and advocacy often focuses on remixability and hackability. I think another aspect is important to talk about, due to its universal appeal: permanence.

The tools we develop, the websites we build, the music we share under free&open licenses -- _they will be with us_ as long as we care to maintain and share them.

Free culture, in that sense, is an incredible cooperative enterprise across all humanity. It is unlike nearly any other endeavor. It is a joyful thing! :)

@eloquence I would add that user-friendly interfaces are important. I'm strongly pro-FOSS and anti-priprietry anything just as a matter of principle, but have a horrible time with command-line shit. And I've seen some Linux snobs who straight up said nobody who can't handle a command-line interface should use a computer.

@KevinCarson1 @eloquence I would be curious how much the "Linux snobs" are actually part of the social community of #FLOSS and #FreeCulture

I always try to meet people half way, teach and empower people at all levels of experience.

Note I said social community, not necessarily commits or projects out there...

@KevinCarson1 @eloquence I HAVE to believe that. I have spent years at my university empowering that community whenever I could. I got my Father-in-law to switch to Linux and he LOVES it and would never go back. ...and believe me, he doesn't know the commandline.

It is the elitists that will not allow (and that boat may well be missed) linux to truly be a force on the community desktop. It is US, the social community.


Oh, absolutely - I love the command line (and I really adore efforts to teach its virtues, such as ), but we need many different UIs built around the needs of different target audiences.

There are jerks in any large-scale human endeavor, e.g., those who try to turn domain expertise into dominance displays. I try to assume good faith, and that people can overcome bad behaviors, but free/open projects have to show people the door if they can't do that.

@eloquence @NerdResa I presume librarians and people who work in/museums would love this argument

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