I imagine a [[quantum die]] that forces every outcome to be true in some area of the multiverse in a reality where not all dice offer the same guarantee.

If I had such a die I'd try to use it to schedule work: that is, to pick which of a set of equally important tasks I am to do next. It would feel reassuring to think that all the tasks (or their intents) would come to happen, somewhere, for some definition of where.

If I had such a die I'd throw it millions of times, using the throws to reveal (slowly) to me some huge number. Then I would try to interpret the number; find something in it. Perhaps take it to encode a program, try to execute it, see if it outputs something. See if it halts.

@TetraspaceGrouping ha, perhaps ;)

random.org looks neat and old school, a combination I particularly enjoy :) thank you!

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