You can now watch my keynote (edited w/ slides) about how firms and markets have coopted the free culture and free software movement's most powerful weapon (mass collaboration) and where that leaves us.

@mako I am noticing some skips or something in the youtube vid. Is that edits or issues?

Thanks for this though! Great history lesson!!

@PresGas Edits!

I paid somebody on Upwork to edit in the slides and that person also cleaned up some other stuff including editing out some pauses and a weird interruption in the middle due to AV issues.

I watched the whole video and also noticed some of the skipping but I can verify that the content is all there and that the whole experience is smoother this way (even if the video isn't in a few places).

@mako Oh, it was great to watch. Glad to know the skips were "utilitarian" in origin. Worth the boost, Cap'n.

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