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The [[agora]] is an open source distributed knowledge graph amenable for use in/as a social network:

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Hi, all! I finally got round to setting up my profile. Looking forward to toot (?) with you all!

I'm most online on evenings CEST and weekends.

A Jane Austen novel with fruitful collaborations on a variety of protopian projects in place of marriages.

Ocell staring at me from a relative hideout, very still in the dark.

"JavaScript, ever the staunch opponent of reason..."

Yoga today, a classic by now for days in which we're short on time: (-17 means 17 minutes long)

I miss 'quote tweet' when I'm on [[mastodon]].

Testing [[fedstoa]] moa instance, Twitter -> Mastodon (ignore if you don't care, ask if you do :))


Testing [[fedstoa]] moa instance, Mastodon -> Twitter (ignore if you don't care, ask if you do :))


- Folder-based: same but with anagora being a folder.

While using hierarchies [[dendron]] will let you navigate to parent/sibling/child. Seems handy if you use hierarchies; I can see advantages for some kinds of projects, although personally I prefer a more distributed approach.

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Dendron supports hierarchies using two conventions:

- Dot-based: [[]] will actually resolve to a note for an entity 'org' that is nested under entity 'anagora'. Pressing ctrl-shift-up will move you to [[anagora]], for example.

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Both dendron and memo use a different convention for filenames than foam does. Foam "slugifies" filenames out of the box; that means it will save note [[foo bar]] as Dendron and memo will save it as 'foo'.

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Today I'm checking out [[foam]] alternatives:

- [[dendron]]
- [[vscode memo]]

Good morning, all!

I've been relatively absent due to, well, just being stretched quite thin by obligations.

How are you today?

The [[agora]] is a repository of socially maintained defaults that any user may, of course, at any time override.

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Hello! This is a project account for #MoaParty, an open source tool for cross posting between #twitter, #mastodon, and other systems.

@flancian, @vera, and @bmann are a squad working on hosting and maintaining it as a public utility, as well as adding new features, like support for [[wikilinks]] directly into your #secondbrain via git.

The home base is currently GitLab to get involved, where you'll also find a link to the Matrix chat room.


I implemented basic transitivity in the [[agora]]; if one block points to another within a subnode, the agora will try to pursue the links for you.

E.g. redirects to the git URL as per the screenshot, whereas before the URL would have been duplicated.

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