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Hi, all! I finally got round to setting up my profile. Looking forward to toot (?) with you all!

I'm most online on evenings CEST and weekends.

I'm trying something: a version of Getting Things Done based on my new note taking system.

I'm a big procrastinator and I think this helps me.

Where should a given wikilink go?

I say we propose alternatives; perhaps we vote.

That's the gist of the [[agora protocol]].

If you had a browser extension, that wikilink would resolve to a target considered canonical in your Agora of choice. Like so:

I know I've told you many times that in Flancia there is an Agora.

Have I told you that in the Agora there is a social network?

The Agora v0.5.1 is live:

Improvements listed in

- User list, user pages.
- Added notion of subnode: a (node, user) pair. The actual files users contribute to the Agora.
- Nodes page shows number of subnodes.
- One new garden!

To see just one garden instead of the whole Agora, you can jump to a user page:

(P.S. the Agora is, and will always be, open source.)

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If you would like to know more, please refer to

If you'd like to set it up, send an email to with your repository information or reach out to me via DM or via one of the channels listed in

Thank you!

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The Agora has many nodes; each node is a [[topic]]. Topics, nodes, are written between square brackets. They are [[wikilinks]]. When you click on them, they take you to resources associated with that topic. A list or graph of subnodes within that target node.

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The Agora is currently best perhaps for more technical users -- it takes some effort to set it up, but I'm happy to help you every step of the way if you need it.

It is important to me that the Agora has many voices; as many as would like to be in it.

I hope to make it more user friendly soon.

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Would you like to join me in the Agora?

If you like taking notes, you're almost already in it :) If you tell me where your notes are (I keep mine on, the Agora can pull them and integrate them into one big social knowledge graph.

I really like what you're doing with, @neil !

Nice to meet you, by the way :)

Do you mean to be multiplayer or is it strictly a personal site? Would you be willing to contribute your garden to the Agora?

I'm developing a basic system for cooperatively assembling a distributed knowledge graph based on git+markdown. Users keep control of their repositories; the system ("Agora") pulls from them as needed.

If you're interested, you can follow along:

What happened to the bridge? It sounded like a great idea: find your Twitter friends on Mastodon. was the URL; now doesn't even DNS resolve.

Idea: Flanmazon. Browser extension, web site.

For each article on Amazon, it surfaces links to non-Amazon websites that also have it. What's more, it tells you whether each website has been used successfully by people you trust (your friends in a social network, like the Agora or Mastodon.)

Is it bad form to post pointers to other platforms, including some non-open?

Please let me know if I'm breaking any etiquette, I'd like to learn how to be a good member of this community.

This is what I think we should do with today's internet.

RFC :)

I drafted some ideas for a better migration experience, in semi-fictional format, here:

Are there any existing efforts along these lines?

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Is there a group/hashtag in here for people that think that the best case scenario is that in which most Twitter users move to Mastodon eventually?

I believe we should prioritize getting the migration experience right, and for that we need to think of data and social graph migrations.

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