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The [[agora]] is an open source distributed knowledge graph amenable for use in/as a social network:

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Hi, all! I finally got round to setting up my profile. Looking forward to toot (?) with you all!

I'm most online on evenings CEST and weekends.

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@rowan_m @Paul_Kinlan presents itself (through its domain name, inconspicuous Google branding, etc) as a neutral resource for web developers. It's not. By not making its Chrome-centric nature clear, you're actively making it harder for web developers to get good, unbiased info.

I'm inbox-backlogged, sorry for the delay. I do intend to get back to all interactions and particularly to all direct messages.

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@flancian Humans use reason to think through a multi-verse of possibility and probability every second of every day. When we’re tired, or damaged, or constrained, that multi-verse narrows. We use fear and self-doubt as imperfect words to describe those narrowings.

[[ocell]] warming up to the idea of accepting a harness when she goes outside (plan b is put up full netting, unsure if it should be plan a, wdyt?)


@flancian [[sidebery]] snapshots are great but I miss an option to have snapshots just get synced as bookmarks in a folder.

At least Firefox offers 'select all tabs' plus 'bookmark selected tabs', albeit on a window-per-window basis.

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@flancian I refuse to just close them all, and I also seem to refuse to do tab management (picking keepers, sorting) with the tools that are available and work.

[[tabfs]] and [[sidebery]] are lifelines

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It's confirmed: Firefox breaks down hard once I get to ~480 tabs.

A significant portion of my "productive" day seems to go to tab management because of this.

Is there a way to get firefox to tell me which threads are running in each tab all the time? Code from the site I'm in and also extensions.

I know about task manager but it seems limited and clunky. I'd expect an overlay or information presented in the status bar?

Which one would you rather read more about, if any?

[[fear]] [[todo]]


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If I zoom out, though, I think it is because of how long and daunting this one's [[todo]] lists get.

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If I zoom in -- that is, if I introspect -- I think it is because of [[fear]].

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If you could select a subset of your thoughts to seed a corpus, or a simulation, would you edit them? Would you be OK with others making theirs a proper subset in turn?

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[[Flancia]], o considerando la naturaleza de los qualia/las qualias/les quale

Mind uploading is simple in principle: you just encode yourself to the best of your abilities over any available media as a series of utterances (manifestations), then choose to identify with a subset of such utterances -- or with what from them can be inferred.

I'm having issues with [[tabfs]], will probably have to ditch it if I can't fix it. It hangs more often than it works, and when it does I can't remove it even.

It is great and has lots of potential though.

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