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I'm a speculative fiction writer looking for worker-owners willing to talk about their work at a co-op.It is research for a novel series I'm working on. Any takers? For more details on work I've done here's a link:

Boosts appreciated!

I wonder if this is some terrain where Spritely is going? That would be rad.

I think I would like some kind of virtual experience where I have my own Memory Palace, the method of loci, visual space in your head where you walk through as you recall things. But for construction not just recall. I would invite other people in and they help me build it and I help on theirs too, we build them together.

Some kind of mashup at the intersection of hypermedia systems like HyperCard, MOOs like LambdaMOO, commonplace books, blogs, microblogs, personal wikis.

HyperCard was inspired by an acid trip.

I think this stage should be factored in to the SDLC.

I saw David Thomas Broughton play in Lancaster tonight, supported by Bell Lungs. They were both great.

It was the 15 year anniversary of Broughton's album The Complete Guide to Insufficiency. I saw him play 15 years ago in Leeds when I was at university.

I wondered where those 15 years had gone.

Anyway, it was a good show.

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"Relatedly, contemporary fediverse interfaces borrow from surveillance-capitalism based popular social networks by focusing on breadth of relationships rather than depth. [...] What if instead of focusing on how many people we can connect to we instead focused on the depth of our relationships?"

-- @cwebber (

yes amen

tired: whitepapers
wired: papers of colour

DisCOs looks really interesting:

'DisCOs are a P2P/Commons, cooperative and Feminist Economic alternative to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs).'

'...a set of organisational tools and practices for groups of people who want to work together in a cooperative, commons-oriented, and feminist economic form.'


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Anyone have any connections with fansub or any translation communities?

Me and my friend want to start a to help people do and fund translations of all sorts, especially subtitles.

Anyone interested in participating in any way let me know.

Below is an article outlaying the idea of the :

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Ok Fosstodon let me ask you a real question.

I'm designing an MA module where students should come out with a broad conceptual basis for analysing and critiquing social media platforms. What general conceptual areas do you think are important for this?

So far I've got...
1. Data ownership
2. Code ownership
3. Structure (central/decentral/matrix)
4. Security, surveillance.
5. Legal jurisdiction.
6. Content moderation
7. Gamification
... these can all be changed!
Thoughts so welcome.

'Digital Commons is a commercial' -


'...hosted institutional repository platform owned' -


' RELX Group.'

We need to do more to ensure open government data is used for purposes with social value. Data sets related to society are digital public assets that should be contribute to common wealth.

It has been misused in the past as a means to legitimate the privatisation of public services.

I need a few read throughs of this report to take it all in... but it has a lot of good food for thought.

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