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I'm now on [[pixelfed]]:

Pixelfed is essentially a free and federated [[instagram]].

Please join me if you are interested!

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@Angle @agora

anyway :) this is an [[index]] of [[projects]]:

- [[flancia]]
- [[flancia collective]]
- [[agora]]
- [[agora server]]
- [[agora bridge]]
- [[agora bot]]
- [[protopoi]]

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The [[agora]] is an open source distributed knowledge graph amenable for use in/as a social network:

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Hi, all! I finally got round to setting up my profile. Looking forward to toot (?) with you all!

I'm most online on evenings CEST and weekends.

I just "got" the [[Baldwin effect]] and how it differs from Lamarckianism, not on my first try mind you (I'd read about it before).

The key aspect I was missing is that it arises due to neuroplasticity unlocking exploration of the adaptation space.

[[videogrep]] looks cool:

Lets you build what they call [[supercuts]], like the creepy videos of Zuckerberg saying 'more' over and over again. But also seems like a solid way to extract clips from long videos with relatively low effort.

Suboptimal name though, Imagen just means 'image' in Spanish.

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[[imagen]] looks impressive: gweb-research-imagen.appspot.c

I didn't think a clear improvement would come so soon after [[dall-e 2]], but here we go. Imagen seems like it can do text just fine, where dall-e would likely stumble.

Just got this spam in Japanese and I couldn't resist translating it, hilarity ensued

"The fundamental purpose of [[brains]] is to produce [[future]]."

-- @danieldennett in [[consciousness explained]]

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@moonlion_eth @flancian @moonlion_eth the main thing that Braid is trying to do is add synchronisation (ot / crdt's) as part of the HTTP specification so that people don't have to keep re inventing their own protocols.

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@moonlion_eth @flancian In the agora there is a Flancia ...

Finally playing with [[podman]], trying to make it easy to run an Agora as a container.

Happy to see this very early try at building an image sort of work (produced something, although far from perfect.)

Might post progress in this thread :)

Finally we could have some specific mechanism to have browsers volunteer [[fediverse]] login information to interested instances? Unsure what it could be, but I'll try to research this if I have the time.

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"In 2022 a socialist revolution swept the globe. The regions of the world united to establish [[GosplanT]], a global planning authority."

[[half earth]]:

h/t @neil

I'll try to answer: it's because we don't have Fediverse tracking cookies. Perhaps we could have those, and have them be opt in?

Also I get to these instances mostly clicking on things that show up in my timeline, the links could contain optional tracking information it seems to me.

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Why is it that IIUC Facebook can track me as I browse the internet even though I don't have Facebook, but Mastodon instances have to ask me what my home instance is every single time I want to follow someone? :)

I was feeling down (it happens on Sunday evenings somewhat often, and I *am* undergoing a breakup) but I mopped the floors (kitchen and bathrooms) and now I'm feeling better.

I'll now do :

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I have like two speeds: chasing goals, sparkling with magical fire, or catatonic, suspended in a sea of ambient sorrow.
trying to learn to blend these two colours into fractal gradients that I could surf on between the extremes.

[[consensual porn]]
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One thing I would like to see crypto fix is reliably consensual porn.

I'm generally pro-porn, but I'm also pro ongoing consent. If there was a way for porn producers to both sign their works & to revoke them at any time, that would be the kind of porn I would be most okay with.

I like how people in the internet say things like "this is not investment advice", as if someone is going to come after "vintagechad" from Reddit when their stock picks tank

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