I know the team at TWB, so happy to help with a referral if necessary.

@mayel Sounds great but Microsoft Azure, G Suite, and Slack... Srsly? :(

@how @mayel yeah, those are dealbreakers for me. I'd be happy to talk open source alternatives with them tho...



Yeah. Pretty much a deal breaker for me. I'm allergic to those

@mayel Any idea what the salary range is? Could save wasting a lot of their time...

@Horst @mayel I was away from mastodon all day stressing about the intersection of my current job with my attempt to move and plans for another job.

I appreciate so much that you thought of me for this. I will take a look and see if it matches my skill set.

@mayel clearly they need a sysadmin, web site is pretty much down. 😆

@mayel Wow, that looks like a really interesting job... I've passed it along (love my current job, otherwise I'd apply...)

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