Check out @epimika's awesome new paper in @PLOSMedicine that uses data from California public schools to unpack the effect of healthy food policies on kids from racial/ethic groups that are typically just lumped together into "other" and/or ignored.

The proposal builds very closely on the work I've done with everyone at the Community Data Science Collective, especially collaborative work with @aaronshaw, @groceryheist and @kayleachampion, and @healspersecond which provided direct inspiration for the puzzles and the approach. 🙏

So many to thank! The proposal is a direct result of my year attempting to think big at CASBS at Stanford
as well as feedback from folks in the Community Data Science Collective (especially @aaronshaw), Clark Bernier,, and many others.

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In addition a bunch of new research and teaching related to (Wikimedia and Wikia/Fandom), /#opensource, and Reddit, I'm particularly psyched about funds to support new outreach and community-building from my research group w/ companies, non-profits, and more.

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Awesome news! I received a CAREER award from NSF
to support new work to understand the relationship between community lifecycles and governance in a range of digital public goods. I'm excited, grateful, daunted, and grateful. Here's my department's writeup:

I've got a new paper out (led by @kayleachampion)! "Underproduction: An Approach for Measuring Risk in Open Source Software" Write-up on my blog is here:

Another incredible looking course at @UW
next quarter for graduate students interested in social computing!
RT @amyxzh
Thanks everyone for your helpful input! Here's my reading list for my grad social computing course: hope it's useful to others out there (tho much is missing), and I'd still appreciate more pointers to lit or other writing/media you think would be great. https://t…

I still hope that the FSF will emerge from this as a better organization. (7/7)

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I have nothing but compassion, empathy, and gratitude for those who are still at the FSF—especially the staff—who are continuing to work silently toward making the FSF better under intense public pressure. (6/7)

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I believe this is especially true when one is unhappy with the existing state of affairs. I am frustrated and sad that I concluded that I could no longer be part of any process of organizational growth and transformation at FSF. (5/7)

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I stuck around the FSF for a long time (maybe too long) and worked hard (I regret I didn’t accomplish more) to try and make the FSF better because I believe that it is important to have voices advocating for social justice inside our movement’s most important institutions. (4/7)

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The current situation makes me unbelievably sad. (3/7)

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So although it is now just my personal opinion, I will publicly add my voice to the chorus of people who are expressing their strong opposition to Richard Stallman’s return to leadership in the FSF and to his continued leadership in the free software movement. (2/7)

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I served as a director and as a voting member of the Free Software Foundation for more than a decade. I left both positions over the last 18 months and currently have no formal authority in the organization. (1/7)

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I just published a short blog post adding my voice to the chorus of people speaking out against Richard Stallman's return to the @fsf's board of directors.

It's short so I'll include the full text in a thread below.

Just unintentionally declared partial inbox bankruptcy. If you sent me email between November 9 and today and I had not yet read/replied... I probably just deleted your message. Sorry!

Mail to my @UW address seems "fine." It's still in my inbox. Which is still a disaster. 🙄

This Friday I'll be making real cocktails at virtual @SeaGL (Seattle GNU/Linux conference). Source code for the menu is up if you want to buy ingredients and follow along. The non-drinky part of the program looks great too! Registration is free/optional.

I often teach in the @CommLead master program at @UW. The program & students are fantastic and it's one of my favorite things about being @UWComm.

@CommLead is looking to hire a new associate director! Please spread the word/apply!

Or maybe it's universal in the sense that charge everybody $39.95? 😉

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Guess what the @SpringerNature journal "Universal Access in the Information Society" does *not* provide?

Because my university does not subscribe, Springer wants $39.95 for the review article I need. 🤦

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