Idea: extensible redirects.

The [[agora]] already redirects to the URL labelled with [[go]] in

The proposal is that it should do this for any block with a URL. E.g.: should redirect to as per the content of

Extension to this extension: if the argument (object to the predicate) in the block is not a URL, a hook can be registered to process the action.

@vera @arghzero @aly right, in the sense that if you have a block that looks like this in [[vera]]:

- [[bleh]] would redirect to

@vera @arghzero @aly at the same time it would be easy to add filtering, as in:

Loads the 'vera' node but highlights the [[bleh]] blocks; or perhaps by default shows only those.

@vera @arghzero @aly extending, this scheme could be adopted to do queries a la xpath/graphql? guessing.

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