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We are trying to reboot this relic from a boat. Some kind of signal horn. I think there is a solonoid under the hammer on the membrane but we don’t know where the ports for the wires are. All looks the same and the wires were removed totally when we found it. Ideas and boosts welcome!

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I’m reading Half-Earth Socialism at the moment. An eco-socialist take that goes hard in on rewilding, veganism, renewables, and, intriguingly, global central planning. ("GosplanT" :D)

It’s good stuff.

Plus I think all Verso books should come bundled with a playable online simulation game like this one does…

OpenCollective are currently hiring, 2 senior software engineers

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I am looking for generative art bots.
Which ones do you like?

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EU folks, the latest @EU_Commission proposal for scanning private communications and undermining end-to-end encryption is an extreme threat to privacy.

It threatens the right to meaningful encryption and would force your communications to be subject to scanning and classification by AI outside of your control. Truly dystopian shit.

This won't become law without the EU parliament's assent, so please follow this closely and speak up. See EDRI's analysis here:

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Hello toot friends, I bring #antiLawn memes.
I'm hoping to radicalise you all against the boring monoculture lawn and turn you into biodiversity defenders.

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Any interest out there in doing a session on how to organize a cooperative Mastodon instance?

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@Liwott @42GB @robkam @userthree

Unfortunately these breakages will become more common when the Fediverse evolves the way it does now i.e. with ad-hoc interoperability (everyone extends on the standards in their own way) and post-facto interoperability (dominant/popular apps make changes and the rest must follow).

There should be more focus on 'substrate formation', the people, collab and processes that create common ground. A topic that has my interest as part of #SocialCoding Foundations.

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🥳 is online 🥳

We've been working with ruangrupa & friends for a while now and we're super proud to see the project launched!

Here's an excerpt from the public post:

The aim of is to create a digital infrastructure that is maintained by the lumbung network without being dependent upon exploitative digital infrastructures. The pandemic and the ensuing digitization of many aspects of creative practice, offered an extra reason to focus on networked media practices., therefore, is an urgent experiment that tries out what an artist-run digital space could be like. was conceptualized and developed together with @rra an artist and doctoral candidate in Interaction Design at Malmö University and with @autonomic. Their work for is part of the @coopcloud initiative, which allows other collectives to set up similar infrastructures.

Nitter and Miniflux combo on YunoHost still going well for [[reading tweets without being on Twitter]].

I use it to keep up with what’s going on with organisations local to me, who are still on legacy social media platforms.

Could still do with something that works well for RSSifying Facebook pages/groups.

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If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to the EU, you can find information on our webpage about:

🚸Children protection
🎓 Education

🔗EU Stands with Ukraine. ➞!VJY6fg

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