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I'm not clued up enough to know what the final result of the blockchain hype vs antihype ping pong match will be. Ditto UBI. This article is about both. Nevertheless, regardless of the means, I like the ends they're aiming for: decentralization, degrowth, reinvigorated local communities, post-capitalism.

Here's a track in honour of Android/Google/Alphabet tracking everyone's location, even when you turn location services off. All of your datas, all of the time.

Some new items for the reading list (after just reading the Wikipedia article on The Dispossessed): Mutual Aid by Kropotkin; Post-Scarcity Anarchism by Bookchin. And The Left Hand of Darkness by Le Guin.

Got around to writing up some thoughts bout The Dispossessed. TL;DR - it's good and makes you think.

Notes from my first IndieWebCamp, part 2, wherein I learn about microformats, do some yak shaking, and do a demo:

Ah, pivot tables. We meet at last.

Great interview with Carne Ross ('The Accidental Anarchist'). He gives a very articulate account of his views on anarchism, which are given an interesting perspective given he was previously fully ensconced in the present power system as a British diplomat. I found very interesting the discussion around the suggestion that anarchism fosters a more loving society.

I went to my first IndieWebCamp in Berlin last weekend. It was a great experience. My notes from day 1:

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Hats off to the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin to opening up their exhibition on the October Revolution for free on November 7th. (Got lucky and strolled past that day while on holiday.)

Like Uber, but for post-surgery recovery.. Uh oh. Of all the options for helping with blocked beds in the NHS, a for-profit platform wasn't what I wanted to hear. Thoughts?

"Better primary ID generation (#4801, #5260)" OK that answers that then :)

What's the news with toot status ids? They seem to have gone up by many orders of magnitude. Did gazillions of toots happened while I wasn't looking? Or perhaps something happened to the index. (Is it sequential?)

When did advertising become such a pervasive part of our society? News sites asking citizens to not block out commercial advertising, to help keep their journalism funded. What a mess.

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Thinking about visibility, connectivity, and the . Inspired right now by a project called here in . Does anyone know other solidarity economy mapping projects??

Every now and then, I get a sublime moment, a flash of how things could be. Another world; a better place for us all to live. A little taste, if only in my head, and all too fleeting. Intoxicating, though. Thanks to all the peeps out there making those moments happen a bit more regularly.

Locked grooves, who remembers those? Goood times.