my phone. Keep the firehose at arms length. If I want to for some reason just scroll through everything on Mastodon, I’ll go to a website and login.

(Counterpoint: I did find some really interesting things while surfing the timelines...)

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