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The [[agora]] is an open source distributed knowledge graph amenable for use in/as a social network:

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Hi, all! I finally got round to setting up my profile. Looking forward to toot (?) with you all!

I'm most online on evenings CEST and weekends.

Yoga today, 20 minutes long:

Very nice session, will do again whenever we're looking for something in the 20' range.

Have you tried yoga? I'd love to discuss if you are interested.

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It's nice that it introduces the needed calculus; on flipping through the book I was like "oh no, integrals and differential equations" -- then I remembered the premise of this book is to actually teach you to what's needed to understand the concepts.

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If YouTube was a nonprofit-backed open source project you would be able to selectively drop videos from the recommendation algo, create multiple recommendation profiles, and directly tweak the parameters for it to give you the content that's best for you.

Flickering monitor, may cause seizures or be annoying 

Hacking intensifies

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Imagine if we had put 20 years of effort into making the internet a safe and productive place for people to live their lives instead of optimizing dopamine output from each individual interaction

#OtD 21 Sep 1921 Lev Chernyi, Russian individualist anarchist theorist, activist and poet, was executed without hearing or trial by the Bolshevik secret police after strongly denouncing the new Bolshevik government.

I love typing on my favourite keyboards, in particular the clicky ones.

I wonder to which extent my fondness of writing is linked to how nice touch typing can feel -- my handwriting has always been terrible so I never got enjoyment out of it.

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Everyone should make weird things nobody else cares about, it's good for you

I knew you could love cats, but I didn't know what it felt like until Ocell came to live with us.

I love [[taleggio]]. This one is a bit ripe but still fantastic.

What are your favourite cheeses?

I keep finding this node useful: :)

Eventually I might remember the content -- or not, it doesn't matter that much I guess.

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