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We did some protesting in Brussels today for the right to repair, and against the watering down of repairability legislation

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@chartier The goal, ultimately, it to make a new sort of OMG! Ubuntu, but for everything going on in the federated social web. I am also expanding the scope to cover Free Software development, along with off-the-grid technologies and some solarpunk / renewable energy stuff as well.

✔️ federation
✔️ renewable energy
✔️ cooperatives

Sounds good to me.. anyone know more about ii?

" is the European federation of renewable energy cooperatives. We are a growing network of 1,250 European energy cooperatives and their 1.000.000 citizens who are active in the energy transition."

Upcoming HWC London on Wednesday 12th December:

This will be the last one before Christmas! 🤶🎅 (… AKA Ho Ho Homebrew Website Club) Mince pies may be on the agenda...

Finish that blog post you’ve been working on. Demo personal websites and technology. Discuss the independent web. Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site!

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@strypey usually, before selling the public infrastructure to the "investors": abandon it, let the citizens get frustrated, let the media say how beneficial private investment could be for improving it and finally sell it at low price...

I learned all about the latest in gaming graphics, including real-time raytracing, and deep learning co-processors that will predict part of what needs rendering in the next frame, from the guy who cut my hair at the barber's today. Pretty wild and completely unnecessary stuff. Apparently he's going to drop £1,500 on a new graphics card. Also this is how I learn about new technology these days.

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So both laptops went away in usable order, but didn’t really have the satisfaction of a ‘fix’ as such.

The other was a very recent Acer Chromebook that had been dropped and was supposedly no longer turning on. It turned on fine though. The screen was flickering occasionally but nothing too egregious so I suggested rather than prying the screen off, for which I couldn’t find that much info, but some thing suggested it was glued down, best to keep using it as is and then actually pulling the screen off if it failed completely.

One was a 2010 Macbook Pro with a swollen battery. Battery was pushing against the trackpad which was failing to click. Took the battery out and ran off mains, but still no joy from trackpad. Owner had lost the password so became a bit of a mission resetting password just to get to a login to check trackpad settings. Looked like onefinger clicking was disabled but we ran out of time before I could figure out how to navigate to the setting with just the keyboard. USB mouse would have been a help.

Had a go at fixing two laptops at today’s Restart Party, with mixed success.

Feeling a bit weighed down by the city right now. Needing some nature.

Who's actually behind the Data Transfer Project? According to its homepage it's Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter. Seems like maybe it's a noble effort from a few devs from within those orgs, but not actually genuinely supported by any of them at a corporate level.

Because it's been going since 2017 and with the combined finances and skillsets of these orgs they could have easily figured out data portability, if they really cared.

If you want to see how industry lobbying works... a before lobbying and after lobbying side-by-side on proposed EC environmental measures to make home appliances more repairable and longer lasting.

Really good meetup yesterday.

My personal takeaways were:

- the BBC R&D team are looking into things like decentralisation and personal data stores
- I should start using my Scuttlebutt account
- Holochain sounds like it has its politics in the right place and I'd like to understand it better


MASS action (Migrant and Asylum Seeker Solidarity and Action) is a new UK charity that focuses on advocacy and fundraising for grassroots projects in Greece that support migrants and asylum seekers in a way that breaks dependency cycles.


Friday 7 December @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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"now more than ever, we also need ... stories that inspire hope."

Oh god yes, we need more utopias to dream of and work towards.

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