I'll show you my [[self]] if you're interested.

But all Flancia is meant to be optional. I'll tag all potentially ego-boosting posts with [[self]] or [[flancian]]. Feel free to filter them; reach out if you'd like to learn how.

I will tell you what I think.

I love you, conscious being.

@niplav yes my friend, we'll go together into any world we can reach together.

Where would you like to go today?

@flancian I'm reading a paper on Ai alignment, maybe a textbook on system verification later

Just cozy stuff

@flancian long term, well, "let a thousand flowers bloom" is not such a bad place to start

@niplav beautiful! you shine bright.

I'm reading [[free, fair and alive]] and trying to learn from and through wiki culture, complexity theory and buddhism.

@niplav I'm also trying to write a book in the [[agora]], or rather many books. Perhaps a book generator, producing interesting subsets of the library of babel :)

@niplav But for now mostly best effort integrated notes on this as a project.

Creation is search, is compression is building machines

I hope you find a good path through the library!

@niplav very much so!

this reminds me for the second time recently of [[compression]] == [[intelligence]] held by at least one research group here in Switzerland, will locate the name

@niplav exactly! Thank you kindly! I'd been meaning to dig up a resource I remembered seeing, but not linking in the Agora. The page I was thinking of was:

In which [[Hutter]] and [[Schmidhuber]] were in.

@flancian I always find people like you impressive who can just connect 4 completely different fields and than present a unified vision ☺️ I get a similar feeling from listening to Shinzen Young

@niplav you are very kind! My scope is aspirational, let's say :) I'm not great at what I do I think, I would just like to persevere with good intentions.

@flancian the textbook is Reactive Systems by Ingolfsdottir et al. 2007, the paper is Agent Foundations for Aligning Machine Intelligence with Human Interests: A Technical Research Agenda by Soares & Fallenstein 2017

@niplav thank you! They sound great.

[[reactive systems]] [[human interests]]

@tkenben me too! It's uniqlo, like most of my clothing (except shoes and jeans).

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