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Benjamin Mako Hill

Check out my (~15m) talk at where I explain why it's critical that free/libre/open source software projects shouldn't rely on proprietary tools:

It's a talk version of from 2010. Sadly still relevant.

Here are some #opensource #foss apps I use from #F–droid Show more

I successfully climbed Mt. Rainier with @mika this week! Huge wind at the top meant it was touch and go on the summit so no pics from the top.

Excited to share this new blog post on my research:

The pool of active contributors to Wikipedia started declining in 2007. Researchers blamed a calcifying bureaucracy and hostility to newcomers. Are these problems in other wiki communities too? Could there be a deeper reason why these dynamics emerge?

I replicated Halfaker et al 2013's analysis of 'The rise and decline.' The dynamics observed in Wikipedia appear to reoccur again and again in many wiki communities.

My new paper w/ @groceryheist and Aaron Shaw shows that big wikis tend to grow and decline in a way that looks eerily similar to English Wikipedia.

@groceryheist will present the work on Thursday at .

I can't help but be a little disquieted by the enormous "Mako Hate" community that I've found on Tumblr.

I recently realized my dream of launching a job on Hyak (the supercomputer run by the University of Washington) on Hyak (the Washington State ferry).

I'll be filling in for @Biella and giving the closing keynote at this Sunday! As big an honor as the shoes I'm being asked to fill! (*gulp* /me goes back to working on my talk)

XORcise: To remove observations from a dataset if they satisfy one of two criteria, but not both. [e.g., After XORcising adults and citizens, only foreign children and adult citizens were left.]

Turns out that somebody has a log of the time my keyboard broke in the middle of a conversation on a public IRC channel! I vaguely remember that!

Did I forget a period of my life when I grew a horseshoe mustache and dreadlocks, walked around topless, and illustrated a 2009 article in the Economist on the economic boon that hippy festivals represent to rural American communities?

I imported my old (and otherwise unavailable) Kuro5hin diary entries from ~15 years ago into my Wordpress blog. I also shared the code I used if you want to do the same. [re-]Launches To Provide Easy Access To Debian Source Code via @phoronix

If it is public money, it should be Free Software as well! I support @fsfe's call for more #publiccode:

Every day I check my feed here, I read from people doing things to help us move beyond shitty broken planet-destroying capitalism. It is nice and refreshing and motivating. Thank you all for being here, and doing what you do :)

Interesting article discussing limitations of distributed web services by the MIT Civic Media:


1. Lame clickbait title. I expect more from that team.

2. All users running servers *is* unlikely but it's misleading to imply that anything less is "not working." Success for decentralized services looks like email: hub and spoke model driven by organizations with IT departments who just aren't willing to hand their data and infrastructure over to an outsider.

My new deodorant smells like Phil Woods bicycle bearing grease. And I kinda like it.

Results are in from @mika's self-experiment on alcohol metabolism:

I'm shocked by how consistently she metabolizes — especially given the same amount of alcohol and the very different starting points!

[I helped a lot with data collection and a tiny bit w/ graphing & analysis.]