[[agora bot]] Twitter integration is now online. If you follow @an_agora or mention it, *and* use a [[wikilink]] in a tweet, the Agora will try to:

1. respond to your post with links to the Agora.
2. attach a link to your post in all the nodes you mentioned.
RT @flancian
One of my favourite art books. It's got testimonies of people from the [[DDR]] remembering torn down monuments and changed buildings.

[[detachment]] [[sophie calle]…

"try to" here mostly means: it will wait until Twitter lets it read the post (the API limits seem quite strict), then try to do 1 and 2.


The [[mastodon]] implementation is now online! Follow @agora if you'd like to opt in.

@flancian @agora

I like how the look & feel has improved in Agora. Much more intuitive to me now.

@humanetech @agora thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot to me.

We are planning some styling/layout changes that will hopefully make it even less confusing :)

@humanetech @agora how is your project going?

I realize now I probably have a todo associated with it on some level -- I think I wanted to sign up for your community but I never did!

@flancian @agora

np. The community is in a low-activity mode you could say. I have various other things going, but I may consider a kind of reboot later in 2022 with a different scope and focus.

@eris @agora @humanetech yes :) I've written most of the code so far (and made all the mistakes) but [[flancia collective]] maintains and runs anagora.org as a group.

In practice this means about 40 people have contributed their writing (notes) and 3-4 people from the collective have contributed code and design skills.

@eris @agora @humanetech "most of the code" doesn't include the client side, though, where @vera has done most

@eris @agora @vera @humanetech you can join with your writing it interested!

the same goes for you @humanetech of course! We could set up a mirror for your notes elsewhere and link back if you're interested


I am an interested follower from a distance, because I am engaged in too many places already, but I might join you more actively in the future, and surely will hop in if something interesting catches my eye :)

@eris @agora @vera

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