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tfw your meditation app repeatedly gets stuck on the loading screen

I finished Perdido Street Station. It was fantastically written and a genuine page turner. Also relentlessly, unremittingly grim.

Now I'm reading Pride and Prejudice so I don't fall into a depression.

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Companies are increasingly using sneaky measures to make it harder for anyone but them to repair your devices. Celebrate your right to repair October 20 by sharing your repair stories and images for #RepairDay source:

I'm excited for International this Saturday! (disclaimer: I work for a community repair organisation involved in it, but I'd be excited anyway..) Let's go slow and fix things!

Over 120 events worldwide on the map so far

If you want to get involved, you could
- Attend a community repair event
- Support a local repair business
- Fix something yourself
- Share a picture of your repair (successful or not!) or of a memorable repair

Current music plan: once I've exported my list of favourite tracks, close down Deezer account. Was costing me £9.99 a month. (When I first signed up someone told me it paid better to artists than Spotify, but I don't know how true that is anymore and even if so, it's probably still negligible amount.)

Host the tracks I own on personal streaming server (currently funkwhale on digitalocean, ~£4 month.) Buy tracks direct from bandcamp where possible, max £4 a month. £2 a month to resonate.

Woop woop! Listening to a track, offline, through Ultrasonic, that was originally served up by my newly installed funkwhale instance.

So... probably would have been a lot quicker just to copy it to my mobile. But hey now I know a lot more about docker-compose and nginx than I did before!

What would you recommend to use as a DNS resolver? Is OK?

Oooh funkwhale has user libraries and funkwhale is compatible with Subsonic API and Ultrasonic is a Subsonic client app on f-droid that supports offline listening.

This just got very interesting...

Funkwhale has some handy docs on its implementation of ActivityPub.

Gives a few basic hints as to how you might go about actually implementing ActivityPub in an app with a DB.

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Head First series by O'Reilly from the HumbleBook Bundle. A bunch of books to help you take a drive into #coding

regular reminder: using our partner link (myself and @maloki ) gives a little bit of money to us with a purchase.

#HumbleBundle #OReilly #ad #sellout

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OK so got a basic gist of ActivityPub I think... Objects are things like notes. Activities are things like creating or liking these objects. Actors post messages to or get messages from inboxes and outboxes to send these activities around. There's a client-to-server part for actors to send messages to their server. And a server-to-server part to federate and deliver messages between actors on different servers.

Plenty more to it than that but enough to get by with!

Yeahhh I find code kata really fun and relaxing. No stress, no mega problem to solve. Like doing a jigsaw or something. Just did a little PHP Fibonnaci one with spacemacs, git and behat. Nice easy way to improve with your tools.

The ActivityPub spec is only a 47 minute read according to Wallabag. I can do that.

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Very excited to be working with @Gin on HAHA Academy. We just published our manifesto and launched the league of 1000 HAHAs:

- We need location-independent learning and accreditation
- We need to support lifelong learning
- We need to support self-taught learning
- We need to recognise learning without high-stakes examinations

Please read the site and join us!

Do we really need a StateBook?

The conclusion, with which I would agree, is: no. It would be centralised services just of another kind.

Good though to see a major political party recognising that the centralisation of the social graph with the big digital giants is not a good thing.

But a better solution is the support of open standards and protocols, and control and portability of data.

ActivityPub hot take.

I don't have a deep understanding of much of it, but the general gist seems to be that RSS/Atom can do plenty of what ActivityPub can do, with its own benefits and easier implementation.

I couldn't argue either way, but interesting to read. I'm happy there's a plurality of approaches to this decentralisation movement, that's a healthy sign.

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