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1/2 off sale this week on TESA games including Co-opoly, Strike! and Game-Changer...

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Next Monday it's **commons.hour** again!

In our 2nd session we'll have Ela Kagel from Supermarkt Berlin/Platform Coops Germany

to kick off the debate about social and economic relations, open contributions, value flows and how to assure everyone can be activist

Sign up & join us!
📆 25Oct 18h UTC

cc @Matt_Noyes @matslats @jdaviescoates @coopsmark @msavoritias @coopcloud @donestech @Stacco @jamiem @fredsultan @Sybille_Saint_Girons @disco_coop @agaric @oli @platformcoop

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Labour under Keir Starmer sucks. File under digital gated communities…

"Labour’s proposed solution, however, was even more baffling. It proposed creating a “next-generation neighbourhood watch” by placing police hubs around the country and tapping technology like video doorbells and Whatsapp groups to help surveil communities."

Celebrate People’s History: The Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution is fantastic. Over a hundred inspiring posters celebrating moments of resistance and revolution.

The posters:

The book:

(Christmas 2020 present from my bro that I finally just received.)

Protect public spaces

"when public spaces are eliminated, so ultimately is the public; the individual has ceased to be a citizen capable of experiencing and acting in common with fellow citizens" — Rebecca Solnit

The government is playing chicken with GPs. Ultimately to undermine the NHS. Part of a narrative that Sajid Javid wants to push that it is to blame for any shortcomings. A narrative aided and abetted by papers like the Daily Mail.

I remember a few times seeing on Mastodon discussions around how difficult it is for self-hosted/small email services to not get treated as spam by the big ones.

Any links/references on that?

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@neil This type of weapon has been around since the mid 2000s. They were initially developed for the Iraq war, and had tracks or large wheels rather than legs initially. Military drones were controversial, but the ground based semi-autonomous mini-tanks were more so. Some people in universities objected to developing this stuff, but they were a small minority and since the US is a military Keynesian economy there wasn't much opposition or alternative employment available. There have been people campaigning against military robots - particularly the autonomous variety - for about 15 years.

The talking points to watch out for are:

- The robots result in less casualties (for our side). Fewer people "in harm's way"
- Because they are robots they will make impartial autonomous decisions, untainted by human prejudice or battle fatigue

I think in future robots like this will be used to carry out genocides. There will be deniability because they will say a bug or glitch caused undefined behavior in the swarm planner. The rise of military robots wasn't the main reason I stopped working in that industry, but it was a background factor.

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> If money, according to Augier, ‘comes into the world with a congenital bloodstain on one cheek,’ capital comes dripping from head to toe, from every pore, with blood and dirt.

― Marx, Capital, Vol. 1

True fact: the Thinkpad nipple mouse thingy was designed to allow you to carry on working when your cat has rocked up and sat on you and most of the trackpad.

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Figured some people here might be interested:

The Maintainers are funding 4x $10k fellowships next year for people "whose maintenance, repair, and care work has substantial and practical engagements with the environment, and who are passionate about cross-disciplinary and interprofessional collaboration."

Applications due Nov. 4

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“Repair Lowers Carbon Emissions” is theme of today's #RepairDay but #software #obsolescence is increasingly dictating end of life of devices and becoming a threat to their repairability and reusability. I support the idea of an #UpcyclingOfSoftware - the publication of software necessary to run a device under a Free Software license after end of support - to help extending usage lifetime of hardware: @fsfe

No IRL events near me for Repair Day, think I'll go to this online

"Join us on International Repair Day for the conversation with geographer and co-ordinator of Repair Acts, Ireland Dr Alma Clavin, artist and researcher Monai de Paula Antunes and artist and co-founder of Toxics Link, Ravi Agarwal on "What Does It Mean to Care and Repair?" "

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